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Bodybuilding has become the most popular sport, which is not surprising. Because any of us wants to have the same perfect body as professional bodybuilders. At the moment, competitive bodybuilding is divided into different categories, and each of them has its own legend. But now let's talk about the champion under the version of the “Male physicist” Jeremy Buendia. This is quite a young athlete has reached unprecedented heights and has twice won the title of “Mr. Olympia». About his life and the systems of training and will be discussed in this article.

Jeremy Buendia

Anthropological data

  • The Growth of athlete – 173.
  • Weight at the time of the competition – 74,5 kg.
  • Off-Season weight – 84 kg.
  • The Volume of the biceps-45,7 cm
  • Bust – 120 cm.
  • Hip – 61 cm
  • Waist – 68,5 cm

Jeremy Buendia. Biography

Born and raised future “Mr. Olympia" Sunny California. Little Jeremy was born in Roseville 10 October 1990. Since childhood, the young man watched as I trained his father, who was nesravnima bodybuilder. This was the impetus to what Jeremy has chosen the road of a professional athlete. Because the father was different from his friends harmonious built of the body, and the young bodybuilder wanted to become like him. “Adherence to, love for weight lifting and strict discipline became the basis of my life before school age” – said the athlete.

Jeremy Buendia training

In addition to “iron”, Jeremy Buendia was fond of football and was a great midfielder in his school. His team easily won the state bowl and the athlete plays a role. At that moment, the young man dreamed of becoming a football player, because most of the colleges have already sent a study invitation. So the future seemed serene. But after the injury-displacement of the vertebrae in the lumbar and cervical spine, the bodybuilder had to abandon his dreams of becoming a football player.


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Life goes on

To eliminate the effects of injury, Jeremy Buendia is totally devoted to bodybuilding. And very quickly achieves excellent results. At the age of 17 years an athlete comes out on the competition podium and won an unconditional victory in the championship Contra Costa Championships 2010. Just now Jeremy realized that bodybuilding – that is his destiny.

Jeremy Buendia biography

The Next three years an athlete all of his time giving training and decides to switch to a new category of bodybuilding «mens Physicist” in which, he thought, he would be able to fully realize themselves and discover their full potential. And as it turned out, this is the right decision, which could take Jeremy Buendia. The training helped the athlete to create the perfect body, and very quickly noticed in the professional environment.

Complete success

In 2010-2014 bodybuilder conquers the world podiums, gaining one victory after another. 2013 became a landmark, because this is the time the athlete won the first place in the NPC championship Grand Prix, and with it, map Pro and record Pro IFBB. Now Buendia can go to the podium of the competition «Mr. Olympia». Isn't this the dream of every bodybuilder. In 2013, Jeremy Buendia tries to break into the leaders, but will occupy only the second place. But next year, after numerous and persistent training, he won first place in no less strong opponent Sadica of Bazovica and gets long-awaited title “Mr. Olympia». Already in 2015, so Jeremy had to defend his title, and despite the fact that the confrontation was very difficult, he did it.

bodybuilder Jeremy Buendia

Currently, the athlete signed a contract with a reputable company Evogen Nutrition belonging to the least popular, Hani Rambod – famous author of the methodology of FST-7. Also Jeremy is a trainer and co-owner of the team of bodybuilders, called FitBody Fusion, that does not prevent him to prepare for the next speech, in which he will again defend his title “Mr. Olympia».

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