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It is Difficult to imagine our life without electricity. Because it feed on almost all devices, without which modern man would cease to exist. Every day, we need electricity as DC and AC current. We get it from different sources. One of them is a DC generator.

This Article will be of interest to everyone. It's so nice to know that you learned something about the structure of this complex world. It will appeal to both Amateurs and professionals-Electromechanical. However, you may be interested in and the person who is just beginning to learn the basics of this complex science.

The DC Generator has found wide application both in industry and in everyday life. Therefore, these units are very diverse: large and compact, quiet and powerful diesel and petrol. By applying a DC generator can be domestic or industrial. In fact, and in another case it can be used to restore power if necessary, and receiving it in the distance from the main networks.

In industry, most of the units are used on different ships and other modes of transport. Also, the DC generator used in medical industry to ensure continuous supply. In the household scale use them in cottages or in small kiosks. Also, very often in home use welding DC generator. It is necessary to connect different types of metal.

How does a DC generator?

This Assembly consists of the stationary and rotating parts. First – inductively, which means it creates a magnetic field. And the second – inducible, as it is called anchor. The fixed part of the device comprises the main and additional pole and base frame. Mount them with screws.


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The Main pole is represented by a magnet, which creates the flow of the waves. It includes the core, the excitation coil and the tip. The first part always cast from steel. Coil poles are connected in series. It contributes to the formation of the field winding. When current flows it creates a magnetic flow.

The Tip is necessary to hold the winding on the poles. That is why the magnetic field is evenly distributed along the poles. In this case, make sure the tip had a certain form.

Each extension consists of pole core and winding. These items are also molded from steel. They are usually the same as the main poles, and may be less than two times. Install them primarily in large power generators and compact, they are usually not. Their main purpose – the elimination of the arcing.

The rotating part consists of core, winding and the collector. The first part is a cylinder, which is assembled from sheets of steel. From each other they are insulated with varnish or paper. This is done in order to reduce the losses on eddy currents.

The Principle of operation of DC generator

The Main is that the device is capable of receiving electrical energy from mechanical. The principle a better look at the simplest unit, which is a frame-like conductor, placed between the two poles of the magnet. The manifold is pressed against the positive and negative brush. Between themselves, they are closed through the light bulb external circuit.

To the DC generator was working, the frame should be rotated. At the same time the right-hand rule it is the induction of electricity. Current that changes direction at every half turn. The reason is that each side of the frame crosses the magnetic lines alternately in both directions. And in the external circuit the current goes odnonatrieva. Here he is changing only in magnitude. That is, the collector converts AC to DC, which is very important.

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