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Competitive swimming is one of summer's most popular and mass sports, which is second in number of played Olympic medals just the Queen of sports - athletics.

Medal is among the swimmers, male and female in the disciplines freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, front crawl and medley. Calendar of sports competitions is determined by European or International swimming Federation. Are the world and European Championships, world cups-for a short (25 m pool) and long course (pools 50 m).

The Olympic pool. The basic requirements for the bowl

The Olympics and the world Championships for aquatic sports including swimming and sports, in accordance with the rules of FINA, held in hydraulic structures with a size in length 50 metres, width 25 metres, depth - not less than 2 meters.

Olympic swimming pool

Width of the Olympic pool is divided into ten tracks. Each of the separate places has a width of 2.5 meters. The first and tenth tracks belong to secondary structures. The other eight are the primary in which athletes compete.

All ten strips in the swimming pool are separated with special separation of the floats. For the first and eighth tracks, the beginning and the end, with a length of 5 meters and with the other hand, are marked by floats of red, and the rest of the time, garlands of green. For the second, third, sixth and seventh tracks beginning and end is marked with floats blue, and the rest of the time floats green. The most distinguished of the fourth and fifth tracks. According to him, most often swimming athletes showing the best results. The beginning and end of them marked with yellow floats, and the rest of the period highlighted in green.


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Other settings waterworks Olympic type must also strictly comply with the regulations. Thus, the water temperature should be between 25-28 degrees. Indicator light all along the line of the tracks shall not be less than 1500 Lux.

Why such a length at the pool

The Basic and main part of the length of the Meridian meter - invented by the people of France. Its standard version is responsible for storage in the suburbs of Paris. As you know, the first Olympic games of our era were organized thanks to the efforts and concern of the French public figure, Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Pools of Olympic reserve

All the sports race at the first Olympic games in 1896 in Greece was not in pounds and miles, and in the yards. Olympic pool for the race was not built. Swimming competition was organized on the open water. Participants swam in the Aegean sea from boat to boat. After the first Olympics in Europe began to build swimming pools under the Olympic distance. Hydraulic structure with a length of 25 or 50 meters to better match any distance in competitive swimming than pool, having a different length. In the history of navigation there have been cases of erection, and a 100-meter pool. The event took place in the 20-ies of the last century in Holland. In the end, the sporting achievements of swimmers was unsatisfactory, and pretensions for the construction of a hundred-meter Olympic-size swimming pools to retreat.

Olympic Pool in London - pool in Europe

After the London summer Olympics 2012 majestic Olympic Pool took its rightful place as a leader among hydraulic structures in Europe. He holds more than 17 thousand spectators and fans. Outside Olympic pool resembles the outline of a Stingray, the first time it became clear to the audience what the sport for this sports facility.

Pools at the Olympic village.

The Project of the Olympic Cup created architectural Bureau named Zaha Hadid. Generally, Hadid rarely builds its structures on territory of England. But for the Olympic games 2012 tried from the soul. Their beauty is really striking and spectators, and the athletes themselves. The unusual outline of the buildings always attracts participants, and, of course, the original and the pools. In the Olympic village is two facilities for swimming competition and a pool for diving, synchronized swimming and water Polo. Perhaps that is why swimmers and other athletes could achieve their best results in London Olympic Poolin.

Sports complex in Luzhniki: in the service of the Russians

The swimming Pool sports complex «Luzhniki» was launched in 1956. For forty years he remained one of the main sports of hydraulic structures of the former Soviet Union, where the competitions of high rank water sports. His blue tracks train and going to win most well-known swimmers: Victor Mazanov, Nikolay Pankin, Vladimir Salnikov and others. A special place in the history of the sports complex is 1980, when the team of the Soviet Union here won a lot of medals of different value.

The Pools of Olympic reserve for the ordinary fan

Chekhov.Pool Olympic

"swimming Pool for professional swimmers" - sounds important and attractive. Would it swim? Then please. For example, you can purchase a daily pass to the pool of SK «Olympic» in Moscow or the Palace of sports «Olympic», located in the city of regional subordination in the Moscow region. We are talking about the Czechs. An Olympic swimming pool in the Luzhniki stadium is composed of three baths. Two buildings 50 meters in length and one pool for diving. Pool in Chekhov also has a length of 50 meters and a unique, beautiful appearance. Enacted in 2010. You can swim where you like!

The ski Pass is valid for three months. Time swimming classes is not limited. You can go swimming several times a day, at your discretion and at a convenient time. Only need a medical certificate from the GP and the photo in the size 3*4 cm


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