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Modern DVR – high-tech device, without which it can not do, many drivers of vehicles. And if the first recorders could not boast of a high-quality image or additional functions, at this point the user can choose any of the hundreds of models available on the market of devices based on the capabilities of your pocket and individual needs.

If before DVRs were only able to shoot what is happening on the road events, now they have some additional interesting features. Now manufacturers combine in a single electronic device recorder, GPS receiver and so beloved by drivers of LPG detector radar. This article will focus on such a combined device, the DVR Silverstone F1 Hybrid Uno. Reviews about the gadget mostly positive, the device was very well accepted by the target audience. What allowed the apparatus to earn a reputation among car owners? Try to understand.

A Little history

For the First time recording video from the car was produced as an experiment in 1926 in new York. Then the camera was completely filmed the departure of the fire brigade on a call.

In the 70-ies appeared the first prototypes of the recording devices automotive – the forerunners of today's DVRs. As is often the case, the first impetus to the development of locking video hardware gave the military industry. These devices were used on military equipment and is intended mainly for tracking.


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Some time Later, the Registrar moved on civilian vehicles. The first devices were bulky and extremely expensive, so much spread among motorists is not received.

But the progress does not stand still, gadget had improved, and 90-th years became widely used by law enforcement agencies of different countries.

At the beginning of the 21st century device for video traffic "went to mass". Then the producers began to supply the device with additional options: LCD display, GPS module, accelerometer, motion sensor. Along the way, and improved quality of shooting of video.


It is Not necessary when using the logger to ignore the legal part of the question. In Russia the video, filmed from the car of the Registrar, may serve as proof of guilt or innocence of a person in court. The same situation has developed in Belarus and Ukraine.

But in most countries of the European Union to use the Registrar is private person prohibited. Shooting other cars or people is considered a violation of their civil rights and liberties.

In the United States the right to withdraw the road is only the police and drivers of special purpose vehicles.

Main parameters and features characterizing any video recorder

All registrars have a number of important characteristics that determine its functionality, usefulness and ultimate value:

  1. Resolution videos. The best resolution is Full HD, at least – HD. Higher it is, the more fine detail an image contains. For example, at low resolution pictures cannot be considered the registration number of the vehicle in front. This logger is suitable only to confirm the fact of violation resulting in an accident.
  2. Frame rate. Currently, the registrars support the shooting with a frequency of from 5 to 60 frames per second. Of course, the more frames fit in one second of video, the better. Especially if you need to sort a track record in some shots.
  3. Sensitivity matrix of the camera recorder. The higher the number, the better the video quality when shooting in low light conditions.
  4. Viewing Angle of lens of the Registrar. The higher the value of this parameter, the broader the coverage of the camera space in front of the machine, that is the shot fall as the shoulder and wrong lane, not only a narrow area directly in front of the hood of the car.
  5. Compression ratio. Video data in its raw, original form occupy a large amount on the card, so to reduce the size of the video files are compressed with the help of a special device-analog-to-digital Converter. To the manufacturer it is important to find a happy medium: to compress the file, but try to keep the video quality.
  6. Digital image stabilisation. While driving the vehicle the logger is subjected to shock and vibration. To reduce the impact of these phenomena on the quality of the recording, uses an electronic stabilization system.
  7. Battery pack. Sometimes it is necessary that the logger was working in offline mode when the power is off the road network. For such needs in the registrars used the battery.
  8. Motion Sensor. This option is useful when you want to record image when a moving object within the viewing angle of the lens. This feature is useful when leaving the car in the Parking lot, to record the fact of damage of another moving car.
  9. The Cyclical nature of the video and loss. This feature allows you to record videos continuously, replacing the oldest files with new ones. It is usually divided into equal-time pieces. When I start recording a new file, the cheap recorders is delayed and lost a few seconds on switching, but at this point, and may occur an accident. Have a good devices for this phenomenon is not observed.
  10. Accelerometer. Under heavy braking or sudden change of the vehicle position in space, the accelerometer translates the device into emergency mode. In this mode, video is recorded in special format, protected from deletion.
  11. Radar detector. This option helps in locating specialized devices of the traffic police, is designed to calculate speed of a moving car.
  12. GPS module. Allows you to display the vehicle speed on the video, and it records in a separate file on the memory card a route of the vehicle.
  13. Infrared illumination. Allows to improve the quality of shooting in the dark.

And now for the review of a combined unit Silverstone F1 Hybrid Uno. Real reviews of the device say that the manufacturers have managed to create a really high quality gadget that combines in one chassis the functions of DVR and radar detector.

Packing and delivery

The Device comes in a small rectangular cardboard box. Placed on the cover a glossy image of the gadget, model name, and a list of system check-speed traffic police, which are determined by a built-in radar detector.

At the top and bottom of the box contains full information about the technical characteristics of the gadget and the manufacturer of the device.

General impressions of package and the materials of its performance remained positive. The box, made so qualitatively, not shunned and gadget higher price category.

silverstone f1 hybrid uno reviews

The package is quite modest, although not surprising. In the box revealed the device itself, the system of mounting on windshield, power cable from the cigarette lighter of the car, as well as a detailed user manual in Russian and warranty card.

With a set of all clear, proceed to the appearance of the device.

Appearance, impressions

Immediately surprised by the compact size of the DVR Silverstone F1 Hybrid Uno. From the reviews and descriptions of the device it can be concluded that the same first impression the device makes many users. To achieve such small for the combined size device manufacturer was able, using a new-compact patch antenna.

DVR silverstone f1 hybrid uno reviews

About half of the front panel of the gadget is the camera lens. Left optic module you can see the inscription, proudly pointing to the fact that the product uses a processor for video processing Ambarella A7. Over the camera in the corners of the front panel are: from left – the laser signal receiver of a radar system, underneath inside, a patch antenna, on the right-the microphone hole. In the lower left corner bears the name of the model.

At the top of the device houses the mount for fixing the device on the windshield using a reliable swivel holder with suction Cup.

On the side faces of the gadget are: slot for memory cards microSD, connector for external power adapter with the recessed RESET button, which is responsible for resetting the device to factory settings, as well as some vent holes.

silverstone f1 hybrid uno owner reviews

On the bottom side of the device there is a sticker with a serial number and an inscription stating that the country of origin of the gadget – Korea. The Chinese reality is uncommon.

On the side of the camera facing the driver, the left side is occupied by a large liquid crystal display to his right revealed control buttons and a speaker grille of the device. To the left of the screen fell the power button and confirm.

The System mounts the device on the windshield consists of a suction Cup and swivel mechanism. Everything is done soundly and efficiently, the mechanism of fixing the device to the holder with no problems.

combo device silverstone f1 hybrid uno reviews AR:











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