How to build lower abs at home and the gym? Exercises for lower press


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Beautiful toned body no one gets from nature — it is the result of hard work. Flat stomach, nicely drawn and the relief of muscle — a dream not only athletes and bodybuilders, but ordinary average people.

Unfortunately, nature has so that the bulk of the fat concentrated in the abdomen, namely in its lower part. This situation is familiar to men and women. But this problem turns into taut and attracting the attention of the press, you need to know about how to get lower abs and remove belly fat effectively and permanently. The main question of the article: "How to build lower abs belly girl and the man."

What you should know about lower press?

Sporty girl

Before you start the hard work on yourself, contact your anatomy. As such, “bottom” and “top” the press does not exist. The abdominal muscles are divided into the rectus abdominal, obliques and transverse muscles. Cross — it's the deeper layers of the muscles, the exercises are so important in yoga and Pilates. But for a beautiful relief, they do not matter. For coveted by all of the cubes the most important rectus abdominis, the degree of?? an inflated and which depends on the terrain. For the convenience of trainings rectus is divided into “top” and “bottom”. Upper abdomen is more developed in the average man, because these muscles are involved in a large number of everyday movements, as well as delays in certain poses. How to build lower abs, for many it remains a mystery. Often in the gym you can meet people with beautifully drawn terrain of the upper cubes. To achieve rendering the bottom of the cubes it is really important to know how fast to pump the bottom of the press.


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Conditions of success

All people are in different conditions. Someone very little time for sports, and someone who can spend in the gym for hours on end. I should say that both categories of people can achieve success using exercise for lower abs. But it is worth remembering that many important components of the press are beautiful cardio training and proper nutrition. Training the lower parts of the press can be repeated an infinite number of times and, indeed, to strengthen the muscles. However, the beautiful terrain from under the fat layer to see fail. The conclusion is that the perfect formula how to build lower abs: exercises for the lower press + proper nutrition + cardio.

Features leveling the bottom of the press

Before you begin exercises for lower press, review technical issues, without which the effectiveness of the exercises will be reduced to zero. In addition, you will not get the coveted washboard abs, if improperly performed, can damage the back, especially the lumbar. First you need to always remember the breath. The inspiratory muscles relax, and the main force in the exercise on the exhale.

Many beginners complain of pain in the lower back. The first reason — improper execution. In most exercises for lower abs can not raise the lower back off the floor, it should be strictly and held tightly. But even with the correct technique can be observed pain. This is probably due to the weakness of the muscles of the lower press part of the load which takes over the loin. Over time, when the abdominal muscles strengthened and more trained, the pain will disappear. Otherwise, you should consult a doctor to avoid more serious consequences.

Another point — your body must be able to listen. Try exercises to focus precisely on the lower part of the rectus muscle, deliberately shortening (retracting the stomach).

There is no need to bring themselves to exhaustion. It is sufficient to choose comfortable complex of several exercises and perform three standard sets of 15-25 times and gradually increase load.

How to build lower abs at home

Exercises to strengthen the lower body it is possible to perform at home. The most important thing in this case — regularity. Spend about 30 minutes a day of targeted exercises and you will succeed. Do not forget about muscle development the top of in order to avoid unbalanced development of the rectus muscle. Exercises for lower press can be done without equipment, using only Mat or a different Mat for convenience. A good helper in the work on the press at home can be a fitball. Below we will talk about exercises on the topic: "How to build lower abs at home".

Exercises at home without equipment

We Present the most famous and common exercise. A lot of them, all very simple. Nothing complicated. Everyone will deal with it.


Reverse crunches

Stacked in the back, loins severely pressed to the floor. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle. Arms along the body palms down. Inhale, tense the abdomen, exhale draw the knees as close to your chest, slightly lifting lumbar. When the exercise comes easy for you, you can perform the movement more slowly or add weighting between her legs.


Lower abs

At first the exercise should be performed slowly, to feel the tension in the lower abdomen. Stacked on the floor. Hands behind head, not crossing. Raise one knee, bringing the opposite elbow while pulling the other leg parallel to the floor. Performed alternating from side to side. You can further speed up the movement.


Exercise scissors

Stacked on the floor. Lower back pressed to the floor. Raise straight legs above the floor by about 30 degrees. Begin to breed and spread his legs, alternating. For complications can raise the body on the forearms (in addition involved the upper part of the rectus abdominis muscle).

The Rise of direct legs

leg raises

Stacked on the floor, lower back pressed to the floor strictly. Arms along the body palms down. On the exhale, raise the straight leg up to 90 degree angle and bring it down parallel to the floor, but not touching, the floor. Exercise must be approached very carefully, as there is a risk to hurt the back.

Exercises at home using an exercise ball

Exercises with a fitball

Fitball — an indispensable tool in the training at home. It allows them to achieve diversity in the exercises and, if necessary, to increase the load on the press, thus taking pressure off the spine.

Plank on fitball

Fix the Forearm on the floor on a comfortable surface, ankle placed on the fitball and try to keep the body in static exactly, not rotting and not holding up the pelvis. First, let's start with 30 seconds and gradually increase the hold time of static to 1 minute or more.

The knees up to the chest, relying on the fitball

The Feet are placed on top of the fitball, as in the previous exercise. On the exhale begin to draw your knees as close to your chest, without lifting your pelvis. Don't forget to do the exhale on the effort.

The Rise of “hill” on the fitball

The Original position as in the previous exercises. Inhale, as you exhale, lifting the pelvis, drove the ball so that he was under the feet and the pelvis is turned at the top to form a letter V. the Exercise belongs to the category advanced.

How to start a press at the gym

All exercises performed at home can be easily duplicated in the gym. But in the hall possible range of exercises and levels of difficulty increases.

If you are training for a particular program several times a week, you need at the end of each workout to perform your vending complex on press. Most importantly — regular.

Don't forget that for quick and accurate achievement of the results you can always hire a personal trainer who will choose for the client the most comfortable and effective exercise.

Exercises for lower press in gym

Citing the example of the most effective and common exercises. With these exercises, you can easily find out the answer to the question "How to build lower abs at the gym".

Rise straight leg raises

the Rise of the legs in vis

To exercise the required horizontal bar. On the exhale, we try to raise the legs to a level parallel with the floor. It is important to try to focus on the lower part of the press.

Knee lifts in focus

Rest your elbows in the simulator, elbows at 90 degrees. On the exhale, pull your knees to your chest as high as possible. Try to cut the muscles of the lower press.


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