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The producers. Brand Vertu was created by Nokia. Vertu  is the phone of the elite class, the body of which is made of wood, white and yellow gold, platinum, adorned with precious stones. This brand created for people of high enough material well-being.

By the Way, the word Vertu is a French word meaning “brave” and with the English as the ‘ascension”  that even the title emphasizes the success of the owner. These phones are manufactured in the UK, where the purchase Vertu Ukrainian and Russian mediators. Of particular value, design and quality represent the Signature line telephones and Ascent. These phones consist of more than 900 tested parts.     

You can distinguish these phones from the others on a capital letter V on the top of the phone and a V shaped contours on the display and the buttons. If the owner wants to communicate with the world reference service, the phone has a dedicated button  operator call Vertu Consierge.

On the phone you can answer a series of questions about medical treatment, foreign tours and what country is best to come to rest in any beauty salons to freshen up, as well as on activities and events dedicated to sport art, where you can eat, etc. in Addition, you can also call an ambulance with the help of this button or wizard.

        the Most typical model for this brand  Vertu Ti, Vertu Constellations, Precious, Vertu Ascent X, and others.  

Overview Vertu Signature II.  For example, the article will be considered in General model Vertu Signature II.

Design.  Button on the left is the volume control button on the right - call the Concierge to turn on and off the phone  button from the top, like many simple models Nokia. Also on the right connector for the USB-cord.   

The Back is a lever for removing the cover in the field of battery, and under it - the name of the wizard who made this model.

Screen Rectangular, but contoured in the form of a V. When enabled, you can see that the colors are not bright, and calm. The backlight also has a moderate light turns on and off smoothly. Glass does not scratch.

Sound.&Used Yamaha sound processor. The sound is not so loud, but intense.

Management.   Standard. Has the functions of ease of management, when a navigation button or some other are a few processes that are quite easy to use.  

Keyboard. Button V shape that uncomfortable for typing messages, but I guess people with money often calls than writes. Therefore, most likely, is not necessary.

Options. For your more significant image than the function. Although a standard set yet the phone comes with: memory card 4 GB, support 3G format, the presence of Bluetooth, a good player, sync music by genre and other options.

 Package contents. Packing A stylish and strict design. In the presence of a CD, cloth for the screen. Two batteries and a charger. But there is no case and headset.

Overall, the phone is  worth the price, if we talk about the design of the image and a number of other characteristics.

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