The technique of pulling on the bar: wide, medium, narrow grip. Program pull-UPS for beginners


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Pulling up – this is a very effective exercise that allows your body dramatically transformed. You will become stronger and tougher, and your muscles will gain athletic shape. A set of exercises done on special the jungle gym – the horizontal bar. If desired, it can be very easy to find. In every gym there is a horizontal bar. But even if you have no opportunity to go there, that's no excuse. Go to any school yard and begin to engage absolutely for free.

The Benefits of training

Many people wonder about what gives a chin-up. If you are interested in, then you are on the right path of development and self-improvement. With the help of pull-UPS you can relax your back and relieve tension from the spine. If you have incorrect posture, consult your doctor before starting to train. Vis on the crossbar perfectly pulls back. But if you'll be able to catch up thirty times, you'll make it.

the technique of pulling on the bar

Of Course, benefit from the bar is incredible. With it, you will be able to increase your strength and build muscle. Using grips, you will be able to pump quite different muscles in the upper part of the body. But in order to notice the effect, you need to engage regularly. Beginners are not advised to use weights until until well-learned technique of pull-UPS with a weight. This may take a few months.

The Technique of pulling up on the bar depends on your level of training. Exercising correctly, you will be able to strengthen the muscles of the chest, arms, back and press. But if you want to build good muscle mass without weights is not enough. Can use a special device, and a backpack with books. Exercise pull-UPS on the bar is very energy consuming. So you will spend a large amount of calories, so you need to get rid of excess weight. Exercising regularly. And you not only lose weight but also will lead the body into great shape.


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Where should I start?

Pullups on the bar (the program from scratch – the key to your success) require special techniques for different levels of training. If you do not know how to raise your weight, try to do the reception. Take a pose as if you are already caught up, and hold for a few seconds. Now slowly unbend his hands and just hang on the bar. Do this exercise several times every day. After a couple of weeks you will be able to fully catch up.

table pull-UPS on the bar

In many halls there is a great trainer – gravitron. It is designed specifically for beginners. Whatever your training, you will be able to cope with the pull-UPS. Set the level of difficulty that is right for you. And start to catch up. But be careful so you won't be too easy. Otherwise the effect will be.

What prevents to learn to catch up?

Pullups on the bar (the program from scratch will help you to quickly master the exercise) require regularity and patience. But many beginners quit very fast to do, even without learning anything really to do.

pullups on the bar program from scratch

What prevents to carry out regular exercise? There are several negative factors:

  1. Very weak muscles. Regularly engage them, developing strength and endurance.
  2. Excess weight. Even a few pounds – it is a huge obstacle on the road to pull-UPS. In this case, the coach is recommended to first lose weight and then proceed to the bar. Although simplified versions (e.g., gravitron) no cancel.
  3. Perhaps you have well-developed muscles required for pull-UPS, but perform this exercise did not work. In this case, pay attention to the supporting muscles. Maybe you have a weak deltoid and radial muscles, and hands. In this case, strengthen them first. In General, pay attention to all the muscles. Only harmonious development is the key to proper pull-UPS.
  4. Improper technique of pulling up on the bar. Before attempting, watch the video or consult a coach. After all, with the wrong technique, you simply will not be able to catch up.

Proper technique

The Technique of pulling up on the bar includes some very important rules. They are the key to proper training:

  • Grip needs to be very strong. Grip the bar as tight as you can and more convenient.
  • Do the exercise only at the expense of your muscles. Do not jerks and jolts. Incorrect technique is not only ineffective, but also traumatic.
  • The Ascent and descent make a very smooth. The slower, the better. Avoid jerks.
  • After each iteration, the chin must be over bar. The only way the task is considered properly executed.
  • Shoot down a breath. Remember that on the rise need to make the exhale and the descent, on the contrary, a breath.
  • Pay attention to the body. During the pull-UPS he should be in a vertical position.

reverse pull-UPS on the bar

Common grip

The Technique of pulling up on the bar normal grip – this is a standard exercise. It shallto master each sport. In this case, the width of the grip should be slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. Making the rise, touch the chin bar. In this tightening you will be able to use the abdominals, back, forearms and biceps. All those wishing to learn to catch up from scratch you need to start with this exercise. Because his technique is quite simple. Therefore, the exercise does not require such physical training as in the grip of a different kind.

A chin-up narrow grip

This kind of exercise helps to strengthen the lower part of the broadest muscles of the back. In addition, work well the front gear muscles as well as those located near the vertebrae. This exercise will help to make the back more ripped and strong. Grab the bar between your hands was not more than twenty centimeters. The exercise can be performed forward and reverse grip. During the live version most of the load falls on the muscles of the back. But the reverse grip is working in most of the biceps.

workout of pull-UPS on the bar

Pay attention to your elbows. During training, their position should not be changed. Each and every time completely unbend hands. Note, however, that you need to learn how to feel the muscles of the back and try to work only with them. If the pull-up you perform while difficult, ask your partner to help you.

Reverse grip

Reverse pullups on the bar – is the easiest type of exercise. Well, pumps the biceps. Recommended for girls who do not know how to catch up. Reverse grip can be mean and narrow. It differs from other forms that your palms are placed on the bar itself. The technique of the exercise is not particularly different from the direct grip. Starting to catch up, watch your shoulders. They need to be lowered and retracted. Start at the top of the shoulder blades. This exercise is well pumped biceps and back muscles.

Wide grip

Pulling on the bar (the back muscles pumped well) wide grip characterized by the fact that the hands are further than shoulder width. Here the entire burden falls on the top of the widest muscles of the back. Doing this exercise, focus on working instead of hands. Only in this case exercise will be effective.

chin-up muscles

Using this grip, you can perform another kind of pull-UPS – behind your head. This exercise is very difficult. It lies in the fact that during the ascent you need to touch the horizontal bar of the back of the head. This exercise is even more annoying back. Better to do this exercise under the supervision of, since it is very traumatic.

Table of pullings up on a horizontal bar "30 times for 30 weeks”

Experts have developed a scheme of pull-UPS, thanks to which even people with poor training can perform thirty sit-UPS for thirty weeks. But before embarking on this scheme, get rid of excess weight and strengthen the muscles throughout the body. Try to catch up six days a week, taking one day off. It is best to rest on Sunday, on Monday to begin next week.

which gives the chin-up

Tips for an effective workout

Table pull-UPS on the bar will help you quickly achieve the goal. The Internet to find a program that you enjoy most and stick to it daily. Thus, you will not be feeling sorry for yourself and learn faster to catch up. If you have selected a program for people who do not know how to catch up, to begin with few weeks, just hold on to the bar, to strengthen the brush. If you want to increase endurance, to make a beautiful and strong all the muscles of the upper part of the body, use a different grip.

Follow the diagram, but not completely. If you can't pull five times as written in the program, then do as much as you can. And already, based on this result, a themselves make a table. During exercise, listen to a pleasant, motivating music. Thus, you will increase your mood and the exercise will be more effective. Try to catch up properly. From techniques with which you will perform exercise will depend on further results. And don't worry, if you have something does not work. Most importantly, exercise regularly, and don't forget about proper rest. And very soon you will become strong and resilient, and your muscles will get the desired relief.

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