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Every year the market of construction materials deliver new products. One of the novelties – Marmoleum. Reviews about it are positive, despite the fact that the material appeared on the market. Let's see what is this product, its advantages, structure, learn styling features.

Development History

In Ancient Rome used a special technology for the manufacture of floor natural carpets and draperies. She was an impregnated fabric heated to a high temperature oil. Thus has improved strength and performance characteristics. In European countries this method of production of carpet covered only came in the 17th century. This is due to the high share of imports to Europe jute. The so-called cloth-sack cloth with high strength. The Calcutta jute is made from hemp with the addition of flax and Tossa jute. If you handle this fabric special, heated to a high temperature composition of natural wax, turpentine and dyes, the result is not only beautiful but also abrasion-proof floor coating.

natural Marmoleum on the floor reviews

In 1827, was patented technology for the manufacture of new material. In 1863 a patent was awarded to Frederick Walton. He has developed an almost unique decorative layer for floor coverings. It was based on the composition of wood flour, flax oil, chalk, dyes and resins of coniferous trees. It turned out nothing like Marmoleum. The reviews are mostly positive, however, in the mid-20th century, despite the excellent performance, he was driven out of the market with linoleum. This synthetic material had a lower price than was due and downloads.


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However, in the 90-ies was able to find a quality and affordable counterparts turpentine and flax oil – raw materials were extracted through reprocessing plant tropical crops. Composition enriched pressed chips of balsa wood. So got the middle layer. Directly Marmoleum is made of hot dry pressing. The technology was originally developed for the production of MDF, but for several reasons it was abandoned.

What is it?

Many would like to know what it is – Marmoleum. In fact, for this beautiful and high-sounding title hides just linoleum. But the material is isolated from the entire mass of floor coverings, and for good reason. It is very similar to a traditional linoleum. However, the similarity is only external.


If you analyze the customer reviews of Marmoleum, we can see great interest and demand. This is due to the composition. The material – natural linoleum. For production today, as in 1863, used wood pore, flour, cork, jute fiber, natural colorants, and linseed oil. As you can see, there are not any synthetic component. The material is very environmentally friendly, which is not even the most expensive linoleum.


This is a very interesting material not only for organic composition, and performance. But, like other flooring, there are not only advantages but also disadvantages. Though the advantages much more.

natural Marmoleum on the floor warm feedback

The Reviews say the material is very environmentally friendly. It is made exclusively from natural raw materials. While the components are so cheap that it is unprofitable to forge. This is confirmed by feedback about the Marmoleum – fakes in the market. Since the composition is synthetic, the material is harmless to human. It does not emit any toxic substances, has antibacterial effect.

rolled on the warm floor reviews

Porcelain – are available. In today's construction market is one of the most common materials among the whole range of floor coverings. The average price of a quality product at 30 percent lower than the cost of the simple laminate.

The Adhesive has high insulating properties – the reviews say. Due to their floor with such a coating can do without additional insulation.

You can Also highlight resistance to mechanical damage and better hygiene. Floors will not warp, will not get wet, will not fade and can withstand significant local load. Reviews of Marmoleum write that even a shed to cover the paint will not be absorbed and will not stick to the decorative layer. Manufacturers offer a guarantee on material from 20 years. However, if you follow certain steps, you can use the coating and much longer.

This material is different from linoleum inflammability. Thrown a cigarette butt will not leave the hole, and will dottley and goes out. To burn this coating is possible only with the help of gas cutter. This allows the use of Marmoleum in the kitchen – the reviews confirm that on the floor smoldering cigarette without a trace.

It Is necessary to highlight the decorative effect. Coating can be painted in any shade or color, and change texture. There are compounds that mimic wood, stone and other materials. In the sale there is a collection of all colors – shades of more than a hundred. The benefits include the ease of installation of Marmoleum. To put material in the form of panels or tiles can even novice master.


The disadvantages include the weight. At high plasticity, and maintaining the emulsion may for a long time, the material has great weight. This is a big plus for flooring, as it will flatten the bumps. But due to the severity decorate the walls or ceiling is not possible.

Despite the strength of the adhesive brittle. Especially on the edges. To store and to transport and work with the material must be very carefully observing certain rules. So, slipping a roll only basis out and then – only once. If the shipment was made, that there are certain risks. Therefore it is better to purchase coverage from sellers, giving a guarantee. Good reviews on Marmoleum "Leroy Merlin”.

Marmoleum customer reviews

Material changes its shape with time. This is a drawback, and advantage. When laying is not necessary to seal the joints between the tiles. After a while they will agree, aluminum has the property of hardening and scatter. But if he long lay in a warehouse or manufactured with obvious marriage, it is likely that it will not change shape.

Also, when working observed fuzziness of the slice. This is confirmed by feedback on the natural linoleum Marmoleum. To cut it very difficult. Material form, but to get the same perfect edges, as MDF or laminate, is impossible.

Classification and characteristics

Before heading to the hardware store and purchase this new material, you should check its classification. Also not the superfluous will learn technical characteristics.

Marmoleum on the floor reviews

Life, according to the manufacturer, is not less than 20 years. Strength is up to 160 kilograms per square centimeter. Weight – 2.6 to 3.4 kg per square meter. The thickness depends on the class and can range from two to four millimeters. There are three classes of Marmoleum. Consider each separately.

The Interior is divided into classes for the reason that the end user was faster, lighter, and easier to understand the range and find what you need. For example, expensive machinery not suitable for dwelling. The problem is the static load from the table legs or other furniture – eventually there will be a recess.

According to the reviews of Marmoleum, for apartment it is better to buy cheap and thinner material. Good choice – panel type click. This tile with the connection lock type. It is durable and durable material, and features are provided with HDF plate. It is complemented by a bottom layer of cork. The decorative layer consists of fibreboard, covered with jute fiber with plastic material. The surface can be polishing, restoration, applying a protective layer.

Class 21-23

It is the most affordable Marmoleum. Reviews, features conform to simple floor covering General purpose. The thickness of the upper layer is less than two millimeters.

Class 31-33

Is Considered an industrial floor coating. The thickness of the decorative top layer – two and a half millimeters. The material is able steadily to hold a static load. But if the load is changed, the portability is much worse.

Class 41-43

This adhesive is designed for areas where there are continuous flows of people. Important to apply this coating at airports, railway stations, shopping centers. The top layer has a thickness more than three millimeters, whereby it is able to withstand a hundred thousand steps in the course of five years.


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