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A Country house in the style of minimalism are gaining more and more popularity in the modern world. But do not assume that this style only serves to create the interior design of a house or apartment. It is present both in painting and in architecture, and in women's makeup. We can say that minimalism – is a way of life that is dominated by a kind of lightness, combined with comfort and practicality.

house in the style of minimalism

What is minimalism

More recent in the 60-ies of the last century, minimalism was originally used to refer to sculptures of simple shapes, created from everyday objects, such as neon tubes, metal parts used equipment and other items of everyday life.

The House in the style of minimalism is different from other buildings of its perfect simplicity, naturalness, freedom of space, an abundance of light and a complete lack of ostentatious frills. Thanks to these features and minimalism remains one of the favorite and most attractive styles in architecture.

Insanely fast paced current of life leaves modern people with virtually no personal space. Only at home people can relax and move away from the daily hustle and bustle, and the interior of the house in a minimalist style with its clean simple lines, a minimum of furnishings, maximum naturalness and maximum comfort of the well will allow it. Safe to say that for half a century, is extremely attracts interior designers and architects-builders.


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home project in the style of minimalism

House architecture

Despite its apparent simplicity, where everything is at a minimum, the design of the house in the style of Minimalism cannot be attributed to simple in the execution of the project. It would be easier to build the box, make the most of it to glaze and make a flat roof? But no, modern minimalism - it is not only simple designs of neon tubes, is a style that helps people to solve relevant issues through the creation of a distinctive, tailored to the specific personality of the design in order to release the maximum personal space for self-realization and freedom.

the interior home in the style of minimalism

A Modern approach to minimalist architecture

The Ultra-modern house in minimalist style Along with the use of materials such as An ordinary stone, metal and wood,the Involving different structures of the more modern products – plastics, chrome, glass and concrete. Lighting techniques have also undergone some changes compared to last, we can say, retro-minimalist. Today, designers allow themselves some semblance of free thought on this issue and have a light not only on the perimeter of the room, as it was before, but in ceiling constructions and in the walls.

Like everything else in this world, architectural minimalism is and true supporters, ardent opponents, who are not to the taste of the simple and undisguised gray concrete buildings. In turn, supporters defend their positive view, citing arguments that the modern house in minimalist style is universal. It is easily adaptable to the needs of any person, bringing comfort to the building, despite its apparent incompleteness and irreproachable correctness of designs.

It Should be noted that single-storey house in the style of minimalism Perfectly coexist with two-, three - and even five-story buildings, which are based on this architectural decision.

home design minimalist architecture

Project mansard house with a swimming pool in the style of soft minimalism

The two-storey house Design with swimming pool has several features – using only natural and ecologically clean materials, plenty of
Open space and light. In this house easy and comfortable to live alone, and families with children.


The Central point of the first floor of this house in minimalist style is the living room, accessed from hallway or dining room, simply decorated with a fireplace and a large aquarium for marine fish. From the dining room you can get into the separately located kitchen area. In isolation from the rest of the premises there is a sauna area with adjoining swimming pool.

The Second floor is devoted to living quarters – three bedrooms, each with ensuite shower or bath.

The Attic adapted to other needs of the residents. Here is the zone of rest and work, including a study room, a games room and bar with soft, comfortable furniture.

single storey house in the style of minimalism

Interior Design

This is a home project in the style of minimalism, Where the main Rate in the interior is made for ultra-modern and comfortable furniture, natural wood, the presence of cream marble in the bathrooms, abundant glazing and high ceilings.

The walls are all finished in solid colors without any gloss, floor dwellings is lined with natural beech boards. Entrance hall, kitchen and bathrooms are decorated with marble tiles.

To emphasize the ceiling height used in the design of large modern fixtures and transparent glass partitions. The interior finish lends a restrained, laconic in form furniture.

country house in the style of minimalism

Project minimalist townhouse

The one who dreams of a large, light-filled house, perfect for a project of this three-storey townhouse with its simple natural design. Basic concepts of the design of this home are: the use of natural materials, which fades into each other space, the presence of elements of high-tech style, beautiful black-and-white color palette.


Working through the layout of the house, you should carefully consider the device space, to properly communicate between technical communication and other areas of the building. The layout of the townhouse is very similar to the traditional design of most European country houses, but this does not prevent him to be very comfortable and individual.

The First floor includes the entrance area, stairs lobby, living room flows into dining room with adjoining kitchen. Also it assumes the presence of a guest room with bathroom.

The Second floor is fully adapted for the needs of the house owners. Several bedrooms, each with private bathroom and closet.

The Third floor of townhouse – is a study, a gym, a small bar and indoor games room for children.

modern home minimalist

Interior Design

The Overall appearance of the house is decorated in a classic simple style. Clear lines and precise form of geometric designs, black-and-white color scheme and plenty of chrome parts - here are the common trends the design of this townhouse.

The Entire interior of the building is based on the combination of contrast (white and dark) colors, softened in some places more soft, cream and mouse-grey shades which, by the way, give the illusion visually enlarge the space.

A leading role in the creation of this ultra modern interior, of course, plays right lighting. It includes a variety of types of devices from built-in plasterboard ceiling spotlights to led backlight on the edges of stair steps and skirting. The main lighting is from large, round, almost flat chandelier of frosted glass, and also wall sconces.

The walls are made white decorative textured plaster, which is to contrast with the dark floor boards gives the spaces a feeling of free expanded space.

Soft furnishings with black upholstery in combination with white furniture facades, light shelves, countertops and shelving give the decoration of the house a certain formality and solemnity.

From the above described it can be concluded that the house design in minimalist style – and simultaneously designing the architecture of the building, and thoughtful design approach to the design of the internal space of each room.


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