Analog multiplexer - what is it?


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Even in our time of high technologies, education and knowledge, not everyone knows what a multiplexer. By the way, the knowledge is not really needed, because used this device in a narrow circle, but to understand this term is not hurt (even if just for the General development).

Analog multiplexerNow, a multiplexer called a special device, equipped with many inputs and control signal. The output from this device only one. Important is the fact that the signal can be passed through to the output from any of the inputs, to select which uses a particular combination of pulses.

There are two types of this device - allocate analog and digital multiplexer. The principle of these types is completely different.

So, in the digital device from the selected input to the output is copied to logical levels. This type is very easy to use, but not quite perfect.

But the analog multiplexer is a more complex device. In this input and output are connected by electricity, thus there is tension, but the weak only.

Not to say that an analog multiplexer, also called a switch that combines the two devices: this device can perform not only their own function, but all actions characteristic of the demultiplexers. This makes it much more convenient to use.

What is a multiplexerAs you can tell by the title, the last device is the direct opposite - it is able to transmit the output signal to one of the inputs. This is possible due to the fact that the analog multiplexer connects them with electricity.


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But working with this device is impossible without the assistance of auxiliary mechanisms. Together with him often used the management scheme with address and enabling inputs.

Having dealt with what is an analog multiplexer and what it consists of, we can talk about the main thing - to his destiny. This device is used to convert the binary code - parallel to serial and Vice versa. Simply put, it switches the signals.

This device Works is quite simple: it determines which of the inputs should connect to the outputs of the first and second binary code - they must match each other. A scheme with address codes helps a person keep track of the fixture.

MUX working principleThis is Done quite easily, given that any analog multiplexer has the same designation inputs.

For example, if the address input code is "00", then the output signal will be equal to that at the entrance, marked with zero, a code "01" indicates the signal from the first input, and a "10" from the second. To continue the reader can independently.

It Remains only to give an example, talking about the necessity of using this device in life.

Let's Say some entity has four objects that transmit signals, and the existing device can "read" only one of them. In this case, its cost is embedded multiplexer which selects the only suitable ones.

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