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What is the dream Of every woman? Of course, on how to spend less time on cooking and to be with his family. Many will say that this is unrealistic. Before, perhaps it was. Now, however, with the release of modern kitchen appliances is quite real. If you buy food processor Bosch MCM 5529 ProfiKubixx, the preparatory process of products for any dish will not take more than 5-10 minutes.

Why should you pay attention to the brand Bosch? German quality has long been well established. This company has for a long time is the world market leader. All the products are of cutting-edge technology, excellent build, high quality materials. Thanks to the responsible approach, devices of this brand are working without a break for at least 5 years with frequent use.

Bosch MCM 5529 – food processor, which is equipped with a large number of functions. His kit has a lot of attachments, description and purpose of which you can read in the article. So let's start the mcm 5529

Brief description

What is a food processor? The device is going in Slovenia. The sale of it shall be warranted for a period of one year. The case is made from high quality white plastic. At the rear there is a compartment for cord storage. Thanks to him, the cable is not bent.

Bosch MCM 5529 – a two-speed machine, which is controlled mechanically. The main bowl has a volume of 3.9 liters, made of transparent plastic. There is a possibility of kneading dough is not very thick, for example, for pancakes, for once you can cook no more than 2.1 kg blender holds a half liter. For convenience, it has a scale.


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Food processor Bosch MCM 5529 run from the mains of 220 V. the Maximum power consumed by the device – 800 watts. The legs-suckers, the machine it is stable on different surfaces. Both bowls come with lids with lock. This greatly increases the level of safety of operation of the processor bosch mcm 5529 profikubixx


Bosch MCM 5529 – an indispensable appliance in the kitchen. The set includes eight nozzles. For the grinding of food has a special knife. Also using food processor, you can quickly grate and chop the vegetables. This package includes two floats and one shredder. Fans of fresh-squeezed citrus juice will come in handy nozzle-press. With its help, in just a few minutes you can prepare a Cup of tasty and healthy drink. Drive for shaking will quickly whipping any liquid, eggs, cream, sauce, mayonnaise and more. A nozzle for cutting cubes is rightly called the bonus of this model. It will be useful to any owner, since so many dishes are prepared with the help of this method of slicing. Using this nozzle, products for a large number of hash can be cut in 5-10 mcm 5529 profikubixx


Before you start to work with the combine Bosch MCM 5529 ProfiKubixx, you must understand some rules:

  • Before first time use be sure all items are rinsed.
  • Training. The device is mounted on the smooth surface of the compartment keeps the cord and plugs into the wall socket.
  • A Bowl before work, have to close until it stops. The cover must go into the groove of the main unit.
  • The Speed is controlled via switches. 1 – minimum rpm of 2 – max.
  • Products are loaded through a special hole and moving a pusher.
  • Turn on the device by switching the regulator on the “0/off”, he also on and off.

Advantages and disadvantages

Combine Bosch MCM 5529 has both advantages and disadvantages. Most buyers have an excellent German quality, sufficient power, a large number of nozzles. Many appreciated the device for cutting into cubes. They are all the same size. Special attention deserve security system. If the lid of the blender open, the engine will not start. In case of overheating, the unit automatically turns off. The model is equipped with double drive, which allows you to work at low and high revs. The important point is the opportunity to purchase other attachments, not included.combine bosch mcm 5529

Now you should talk about the disadvantages. These customers include the absence of a box for storage of nozzles, the problems with the lid of the blender, no average grater, a faulty disc for whipping (often slipping and damaging the bowl). When loading small quantities of products versatile knife grinds them, but only throws a party.

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