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Ashley Cole, a photo of which is below, – English professional footballer who plays as left defender in the American club «Los Angeles galaxy”. From 2001 to 2014 he played for England. Cole is the reference left lateral in the history of the English Premier League. His height is 176 centimetres, weight – 66 kg. During his career he played in such famous clubs as Arsenal, Chelsea, Crystal Palace and Roma. The greatest success was achieved in England in the period of career in the «Chelsea» and «Arsenal».

Ashley Cole

Biographical information

Future football player Ashley Cole was born on the twentieth of December 1980, in London (England). From early childhood began to get involved and to play football. Cole is a graduate of London «Arsenal», in the youth team which played in the period from 1997 to 1998.

Professional career began in the fall of 1998, when the «gunners» was offered a contract with a young and promising defender. In November 1999, he debuted in a match against «Middlesbrough”. Immediately to consolidate the basis of the player due to the lack of professional experience. As a consequence, were sent for sale to the club «crystal Palace" in the 1999/2000 season.

Achievements «Arsenal»

For eight seasons, was invaluable key team player «Arsenal». The club became two-time champion of the Premier League, three-time winner of the national Cup and two-time winner of the Supercup of England. In total, over «gunners» spent 156 games in which he managed to record in the asset 8 goals.


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Career in Chelsea

On the last day of the summer of 2006 signed a contract with the «Chelsea». The parties agreed that in exchange for Cole «Arsenal» get the French centre-back William Gallas and will receive an additional payment of £ 5 million. Composed “pensioners” played to 2014. During this period participated in 229 matches and scored 7 goals.

It's safe to say that the years spent in the club, was marked by a greatest success in his career. Here's Ashley Cole became the champion of the Premier League, four-time winner of the FA Cup, the winner of the Football League Cup and Community Shield. Also in the “blue” won the Champions League 2012 and Europa League 2013.

photo Ashley Cole

Career in the Italian «Roma»

In the summer transfer window of 2014 on the free agent joined the “rum”. Lead “Roman” warmly accepted the decision of the legendary English defender. The contract was signed for two years. While Cole and his football worth, head coach «the yellow-red” Rudi Garcia hardly used player in the team. At some point, Ashley even resigned to this fate and became uchenym watchman of the shop for replacement. However, when Cole was not included in the application for the 2015/2016 season, his ambition leaped, and history in the Italian club ended. The agreement was terminated by mutual consent of the parties in January 2016.

A week Later, after the departure of “Roma” the player has signed a contract with “Los Angeles galaxy” in which he was offered, and provided the conditions from which he could not refuse.

Ashley Cole soccer player

Style games

Ashley Cole is one of the few phenomenal players in the defensive line. The player is a master of the left flank, which due to its speed is able to break through the edge and create a dangerous moment. Thus, Cole is a left back who supports the forward game. Many great coaches and players speak of him as characteristic and decisive player. In the period of performances for the youth team «Arsenal» Ashley has studied and analyzed the game of teammate and compatriot Nigel Winterburn, which also acted on the left flank of protection. In subsequent years, Ashley Cole has surpassed his teacher and continued to play his role. Another unspoken his teacher is Roberto Carlos, based on the game which Cole became a football superstar.

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