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Most Likely, everyone has heard about such fish as pike-perch. So, that's pretty interesting and tasty inhabitant of the rivers, the representative of the perch family. Let's see how, where, when, why catch and eat this fish, will discuss the process of fishing, we compare the methods and determine the method of their total variety most effective. Pay special attention to catching walleye on a jig from a boat.


Pike & ndash; purely predatory fish. She lives in clean rivers, large reservoirs, seas, lakes. Pike leads mostly nocturnal, and only some individuals continue to hunt during the day. The color of walleye is most often gray-green, but may depend on habitat, but rather from the color of the bottom on which it lives. Vertical stripes on the body not as bright as the counterpart of the perch.

Many have heard about catching walleye on a jig on the Volga river, in the reservoirs of the Moscow region. This is not the only habitat of the fish. Circulated quite widely walleye – from Europe to Asia. One of its highlights – the mouth resembling the perch. It is the same wide, toothy smile. Of course, a solid brush of tiny teeth in the pike perch there. But it has 2 impressive fangs on the jaw. Fish is also notable, that takes care of the fry, which only emerges from the eggs.

The stories of the fishermen, this member of the perch family reaches more than a meter in length and weight from 10 to 15 kg. it is Important to note that many novice, and sometimes avid fishermen, confusing the perch and ruff. These fish are similar. However, ruff has one distinctive feature. He does not have fangs, like a perch, and call it “Dracula” does not turn language.


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Ruffs are highly valued by fishermen for one reason. They say that the ear with the fish – the best ear in the world. Unfortunately, some types of pig are in the red book and are strictly prohibited to catch.

Sudak in nature


As mentioned earlier, walleye living in lakes and rivers, and seas. The fish are very picky about habitat and require clean water with lots of oxygen in it. In the rivers walleye often live near snags or abrupt changes in depth (edge). On a sandbank he goes out at night to hunt. In lakes fish linked to pits, snags.

If we talk about biological forms of representative centrarchids, it is possible to allocate residential and semi -. Residential walleye – this is the fish that lives in rivers and lakes. Semi-anadromous Zander is also called the sea. It lives in the Black and Caspian seas. The subspecies differ only in weight. Sea perch is much lighter than its river counterpart. Its weight is about 2–5 kg. of River can weigh 10-15 lbs. In length of freshwater and marine specimens are about the same (60–70 cm).

What it eats

Eating fanged perch fry fish, frogs and crustaceans in adulthood. Small species like to eat Daphnia, crustaceans, aquatic bugs and other invertebrate inhabitants of water expanses. Perch-schooling fish, so power does not arise. Representatives of the perch attack the swarms of fry and devour them.

Not to say that the food of pike-perch are quite diverse. Due to the structure of the jaws it can eat only elongated and medium-sized fish (often fry or adults are bleak and sprat). This feature of power is accounted for by fishermen. They rarely practiced catching walleye on live bait, because bleak and other small fish are different short-lived vitality.

fishing for walleye on the Wobbler

Interesting observations of fishermen

Pike & ndash; it is an active fish that moves on the big waters of the reservoir. Look for the pack is not always convenient, because sometimes you need to travel long distances. Much better to follow daily, seasonal migration of the predator, understand the pattern and the next catching walleye on a jig in spring, summer or fall, wait for the fish in a certain place at a certain time.

In each pond at packs your schedule. For example, long-term observations conducted by the fishermen in reservoirs near Moscow, showed that the fish moves in June and July as follows:

  • Approximately 2 to 4 hours perch inhabits shallow edges, Malevich sections of the coastal zone;
  • From 5 to 9 hours it migrates to the deep edge, predoslovie tables (these places are considered classic for fishing);
  • Somewhere in 11 and 15 hours according to the observations of fishermen occur short bursts of activity flocks in different areas of the reservoir;
  • From 18 to 21 hours pike lives in the deep eyebrows, periodically comes to the surface with the bleak;
  • After 23 hours, the representative of the perch is found in shallow edges, in places where there is a stony ridge beyond the rapids.

Since mid-July, the activity of perch inhabiting the reservoirs begins to decline. He is worse than a bite. Usually this happens in the night time. In October starts the autumn feeding period.

Fishing jig

Fishing gear types

Spinning rods come in different lengths, and different test systems. Fishing for walleye from shore on a jig is most often carried out using long and heavy gear. For fishing from a boat is recommended short, easy spinning. Test spinning is determined by the weight of sinkers used inthe moment when fishing.

System of a spinning happens 3 types:

  1. Slow. This system means that under the maximum stated load to bend the whole spinning rod blank.
  2. Medium. It is suitable for jig fishing, and other types of fishing (twitching, uniform wiring). Average Stroy indicates that bends half spinning.
  3. Fast. This structure form need under dash wiring crankbaits or other lures that require a dash of animation. At the maximum declared load bends the tip of the spinning.

In the Summer the night time walleye can be found on sandy beaches. Here he feeds the fry. Those people who want to catch walleye at night with spinning, you should have lures called “cranks”. Fish usually respond better to elongated and with a small penetration of the lure, reminiscent of the bleak. Frequently used lures with neutral buoyancy (suspenders). The color has almost no value due to the time of day, but the fluorescent features don't hurt.

Soft baits for walleye

Fishing in the fall on a jig

First you need to understand what a jig is and what it is. Spinning fishing jigs – this is a very interesting and productive type of fishing. Sometimes fishermen fishing on a jig called the horsemen. The main feature of the jig is the variety of Postings silicone fish at the bottom of the reservoir.

As part of the snap horseman? This special spinning rod with sensitive form and light spinning reel, durable, thin cord and sharp hooks. Apply both single and double or triple hooks. Why use it cord, not monofilament fishing line? The main task of the fisherman – feel the bottom of the reservoir, and the bite or any slightest blow fish. Monofilament fishing line is quite long and the cord is not. That's why the best contact of fisherman with a fish or the bottom can only give the cord.

Bait used in the snap-in is very diverse. They are selected under certain conditions this time of year, or preferences of the fish. This and all sorts of beetles, larvae, worms, fishes, vibrohvosta, crustaceans. Very often, all these lures are passive. They do not play in the water. It is the fisherman, the control wiring should give the game applied to the nozzle. Wiring is most often speed.

Classic step transaction – it's good, but if you have an imagination, it is possible to depart from the classics and do the wiring varied. Success in fishing.

Considering fishing for walleye on a jig in the fall, it is worth mentioning the so-called fish foam. This is an analogue passive lure that can be done easily at home. Only need a little imagination, any piece of foam and double hook. Some fishermen exploit the fish in the foam of the neighbors on the fishing, standing on the boat and fishing next to the road and edible silicone.

Fishing for walleye on foam-fish

Experienced fishermen know that the hottest time of the year for catching walleye – this autumn. Horsemen, this time armed with lots of gear and go on the hunt for fanged. The success of fishing depends on whether there will be swarms of perch. In many advanced horsemen helps a sonar that scans the bottom and shows the fisherman the location of snags, holes and the fish itself. And how carry out fishing for walleye in the winter on a jig? Let's discuss this question.

Preparation for winter Fishing on jig and other ways

In the Winter from ice walleye caught on a few types of gear:

  • Balancer;
  • The bait;
  • Oscillating spinner.

When fishing on the balancer and the spinner applies a short, but resilient and powerful rod. Balancer – very entertaining bait. With a sharp lift of the rod up the balancer makes a somersault – eight in the water – and returns to its starting point. Spoon work from the bottom and imitate fry or some kind of insect. It is lowered and with slight pauses do slightly jerks, raising thereby the dregs at the bottom and alluring the fish.

Live bait Fishing is carried out using zherlits. Everything is simple – clings to the bait on the hook and is lowered almost to the bottom. The best live bait to be some kind of narrow fish, like pike can't eat carp and skimmers because of the structure of the jaws.

Sometimes abnormal winter or in rivers where the water does not freeze in the cold period, walleye can be caught on spinning using jig the bait. But fishing for walleye on the jig from the ice in winter is practiced. However, in this way at this time of year are not as active.

Fishing in the spring on a jig

So, we paid attention to winter fishing, catching walleye on a jig off the ice. That begs the question: what features are inherent spring fishing? This time of year used all the same types of lures that fall, but only smaller. Posted a little softer and neater, without a strong jerk. Frequently used transaction – scraping along the bottom with pauses. The spring perch is not as active as the fall and winter, so fishermen often use the attractants. Attractants – this kind of bait. Bait for fishing on a jig used silicone. It is important to know that many manufacturers make so-called edible silicone

  • Select;
  • Keitech;
  • Salmo;
  • Fanatik.

Edible bait silicone fishing for walleye on a jig is needed to fish, attackingthe target (the bait), did not abandon her and felt at least some taste. Manufacturers of such lures add considerable amount of salt, additional components that create the smell. However, edible jig baits may not help. Then use the attractants. They are produced by many manufacturers. Occurring attractant flavours – blood, worms, and fish oil. The smell is unbearable. Often clothes stained with attractant, just want to burn in the fire.

The Fishers-sportsmen respect to catch walleye on a jig for two reasons. First – is the number of fish. If the fisherman, the horseman found the Parking lot swarms of perch, the catches secured, and if it's a competition, then victory is not far off. The second reason – interesting and challenging fishing. The resistance of the adult pike-perch with nothing to compare. This is a very strong fish which does not give up until the end of the fight and lifting her into the boat.

Tackle for catching walleye

Shore and boat fishing

Onshore and boat fishing for walleye is characterized by a number of gear and catch. To dobesilate from the shore to the perspective points, you need to have a long pole and a very thin cord. Minus the coastal fishing is that the long rod weighs more and waving all day with a stick – a thankless task.

Fishing is much easier when boat fishing. And if you have a sounder, then the chances of a good trophy increase several times. When fishing from a boat need to make casts across the current, when posting from the area the smaller the plot a little deeper.

Most Often the fishermen-horsemen-beginners – looking for a cluster of boats in one spot. This is the first sign that anglers found the predator and enjoy successful catching walleye on a jig from a boat. By the way, I use this method of finding the fish not only beginners but also experienced fishermen, fish finders and with all the quirks for successful fishing. From their side it is ugly. No need to be lazy to look for their points of fishing.

It is Worth to mention fishing from a boat in a trolling track. Trolling-is fishing with motorized watercraft. Method is very popular, but challenging. Many fishermen think that fish trolling fish – sit in a boat and drive where they want, but the fish itself will be hung on the hooks. In fact, it's an art. Choice of bait is very important. For each depth is chosen Wobbler with a certain depth of immersion. The color of the lure depends on the time of day. Difficult and searching fish. He is using sonar. Speed when trolling is from 3 to 5 kilometers per hour.

As a rule, baits from avid twillingate a lot. If the typical angler will look at the number of boxes and lures in the boat, which is directed, for example, fishing for walleye on a jig-head, he was very surprised.

A Slightly different type of fishing – fishing on a track. This method is extremely simple. Its essence is that a boat floating on the oars, pulls a one or two gear with lures. In this way most often catch people during transitions from one point to another. In order not to waste time when moving, the fishermen are trying to catch the tail of luck with this type of fishing.

Fishing for walleye from a boat

Perch in cooking

A few centuries ago in the ancient kitchen of the prized perch. He ate rich and poor. And now from Sudak no one refuses. Love it lady, it is convenient to prepare because of the small number of bones. In addition, a representative of the perch is delicious in any dish. He's lean, tender and healthy meat. Walleye taste characteristics can be compared with trout and other expensive types of fish.

Pike & ndash; one of the favorites on the content of various nutrients. There are a lot of protein, so it is recommended for athletes, gaining muscle mass, and fat people who want to lose weight. The composition also contains a lot of iodine. This means that the fish is useful for people suffering from thyroid disease. Thus, fishing for walleye on jig head in the winter or at any other time of the year with the use of other tackles – it is a good lesson. Thanks to this hobby for yourself and your family can be very useful to catch fish.

The Number of dishes of meat of this fish is enormous. This pie, chowder, and fried the fillets in the batter, and baked pieces. Many Housewives know that from the meat of pike perch aspic leaves a wonderful, delicious fish cakes and many other dishes.

Sudak in cooking

Perch in this fishery and poaching

As mentioned above, the meat of the walleye tasty, healthy and inexpensive, so fishers try to fill the holds of the fish. All would be nothing if not for poaching fish. Poachers catch even a trifle, as the cell networks are so small that comes in there all in a row. In some rivers and reservoirs are trying to fight this scourge, but, as a rule, futile.

The Usual fishing for walleye on the jig from the ice in the winter, spring, summer and autumn – interesting and productive process. Therefore, I would like to urge all anglers not to use illegal methods. Is to protect nature and not destroy the inhabitants of rivers, lakes, seas.

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