To catch cancer is most profitable?


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What to catch cancer and how is it done? Let's face it. Cancer is a very fastidious creature. He is serious about the purity of the water and selects the least polluted places in the pond. There are many ways of catching crayfish. You can not worry about choosing any sophisticated tackle, but just look for them in the pond with his hands. This is a very traumatic way of fishing for cancer, but people still use them. first, hands can be cut deeply, down to the bone, and secondly, be afraid of blood poisoning, after all, a minor wound will not stop an ardent fisherman, and he once again climb with a bloody finger in the dirty water. At the moment there are a lot more civilized and less dangerous methods of fishing for this predator. Why risk your health when you can catch crayfish by using special tools!

Places the probable Parking of cancers

is it possible to catch crayfish

Simple crayfish is found only in freshwater: rivers, lakes, ponds, oxbows. However, the favorite habitat of these predators are of the river. At depth, with hard, rocky bottom it is easiest to build a permanent shelter. Note the main locations for fishing

  • Muddy, silty bottom;

  • A sandy shore;

  • Rocky shore

  • Solid shallow water;

  • Clean, uniform bottom;

  • Rocky bottom

  • Along the slopes of the coast;

  • Natural depression or deep pit;

  • Under the large driftwood.

Crayfish are Usually caught at a depth of 30-50 cm, the Entrance to their burrow hidden by rocks, roots of riparian trees or svaluename trunks. Years happened that in burrows for a long period of time are only old crabs, and a cattle mainly  lives on a solid shallow water. To catch cancer, safely hidden in the hole? The best option for catching crawfish is practically inactive fishing hands, differently does not work.


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The best time for catching crayfish

The Activity of all crayfish depends on illumination of the reservoir. In night fishing virtually ceases. Can I catch crawfish in a dark, dimly lit water? The answer is Yes, you can only make it advisable in the early evening, but the gear set better than the 3-4 hours in the day.catching cancer

The Maximum activity of the cancer is observed in the evening, so even in dark water can be able to catch a sufficient number of cancers. In a sufficiently lit water it is best to begin fishing late in the evening and finish after midnight. When it begins to dawn, the cancer comes back biting, but he's not as active as in the evening.

In Addition to the time of day, there are several factors that affect the bite cancer. For example, on a cloudy day to start catching possible cancer much earlier than in the clear. In rainy weather you can even close eye on time of day, as the bite will continue throughout the day.

Special devices for catching crayfish

Places of fishing, Parking, the best time we have already considered. And to catch cancer? when to catch crayfishBelow will be listed a list of the most effective gear:

  • Rakolovka - gear made of wire mesh and cord, having a portion of the bottom and narrow at the top;

  • Trammel is a device somewhat similar to rakolovkoj, but a little later. It is impossible to get cancer even in the water;

  • Racist - essentially a basket, woven from nylon thread or metal mesh.

All these tackle for his own good. The process of catching crayfish is very different from fishing. Interesting! As we have seen, to know what to catch cancer is half the battle. You need to have special tools, experience and skill. Success in fishing!

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