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Chuck Wepner — athlete in the past, not achieved much success in the world of professional Boxing, until now, is a celebrity of America. He remembered his persistence and tenacity in battle. Many know him as rocky, the Bayonne bleeder, as well as boxer Muhammad Ali sent a knockdown.

Biography of an athlete

This year, on February 26, former American boxer Chuck Wepner was 77 years old. The athlete was born in the United States, in new York, grew up in a single parent family, he had no father. For four years he served in the marine corps, worked as a seller of alcoholic beverages and a night watchman.

Chuck Wepner

His Debut fight in professional Boxing in the heavyweight category, Chuck Wepner held June 4, 1964 growth — 1 m 98 cm, main struck with the left hand. Boxer hardy always brought the fights to the end, even despite injuries and bleeding. So the Americans gave him the nickname the Bayonne bleeder.

First failure

The Career of heavyweight boxer has evolved over 14 years. In 1969 Chuck Wepner in the ring met with John foreman and in the 3rd round lost by knockout.

After a year, the greenback has failed again. In a battle with Sonny Liston Chuck used a non-traditional style for tall boxers — brawler. As a result of the fight at Wepner had a broken nose and jaw, but he lasted until the 10th round! The athlete was in the hospital, where he was given 72 seam. The American fighter is not broken and finished his career as a boxer, he continued to perform in the ring.

Chuck Wepner biography

Just two months after the injury Chuck Wepner played a game. He fought with Joe Bagner and was defeated by knockout in the 3rd round.

In the Summer of 1973 athlete played the full fight with Ernie Terrell and won on points.

Muhammad Ali — Chuck Wepner: famous battle

In 1975, the 36-year-old athlete spent his one of the best fights in life. The heavyweight fight with world Boxing champion, known on the entire planet — Muhammad Ali.


Ali — Chuck Wepner was not quite the way everyone expected and predicted. It was an amazing sight. No one thought the 36-year-old boxer leaves the ring on their feet. The Bayonne bleeder had not only survived the battle but was able to send Ali to the flash knockdown in the 9th round that became a worldwide sensation.

Ali Chuck Wepner

Wepner more than six months preparing for an important battle. Seven months of American training camp in the Catskill mountains. Because he wanted to give a big fight to the champion. In an interview, he promised to survive the fight with the famous boxer and he kept his word.

The Real rocky

During the battle with Ali, Bayonne bleeder earned a total of 100 thousand dollars, and world champion - and 1.5 million. For some time Wepner became popular, but not for long. Chuck was not able to achieve much success in professional Boxing. In 1978 he had his final battle. In the last battle he lost on points and that we decided to finish career of the fighter.

Muhammad Ali Chuck Wepner

The Fight of Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner watched all of America. This battle saw on TV and Sylvester Stallone. The actor is so impressed with Chuck Wepner, biography which was perfect for the film that he wrote the script of the film "rocky".
Stallone has invited the boxer to be the lead, but the athlete failed the audition. In 2003, Wepner filed a lawsuit to the actor for using his biography and received considerable compensation.

Personal life

Chuck Wepner was married twice. His first wife was a police Sergeant in new York — Francis. It turned out to be an incurable disease, leukemia. Favorite female boxer died after a major operation for a bone marrow transplant.

The Second wife of Chuck Wepner was Linda, whom he met during the filming of The Gig in Brooklyn. At that time already former athlete often went to eat in a restaurant where the woman worked as a bartender. The couple developed warm relations. Now Linda and Chuck live in Bayonne (new Jersey), they often collect their loved ones for the holiday table.

Interesting fact from the life of boxer

In 1985, Chuck Wepner went to jail. Life among his entourage were a lot of addicts, he was fond of alcohol, played cards.

fight of Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner

One day the police caught the man on the delivery of cocaine. As he faced 10 years in prison, law enforcement authorities have offered to reduce the time, becoming their informant. But Chuck used to be responsible for their actions and "keep the fight". He was put in prison, where he stayed for the full 2 years. Then another one and a half years lived under the program of enhanced surveillance.

Filmography boxer

After a career as a boxer Chuck Wepner tried himself in the role of the actor. The first film with his participation, released in 1985, was called The Gig. The second picture, which starred boxer, appeared in 1999. It was a blockbuster Wrestlemania XV.

In 2012, Chuck Wepner again was lucky to meet Muhammad Ali, not in the ring, and in the film Ali 70 from Las Vegas.

Currently, the Bayonne bleeder retired. His house is located in Bayonne across from where he first set foot on a professionalthe ring.

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