How to learn to climb the rope? Preparatory exercises, tips and techniques of climbing


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Many of us remember that rope climbing was one of the practices in physical education classes. But today not every adult, and especially a child speaks of this, in General, we need the technique of climbing. And for good reason. This scramble is not only entertaining and bringing positive emotions lesson, but useful practice: trains dexterity, physical strength, develops the vestibular apparatus and the General coordination of movements. How to learn to climb the rope, we hasten to tell you today. Let's start with the preparation.


Before you learn to climb a rope from scratch, you need to prepare your body for a new load:

  • The First thing strengthen the hands of the classes with the usual carpal expander.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the arms and legs following exercise will help: hang on the rope while holding his crossed below the knees with legs. During exercises should alternately move arms up and down.
  • Higher and grasp the rope with your hands and hang on it. Help feet. Your goal is to hang as long as possible. As soon as you will easily cope with this exercise, try to catch up on a rope, also without involving the legs.

how to learn to climb the rope

Before climbing

Learn How to quickly climb the rope? The first thing you need to prepare yourself to the exercises:

  • For better adhesion with the material of the rope generously sprinkle the palm of chalk or regular chalk.
  • Alternatively, you can use regular sports (yachting), fingerless gloves. Some of them are additionally reinforced with special inserts on the palms.

Technology in rope-climbing

If you are interested how to learn to climb the ropes, I'll introduce you to three popular techniques in which you can try yourself:


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  • "the Caterpillar." Standing, hang on the rope. The latter need to clasp as possible. Bend your legs, crossing between them to grab the rope. His hands and feet (but not removing the optic chiasm!), move hands higher and grasp the rope. Repeat steps as necessary. Back need to get off so firmly clasping his crossed legs on the rope to bend, lowering his hands below. Then slide the feet below on a rope and record its intersection.
  • High-Speed way. Before you learn to climb the rope in this technique, remember that it requires a greater expenditure of energy, though different speed of movement. In the starting position grasp the rope so that one hand was as high as possible over your head and the other at chest level. The legs, fixing the rope in their chiasm. Then switch hands sometimes. Again, having bent feet, hold their rope and repeat the action. Back to move as follows: first, seize the rope at his stomach, and then lower down the legs.

how to learn to climb the rope from scratch

  • Power method. The most extreme - learning it is possible, only having mastered the two previous techniques. The sense of movement here is to simultaneously move up (and during the descent down) hands that are only indirectly helping himself with his feet.

Tips from the expert

For Those who are interested how to learn to climb the rope, will present tips from M. Bondi (record holder of the Guinness world records in rope climbing):

  1. In the original position with your hands shoulder-width apart, slightly bend your knees.
  2. Depending on whether you are right-handed or left-handed grasp with one hand the rope as high as you can.
  3. Get Ready to pull, tighten your body and keep the shoulders.
  4. Starting from the floor, opposite arm leg, make a sudden movement, as if you hit someone in the stomach.
  5. Your look at jerk should be directed upward to the second hand to catch no air, and the rope.
  6. It is Important to grab as high as possible. However, at the beginning you can do small "steps" with your hands.
  7. In the further promotion of the rope it is important to catch the rhythm: pulling hand - grab - pull - to make a breakthrough.
  8. Initially, it will be difficult to climb the one hand actively help yourself and legs. Lifting the knees, twist-lock optic chiasm: you need to pass the rope under one foot over the other. You can now rely on this "step", gently running his hands up.
  9. A Big mistake is to hang out on the rope. Your thighs should fit snugly to him.
  10. Do Not swing widely by hand. They should be as close as possible to the rope.
  11. When you're down, in any case, do not slide the rope down, you just erase it so the palm "to the meat". Need to move, alternately touching hands (and feet, if you find it hard to go without them).

how to learn to climb the rope to the girl

How to teach a child?

How to learn to climb the rope to the girl or the boy? To prepare your child in the following way:

  • The First thing to teach a young athlete just hanging on the rope for as long as possible.
  • Next, gently swing the rope over mats - baby must be able it to resist.
  • The Next stage is to invite the child to shake the rope movements of his body, without touching on the floor or walls.
  • The Last preparatory step is the training of the clip legs - this is best done with gymnastic stick or pole. The child needs to learn how to perform the correct grip: one stop is adjacent to the sportsthe front shell part, the second encircles its inner side, closing the chiasm.

how to quickly learn how to climb rope

Now only need to go to the training of a boy or girl the techniques of climbing.

Preparatory exercises and periodic training will help an adult and a child soon easily learn to climb the rope. It is important to consistently move from simple to complex, do not be lazy to work on the bugs and fix the result.

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