The growth rate of bamboo, the rules of planting and care, especially the growing


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The plants is the decoration of the house. There are a huge number of flower crops for every taste.

Increasingly popular plants of exotic nature. They bring originality and diversity to the usual home routine.

Unusual house plant can be considered indoor bamboo.

the growth rate of bamboo

This plant will bring a unique flavor to any interior. It has been brought to our country from Asia. It is believed that bamboo brings to our lives success, prosperity and happiness.

Key features

Indoor bamboo has no connection with the wild plant. The name of the plant received for its visual resemblance to the wild species. Landing home bamboo propagation and care for him did not represent special work. The plant looks quite impressive: green naked stems, the end of which are the shoots of different shapes.

Home bamboo growth rate

With proper care, the bamboo color - saturated green. But sometimes it varies to straw colors.

The shape of the bamboo, too, is different. Stems can be straight or winding. Leaves can be narrow, wide, long or short.

Bamboo is a decorative plant that grows in average up to one meter in height. The growth rate of the home of bamboo depends on the quality of care.

Terms of the content of the bamboo

A Very important factor of the content of such exotic plants is light. It needs to be diffused. Otherwise, the leaves begin to lose color, turn yellow and plant loses its appeal.

Under natural conditions the growth rate of bamboo per day can reach 20 cm at Home, of course, it does not grow as fast. But reaches an impressive size fairly quickly with the right balance of light and moisture.


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Useful for plants to conduct water and pamper him a shower. Bamboo likes it a lot.

the growth Rate of bamboo rules for landing and leaving

Periodically, you need to wipe the leaves with a damp cloth.

Every owner of exotic plants interested in the speed of growth of bamboo. Rules of planting and plant care will ensure its intensity.

To the ground bamboo is not picky, but the soil is better to buy a special, family drazenovich. Transplant small plants should be carried out annually in the spring. If the plant is grown, the transplanting should be carried out not more than once every 2-3 years.

The growth Rate of bamboo and the rules of planting are closely interrelated. If you neglect basic rules, the plant will develop very slowly.

It is Important to choose the right pot for bamboo

  • It needs to be broad and comprehensive;
  • Distance from the roots to the walls of the pot should not be less than 5 cm;
  • At the bottom there should be holes.

Besides the pot and the soil, plays an important role drainage. He should be required to be present at the bottom of the pot. Optimal drainage layer - 3 cm

The plant is well-formed and the growth rate of bamboo has increased, it is necessary to periodically pruning.

The Procedure is pruning garden shears or secateurs. The plant is trimmed by the owner. Slices are treated with wax.

And here is the trimmed stems are used for propagation of bamboo. If the plant is inactive gives shoots, then you just need to primepay top edge. After the sides go the new shoots.

Features home with bamboo

An Amazing feature of the home, bamboo is considered the possibility of growing plants both in soil and in water.

the Speed of growth of bamboo in a day

In this extravagant form of cultivation important flower crops at least once a week to change the water in the vase and ensure it is level. Water to grow bamboo, you need to use quality.

Planting bamboo in water, you should pay attention to the length of the roots. Too long part trimmed. The roots are fixed in the glass container with decorative stones.

Bamboo home planting, propagation and care

When Choosing a vase, it is better to give preference to transparent, because it is always easy to control the quantity and quality of water.

When water farming increases the growth rate of bamboo and the saturation of the colors, since this type of plants prefer water.

Another unusual property of bamboo is its rare bloom. The plant blooms once in a lifetime, namely 30 years. Unfortunately, once the flowers fall off, the plant dies.

Lighting and temperature

Bamboo is quite water-loving plant, therefore, does not tolerate heat and dryness and at the same time do not tolerate direct sunlight. Comfortable temperature for plants - not above 35 degrees. Perfect for bamboo indoor temperature 25 degrees. In the cold time of the year it should not fall below 17 degrees. In the cool of the plant begins to root, and the growth rate of bamboo is sharply reduced.

Bamboo is not aggressive like bright light. In summer, it thrives in partial shade. Many people put the bamboo into the bathroom. First, for plants in the hot bath is heaven. It's dark and there is high humidity. Secondly, it is quite creative.


As with any plant, bamboo needs watering, the correctness of which depend on the appearance of the plant, and the growth rate of bamboo.

The Need of hydration depends on the time of year. In winter, watering need to produce quite moderately, but in the warmer time of the year for a good rate of growth in home bamboo, you need an abundance of moisture.

The Reproduction of bamboo in the home

Of Course, such beauty I want to propagate. You can create an entire song from the bamboo or to make a gift to a colleague, loved one, without spending significant cash.

Multiplication is implemented in several ways:

  • Seeds;
  • Cuttings;
  • Division of the root.

The Multiplication of seeds is a complex process, especially for beginners. Much easier to make a reproduction of the second and third method.

Shanks or tops of bamboo after cutting the main plant suitable for reproduction. Usually, bamboo is taking root in the water without problems. After that a new independent plant can be transplanted into the ground or leave in the water.

Soil for the young plants is selected the same as for an adult. The pot is immediately determined because bamboo grows quite quickly.

The Division of the root is suitable only for adult plants. To divide them very carefully so as not to damage the main root.

Problems when growing ornamental bamboo

Despite the fact that the plant is quite unpretentious, if not properly maintained can cause numerous problems:

  1. The growth Rate of bamboo can be too slow. You need to provide the plant with fertilizer.
  2. The Leaves have lost the brightness or turned yellow. This change is a result of lack of moisture and sunlight. If such trouble occurred in the winter, it is likely that the plant is not getting enough light and need to move it on the window sill. In the summer it must be put in a cool place and more abundant water. the speed With which bamboo grows
  3. If the sheets appeared black spots or specks, it talks about the fungal disease. In such cases, you should treat the plant with fungicides. In order to prevent it is recommended to limit the amount of ventilation in the room and reduce humidity.the growth Rate of bamboo rules landing
  4. The Darkening of the leaves and stalks of bamboo tells about the hypothermia. You should move the plant in another room.
  5. Plant wilting after transplant from water to soil. Bamboo requires in this case more abundant irrigation. This is because the plant is accustomed to the constant presence of moisture, and it is difficult to drastically restructure. Just 2-3 months bamboo need to be watered as often as possible and more abundant.

Dressing homemade bamboo

Home view needs regular feeding. This factor affects the speed with which bamboo grows.

Fertilizers not only affect the active growth of plants, but also on the quality of color and color saturation. Generally, fertilizing is done twice a year.

Each person can choose bamboo to your taste from a large variety of types. You can experiment with home décor.

In the cold winter evenings, enjoy the warmth around the ever-green tropical beauty. For many years the bamboo will delight hosts and surprise guests.


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