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In the world of mobile communications is quite a lot different operators, and not always the subscriber can guess what number he is calling. This is because each operator has its own frequency at which it can transmit signals of different levels, and a set of prefixes that are peculiar only to a particular context, to avoid confusion.

The Transition of subscribers to another operator

Recently, in 2013, began the abolition of “mobile slavery», which is associated with the idea that the room itself was not tied to any operator. Thus, people saw favorable conditions in another company, may, without changing rooms, to conclude a service contract with another operator.

The Porting costs about 100 rubles and takes one day. It is necessary to clarify at the time of completing the application.

923 what region and operator

However, most people are fairly conservative. If a person uses the room, which starts at 8923 (region - Kemerovo region), in most cases, we can say that the SIM card belongs to the operator "MegaFon".

Learn the identity numbers

In any case, for calls to unknown numbers it is better to check to which operator they belong to. The subscribers of "MegaFon" can be used to analyze by using the USSD command *629# absolutely for free. On the screen of the mobile device displays a small window, where you enter the room no 8, for example, 923. What region and mobile operator is serving the subscriber, also appear on the display. The whole room is optional, only the following three digits for a prefix, instead of the other – zero.


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The MTS also have a team to check the room supplies - *111*916*room no 8#. You need to pay attention that the request is paid, 2,17 rubles.

operator 923

Beeline also offers a service to check: *444*room no 8#. In this case, the subscriber request is received in the SMS belong to the entered digits the operator or not.

New prefix

Capacity number database from mobile operators is changing as the relationship develops, it becomes more and more base stations. If earlier it was possible to say exactly about the number, which begins at 923, which is a region and operator, today have to check this information.

For example, now through the online store "MegaFon" can be purchased numbers beginning with 999. Data SIM cards must be ordered through the website of the company in Krasnoyarsk region, Omsk and Novosibirsk regions.

923-I capacity

Despite numerous changes in the standardized approach to talk about room 923 (which region the operator serves a SIM card), it is safe – the owner - MegaFon, Siberia branch. Database consists of several regions, and even republics:

  • The above-mentioned region and Krasnoyarsk Krai;
  • Republic of Tuva and Khakassia
  • Altai Krai;
  • Tomsk oblast;
  • Kemerovo oblast;
  • Norilsk and the Taimyr Mr.

In General, code 923, the operator assigned initially to all subscribers "the Megaphone". Later, when the user has more rooms became insufficient, and the capacity started to increase. Geography, the connection began to expand, and the base station appeared in remote areas of Siberia. In this regard, needed a new prefix - 929.

Landline number

In addition to Federal numbers, the operator 923-th capacity provides and city format. In different areas of the Siberian region the numbers are totally different.

the operator code 923

To find out the landline number its Federal value, you can call the customer support center or write in the chat window on the website of "MegaFon"

USSD - queries

The Cellular companies to their subscribers and also provides other services. They are not binding to the region, as are universal for subscribers all over Russia.

For example, to check your number users can dial *205# and find out their rates *105#.

You Must remember that roaming data commands may not work. You also need to carefully their score, since incorrect combination, even in the home region, may cost money – from 5 to 60 rubles.

Of course, you Can contact the customer support center to analyze the situation, making a request for financial professionals. Within 5-7 days the money can bring back the balance.


Depending on what numbers are most often calling subscriber 923, which region and operator of the interlocutor, you can find very competitive rates. In case, if the relationship is in the same region, but belongs to another company, there is a special service that allows you to talk to friends at a discount, or tariffs, which are able to communicate for free fixed number of minutes.

There are fares to contact the subscribers of "MegaFon", numbers that begin, for example, or 929 923.

What region and operator of the source may have less value because there is always the possibility to communicate for less than the base rates.

Outside your home area

Deserves a Separate roaming for subscribers. For example, a room that provides Siberian operator (923 and 929) from outside the home region registers the guest network.

8923 which region

Therefore, the cost of calling home will be much more expensive than usual. In addition, any services will not apply. Subscribers of rooms 8 923 (region, serving in this capacity previously specified) you can call to the SIM card, which is located outside the home region, in any city or country the same as usual - at the cost of their fare.

Room changes

If the numbers of subscriber for any reason are not satisfied, they can be changed without changing the SIM card. Depending on which prefix has the number – 8 or 8 929 923 which region (oblast, Siberian branch) caters to the SIM card and the other options is selected a new number for the subscriber.

region 8 923

The Replacement is done for a fee. The better the number, the higher the cost. There are silver, gold and platinum rooms. You can even change the digital dial so that it was similar to the old, but differed by one digit. At the SIM-card does not change anything-neither the rate nor the balance, nor any services. Accordingly, the calling subscriber according to the old room would be impossible.

The Service that provides the ability to inform friends about change of the number in the "MegaFon" is called "My new number".


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