Keep clean: the fluid pools or guns?


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A Pool is a source of health, that can bring many pleasant and joyful moments for you and your children. But in order that he might benefit, need to look after him. 

liquid pools

You Must use liquid for pools to organic matter in the form of sweat, the remnants of creams, epithelium, urea, and the leaves are effectively removed from the surface of your home pond, and did not serve food for different kinds of bacteria, fungi, algae and deposited from the air spores. Talk a little bit about tools of this kind.

Liquid for pools & ndash; without chemicals anywhere

If you neglect cleaning the pool, its walls are quickly covered with slime and the water is turbid. In order to get rid of this filth, you will need funds for swimming pools. Their purpose can be divided into four varieties, according to the main types of work: tools for water disinfection, to regulate the pH (hydrogen ion exponent), coagulants (means for the deposition of Muti) and "chemistry" to kill algae. All types of media should be applied in strict accordance with the instructions and to consider the wishes of a specialist. If you are not confident in something, then you should sign a contract with an appropriate organization, which will take care about the cleanliness of your pool.

The Invisible inhabitants of the home pond

chlorine pool

Contrary to what we see, even in the most clean and clear water is always present undesirable microflora (organic). After reading these lines, you don't need to be afraid to swim in the pool – the majority of these microbes to humans are harmless, and those that are harmful, the immune system can easily handle. The most important thing is to prevent their uncontrolled reproduction. For disinfection procedures using chlorine for the pool. This tool is the most popular solution for fast and effective disinfection. Of course, there are more modern solutions, such as  active oxygen, but chlorine is still holding its rightful first place. Chlorine for pools can be sold in the form of tablets or pellets, can often find it as a liquid for pools. Dosing must be reconciled so that the concentration of residual chlorine in the water fluctuated around 0.5-0.6 milligrams per liter. Excess can damage the mucous membrane of the eyes, and reducing it will not bring tangible results.


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Cause of green water is the wrong pH

Another important factor is the cleanliness of the pool is the pH. It shows what is in the pool there is a reaction – alkaline or acidic. In the acidic environment covered with corrosion metal structures and items of equipment, as well as irritated mucous membranes. In an alkaline environment precipitates the calcareous sediment, and chlorine begins to lose its properties. By the way, many people think that the pool water becomes green due to lack of chlorine, in fact,  the reason for this phenomenon is the alkaline pH. To align the acid-alkaline balance, it is recommended to use the appropriate liquid for pools.

tools for pools

To Carry out all these manipulations do not necessarily manually. You can set the automatic system, which itself will select the mode of operation to achieve an optimal result. The only thing you have to do is time to pour the liquid pools in the tank.

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