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There is only one secret to longevity: in order to be always healthy, you need to play sports, lead an active lifestyle. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to do it at home. In this case, you should enroll in a specialized fitness center. It is recommended to give preference to only those organizations that are in great demand among the visitors. For example, there are three of the best sports club in Omsk.


A Fitness club in Omsk “Nika” has a very convenient location. It is located at the address: Suvorov street 110. Perhaps that is why it is so popular among visitors. However, this is not the only reason. There are coach services for the creation of sports programs for different categories of society: men, women and children alike.

clubs of Omsk

On the territory of the complex there are several pools with different depth. In a separate room are vibrofone, massage services and a beauty salon, which positively affect the skin condition.

This is a place created not only for sports but also for entertainment. You can visit the Finnish sauna, Billiards and a cinema. All the fun in one place.

“the Ambassador”

fitness clubs of Omsk

On the street Kemerovo, 10,(3rd floor) is the most prestigious sports club in Omsk "Ambassador". Here, every visitor is provided with a huge number of services: yoga, dance, strength training, aerobics, acrobatics and more. Young mothers can come to this place with her baby in order to clean up the figure after childbirth.


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The gym offers the most modern equipment, which will make the training as productive as possible. People can come to the gym and get confused, because they do not know what muscle groups and how best to work. Do not despair, in this club, Omsk experienced professionals who give best tips for creating a competent workout schedule.

In this place there are additional services: Finnish sauna and an infrared cabin. It is worth noting that there are a convenient system of discounts, accumulative bonuses for regular customers, and can even take advantage of the easy installments. For these and many other reasons, this institution occupies a leadership position in the city.

“Adam and eve”

Adam and eve fitness club Omsk

When it comes to the most prominent institutions of the city, it is impossible to ignore, and a fitness club in Omsk ‘Adam and eve", which is located at the address: street of 10 years of October, 50. It has developed several programs that are loved by visitors, namely, strength training, group classes, cardio and much more.

To Sign up for them directly through the official website of the Internet – it is very fast and convenient. If a person does not know what he wanted to do, he may attend a trial lesson, to talk with the coach and athletes. This will help him to understand the way to make your choice.

All of the above clubs Omsk able to give a good mood, to make a beautiful figure and charge the body with positive emotions, and it is important for everyone.

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