Rfb iPhone 5S: what do you mean? Is it worth buying?


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Despite the rapid development of modern technology and everyday new models of phones, most consumers still prefer Apple products. The most successful, in the opinion of the users was the iPhone 5S. Despite the fact that he has already been replaced by a more modern unit, this model is still the sales leader. However, with such popularity, store shelves are increasingly found smartphone a rfb iPhone 5S. What it means is this attachment? Is it worth to buy this phone? All these questions will be dealt with in the article.

rfb iphone 5s which means

What is a refurbished iPhone 5S

In recent years on the shelves of retail stores began to appear phones confusing at first glance marks. Actually fairly easy to explain what it means rfb iPhone 5S. The first three letters stands for refurbished, which translated to English means “restored”.

The Abbreviation for rfb is placed on those devices that went through the process of recovery at the factory. That is, they purchased a iPhone, just used them for some time and I took it to authorized service center due to a particular failure. In this case, defective & used models go back to Apple, where the wizard find the fault and replace the faulty parts with new ones. In this case the device required to be labeled as rfb iPhone 5S. What does this marking to the retail stores? Right. This means that the most unscrupulous providers put in selling refurbished phones as new, at the same price. Although the rules of the Apple b/y model may not be sold at the same value.


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What are the implications of buying a restored phone

The biggest risk when purchasing used iPhone-it's a chance to get the model, the repair of which is not engaged in the Apple, a “master” from next door. As a result, paying a pretty decent amount, you can get a unit that will break down in a few days.

If the phone was competent diagnosis and repair, then be wary of such models is not necessary for those who is not squeamish and easy to use the unit after the unknown person. However, for such money very few people want a used device. Therefore, we will understand how to distinguish refurbished iPhone 5S from a new (or updated to Apple).

How to determine packing

In the first place is to look at how Packed the phone. If the packaging is convex silhouette company logo printed just the inscription iPhone 5S, and slightly below the emblazoned phrase Apple Certified Pre-Owned, this Assembly passed the recovery procedure at the factory.

In addition, packages "resuscitated" products is no picture of the phone itself.

how to distinguish a refurbished iphone 5s from a new

Also, pay attention to the fact that the box is covered with a protective layer of film, which should fit snugly to the surface.

Having Defined what it means rfb iPhone 5S, and after ascertaining the authenticity of the package can proceed to more serious tests.

Secret code

The fact that negligent seller can easily put a used phone in the box for a new unit. In this case, you need to look at the opposite side of the box and find a special code FF354RU/A. This combination of numbers should be specified in the settings of the iPhone in the section “Basic – about device”. If the codes differ, we can safely abandon the purchase.

rfb iphone 5s that it

The safest place where you can buy quality rfb iPhone 5S-Apple Store.

Package contents

This parameter it is possible to distinguish several types of “resuscitated":

  1. Those models who have visited the factory have to undergo a procedure for replacing the screen and case. In addition, Apple is changing the old battery, headphones, USB cable and charger. Refurbished unit Packed in a new box and assigned a unique serial number.
  2. Models that have passed through the hands of unknown craftsmen. Such units attached more sparse set that constitutes the original box. If the phone screen is clearly not new, the body is stained, and also the beautiful packaging in your business don't go, it is better to refrain from buying.


Another way to expose restored the phone – to check another secret code. IMEI – it is like a fingerprint of a person, just for the iPhone. If on the box and in the phone settings are different numbers, it only says that the unit is not new. In this case it is better not to mess with the scammers.

rfb iphone 5s apple store

Besides, IMEI can be checked through the official Apple website. For each code, you can find a detailed report on what happened with the machine since its inception in the pipeline.

Knowing all the details about rfb iPhone 5S that this product is and how not to fall into the trap of scammers, you can be sure that the purchased “Apple” production is truly original. In a pinch you can save money and buy remanufactured phone, but the only one that's actually been updated on the manufacturer. Although in this case, it is possible that the unit breaks down again.


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