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Did you Know that in Moscow there is a place that is a great choice for a Sunday rest? If not, then this article is especially for you. No need to look for an alternative, just collect in the morning all the family, they are waiting for the club «Family» (Moscow). Here everyone will find entertainment to their taste here is interesting to children and parents. And you can be sure that it really is. While kids are having fun on the Playground, their older brothers are involved in studios, mom would visit the beauty salon, while dad goes to the gym. You can also participate in seminars and trainings and to drink fragrant tea. We now take a closer look at what are the possibilities of joint leisure club opens the “Family” (Moscow).

club family Mitino

Fitness center for women

Do You think that group exercise classes – it's boring? Club «Family» (Moscow) offers a choice of 13 destinations, among which you are sure to find your.

  • Dance program Zumba – is a rousing party, it's perfect for teenage girls. All the movements are easy to teach and effective to burn excess calories. A little flip of the Latin American style of dance will allow you to initiate movement.
  • ‘dancing to myself” – it's a terrific program, which is a symbiosis of your body and psychotherapy. Club «Family» (Moscow) is very interesting because it allows not only to relax but also to develop. Under the guidance of a coach group members learn to Express their emotions and feelings in dance, become more harmonious personalities.
  • "Power stretch". A great option for those who do not like extreme loads, but wants to have healthy, supple and strong body. A great option for people with certain limitations.
  • "Force-2" – is a complex, designed for the formation of muscle relief.
  • Beach body – this is probably the best set of all. It combines elements of Pilates and yoga, strength training and stretching.
  • "Healthy back" – the best option for office workers. A specially selected set of exercises will help improve posture and spinal mobility, strengthen the abdominal muscles and back.

club family reviews Mitino


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Gym Classes

Not everyone likes group exercise. Someone is much easier to get private tuition by a personal leader and go to simulators. Your desire honors the club “Family” in Mitino. Reviews stress that a large space and modern equipment will allow everyone to build the perfect body. Costs and time can be reduced to a minimum. For this is a thirty minute circuit training at the gym with hydraulic resistance. Unique device adapts to you individually.

It is the practice for Russia, but in Europe it has already gained popularity. Any woman, regardless of age, physical and external data, you may exercise without restraint. Circuit training is not in vain so named. The sports hall is equipped with carefully chosen platforms and devices, and participants move from one to family Mitino phone

Schedule and cost

Surely you are already curious how the club “Family” in Mitino. The schedule is easily adjusted to any of you. Many of these groups are open daily, others – several times a week. You can plan your schedule so that once you attended one, and another time - another group. The first workout begins 9:00 and the last at 21:30.

Average Prices for the capital. Card of the month involves 8 sessions and costs 2400 rubles. If you want to save, then take the package of 25 lessons for 7000 rubles. Month subscription with unlimited visits for 30 days is 1600 R. So if you plan to come here more often, it suits you best. As you can see, a lot of options in order to visit the club «Family» (Moscow). Reviews emphasize that flexible payment schedule and comfortable allow have fun times with everyone.

club family Mitino address

Leisure activities

Want to deal with them, but the conscience does not rest, after all this time you could devote to their kids? It is in the past. Club “Family” in Mitino for kids offers a huge variety of programs, fun and educational. We will list them very briefly, just to give you a General idea. Learn more about each of them can be obtained from the immediate supervisor of the group.

Programs for children

What may interest your baby club “Family” in Mitino? The schedule is based on the full group, we will not stop there.

  • “mom” is a program for children from 1 year to three. The goal of this course – to give skills in the children's team. In addition, cooperative games help to develop motor skills and creative skills.
  • “Baby” aimed not at social interaction, and personality of each child. The session comes no more than 5 children. The goal is the development of speech and attention, memory and thinking, fine motor skills and emotionalcomponent.
  • “design Studio” is the most interesting of all programs. Different groups designed for young kids from 3 to 10 years. A unique course focused on the development of abstract, creative thinking, imagination, sensory. You guys will definitely interested in the possibility of modeling and drawing, the development of unconventional technologies. Especially fun are the classes in the older groups: origami and embossing, papier-mâché, and the application of thermoplastic and collage made from natural material.
  • “Speech training for school”. The logic and correct it – these are the basic skills that will help your child to master the curriculum. It includes several large blocks. This is the development of speech and skill of retelling, correct pronunciation and preparation for literacy.
  • “why” is a course for more advanced guys. Aimed at the development of logic, thinking and memory.
  • English and French for children from 7 years.

club family in Mitino reviews

Sports and creativity

Children must have the opportunity to splash their energy. For girls here works dance Studio “rainbow”. The training program of folk and classical dances, variety of movement and stretching. Boys can try yourself in the role of real karate to learn to defend themselves. It is not only a martial art, but also an opportunity to know yourself. Group "Karate" master of sports of international class. Children gain self-confidence and the achievement of goals fills them with desire for new victories.

The Program «Homecumming” is the art of creating masterpieces of folded paper. Under the guidance of an experienced master will teach children how to create unique DIY, bright and extraordinary. These classes require a lot of exposure, they develop imagination and attention.

And for younger children there is a Studio “Magic brush". Here they learn to work with color, is the development of creativity and curiosity, fine motor skills and creative abilities. Experienced teachers will help you to discover all the secrets of working with gouache and pencils, watercolors and crayons.

club family in Mitino for kids


You have already thoroughly tired in the gym, and the children still do not expect to return from school? Then not to visit you beautician? He will offer a lot of services:

  • Fashionable and very relevant today in the direction of pubic hair, bikini-design and biomaker. It is developing so rapidly that it is not only figured depilation, and hair coloring, decorating with sequins, rhinestones and feathers. Of course, the decorations will not last long, but they can surprise in the second half.
  • Sugar hair removal. About sugaring today so much information that will not be repeated. The procedure is very good, the growth of hair after it is much slower.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Lifting.

club family in Mitino schedule

What else please salon

An area of over correction. Here, the women are presented many opportunities to transform:

  • Lymphatic drainage massage;
  • Anti-cellulite;
  • Massage for pregnant women;
  • Infrared sauna
  • Wrap.

Barber is not far behind in variety of services. Here you can not only create a beautiful hairstyle or styling, but also to paint hair using the most modern means, to create a gorgeous look with an innovative steam technology, make biozavivku, highlights and coloring, tinting or lamination.

Psychology for adults and children

As is known, the causes of stress usually are in your head. Sports, beauty salon and other pleasures of a good help to mitigate, but not solve the problem itself. For this purpose on the basis of the club has a team of psychologists who are willing to understand your personality. The classes can be held in the form of consultations and in the form of a seminar or training. By the way, if you have a problem in the relationship with a child, here you can find a solution. Instead of drawing in children's Studio, the child can engage in art therapy with a psychologist. Gently participating in this process, you can understand where there are your differences and how to solve them.

Contact and feedback

This is a relatively young but very promising club. Every day his clients is becoming more people. However, many stress that fathers of families offers practically nothing club «Family» (Moscow). Address - Moscow, Angelov lane 8. In many reviews there are proposals to Supplement the club's men's section, steam bath and Billiards. Then it will be the perfect place for family entertainment.

The club operates a flexible system of discounts, promotions and even surprises of the day. To find out about new offers, you can call on them in the club «Family» (Moscow). Phones (495)759-55-51, (495)754-78-78. You are welcome seven days a week, without breaks and holidays.

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