Swimming shorts and scandals around them


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“Men are prohibited from wearing swimming trunks in our water Park”. This is exactly the motto of the giant service sector "Alton" you can do a phrase this summer and be recorded in the pages of Absurdopedia. However, I mean that it was improper and even unsafe tight swimming trunks must replace swimming shorts. In this way the British tolerant, showing respect to oskorbleniya on every occasion the minority and create a “family atmosphere".swimming shorts

However, their colleagues, or competitors, how should I say, French water parks said opposite protest. Swimming shorts excluded when you visit the establishments of this type, as not following hygiene. It is believed that the man in shorts can easily walk around the dusty town and then bring the mud in public. It is impermissible to do with panties. So if this summer you are going to spend in the fascinating Aqua tour of Europe, be kind to acquire of all types of swimming costumes for each of the countries.

Fashion shorts 2013

Throwing jokes aside, it is impossible not to agree that swimming shorts are not out of fashion. At least because of its practicality and availability of pockets. And also because this form of the legs is to do leg shape and give a stylish look. Bathing shorts in the height of fashion in girls – truth, beauty prefer the model the shorter the better. An important area of coverage tan. So, for fashionistas this season as relevant as ever white, but you should take care of the opacity of tissue, or a possible unpleasant surprise.


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Again come into fashion swimming shorts that mimic a basketball or football uniform “retro” the girl in such cross-country “cowards” and looks both cuddly and perky, and stylish. Choose shorts with a print of the room of the player, Hawaiian flowers and inscriptions on a black background.swimming Shorts

For men swimsuit – a kind of precious jewelry. They are in the closet should be among the only and many summer. If the reader does not comply with this obsolete rule – good, but still try to choose men's swimming shorts thoroughly.

Young and highly recommended sports a two-tone model with low waist, with ties or buttons, short length, perfectly highlighting the press. Color-neon, down to the crimson or yellow. Good models offer Adidas, Puma, for aesthetes of high fashion – Marc Jacob, and for lovers of the eternal retro classics – swimming shorts with coloured border and a cut Quicksilver. Such a worthy Freddie mercury, but does not affect the masculinity of modern athletes.Mens swimming shorts

Well, while men in age are encouraged to pay attention to more calm colors, like winning steel and bright blue, choosing shorts drawstring knee length. The fashion cage again and the strip, and this, in turn, a great chance to experiment with fashion. Well swimming shorts with sandals real leather light brown and mustard shades. For walks on the promenade or on the deck, you can choose the loafers and feel like a man cover GQ fashion.

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