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Apps that Apple offers for the smartphone, now more and more, and choose from them the most interesting and the best one is quite difficult. So you should do a review of some of them - those that are most popular.

useful iphone apps

Speaking of which, there are useful iPhone apps, note Pocket. This program allows you to save interesting information in the form of articles or video, and subsequently not only meet her, but edit at your discretion. The app is simple and convenient. Any article can be added to favorites or share it with friends networks. The only drawback is that the utility does not have the Russian version, however, and without it to understand the program is quite simple.

Calling useful apps for the iPhone, it should be noted Speedometer. This program shows how fast you are moving, receiving this information by using the GPS sensor. This app is free.

useful apps for iphone 4

The Program AirDisplay is useful to those who suffers from a lack of working space on the monitor. The app is a little more than 300 rubles, but before purchase it is worth considering whether you need it. The utility allows you to use the device as an additional monitor. It is convenient to display the playlists from the music player, some tools from programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, etc.

To Call the most useful apps for iPhone impossible. They are all individual and their choice primarily depends on the preferences of the owner of the gadget. For example, travelers may be interested LINGOPAL 44. This program is not just a translator, and the universal phrase book, audio supports more than forty languages. Phrases in it are divided into categories so it's easy to find the right one. The application has multi-language interface and quite simple settings.


IPTV settings

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the most useful iphone apps

In Addition, the way might be useful "Yandex. Navigator". Such program is and Google. Such a useful app for iPhone 4 will help not only on long journeys, but in the native area, as there seem tube, laid the routes, and calculates the estimated travel time. A feature of this program is the availability of voice search, which is not at all similar utilities.

Calling useful apps for the iPhone, designed for pupils and students, need to mention MyScript Calculator. It's not a normal calculator, as it may seem. The program's interface is reminiscent of exercise book. The only thing there is a button "up", "down" and "cleanup". The worksheet is written expression handwriting, and then the app itself will put a sign of equality and display the result. This program greatly simplifies the life of students, "not on friendly terms" with mathematics.

Useful iPhone apps used in different fields and was originally designed to ensure that owners could use their gadget to the maximum. Once you have selected a program, you can be sure that it will have a user-friendly interface. Useful iPhone apps are divided into free and those that you will need to buy. Therefore, we need only to decide what exactly you expect from your smartphone, and then upload and install the utility.

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