Mountain hunting: fun or serious business?


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Hunting grounds are quite extensive in some regions of the Russian Federation. However, the most dangerous area are the mountains. The fact is that mountain hunting is very different from the usual and even experienced hunters, it is hard in such harsh conditions. The difference between conducting a hunt on a normal terrain and mountain is in a number of specific traits.

How dangerous hunting in the mountains?

Among the hunters it is believed that mountain hunting is hard school of life. This opinion arose due to the fact that the conditions which happen to a person, very different from the usual. First, even the road itself in the mountains is much more complicated, because to move is necessary not in the forest paths and steep mountain slopes that is already becoming a serious obstacle for many.

mountain hunt

But this is not the only obstacle that stands in front of a man who went to the mountains to hunt. The biggest obstacle may be that for these kinds of activities need to have good health. Mountain hunting is dangerous because the higher the man climbs, the less oxygen, and thus, harder to breathe. In addition, the danger lies in the fact that the weather in this area is changing very quickly and can reach up to extreme situations. Another obstacle may be that at high altitude the air is thin, meaning there is low atmospheric pressure.

What to take with you to the mountain

Experienced hunters are recommended to take with to the mountain only the most necessary things. This is justified by the fact that the path and so it will be difficult and a heavy load even more complicate it. Mountain hunting will be easier if you put all the right things in a backpack. However, selection of the attribute also changed. The most important features for him is strength and light weight. One of the main selection criteria will be its dimensions. It needs to be as small as possible, but to accommodate high cargo. It is desirable that the backpack was fastening to him a small sleeping bag.


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It is Clear that mountain hunting is not without good firearms, enough ammo and provisions. But that's not all. Experienced hunters often take camping one pair of high rubber boots. They are useful for transport of mountain rivers. You may need binoculars, range finder, and a phone that is capable for long time work without additional charging of the battery. Either you have to bring a few charged batteries.

To hunt in the mountains

The Most common type of is hunting mountain goats. These animals live on the mountain slopes and differ only in the shape of horns. On the territory of the Russian Federation was seen only five different species of this animal. However, all these species are typical representatives of the genus of mountain goats.

the hunting of mountain goats

Habitat for these horned animals - rocks and stony placers. If hunting is planned in the summer, the animals can be found on the high slopes, if in winter, the lower limit of snow. In summer, these animals will be required to visit either the salt water or salt licks, as at this time they feel the lack of salt. It is necessary for the normal growth and development of horns. So installing salt licks will definitely bear fruit.

Hunting Footwear

The Most important task when planning a hunt in the mountains is the choice of shoes. Shoes for mountain hunting must be made of quality leather, as this material withstands mechanical loads, is waterproof and allows the feet to "breathe."

shoes for mountain hunting

However, leather for shoes also can be of two types: internal or external. Shoes or boots that will be used for minded Hiking or hunting in the mountains in the summer, may have small inserts of synthetic materials.

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