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China – the birthplace of the flowers that grow in gardens and parks around the world. In Chinese culture flowers have a special place, many of them represent certain human qualities. Some types of flowers, their name and value, read the article.

Chinese flower clivia

Chinese clivia

It is an evergreen herbaceous plant. It belongs to the family Amaryllidaceae. A place of growth – the West coast of southern Africa. Has only three species. As indoor flower Chinese clivia, or Kaffir Lily, as it is called, attracts beauty. She is beautiful always: when in bloom and when it is at rest.

Lily Room – stemless plant. Its leaves are sword-shaped form is very elastic, it has a dark green color and a great length to seventy-five centimeters. The rhizome of the plant is short and juicy, and the roots are thick and fleshy.

One plant can have multiple stems with ribbed edges which reach a height of forty centimeters. The umbellate inflorescence with campanulate flowers of a bright orange color. There may be from twelve to thirty pieces, they gradually bloom, so the bloom lasts a long time.

The Plant is successfully used in medicine for the preparation of drugs. But its leaves and roots are toxic, so you need to be careful during the transplant.

For a comfortable growing in the conditions of the house the flower of the required rest period, for which the plant is placed in a cool place. Transplant it should be when the pot starts to crawl roots. With the right care clivia can bloom twice a year.


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At room conditions grown only three types of flower: clivia garden, lovely and cinovecka. This plant is under the auspices of Sagittarius, it brings good fortune in the discoveries, travels, love and spiritual life. Clivia is a great helper for scientists and business people. The flower has the unique ability to protect from depression, resentment, anxiety.

Flower of death: description

Chinese flowers

The Hibiscus, or Chinese rose, belongs to the family Malvaceae. A large variety of varieties of Chinese flowers of this species, each of which has its own description. For example, one variety resembles a tree, and the other – a Bush. If the hibiscus grows in a greenhouse, it can reach a height of three meter mark. In the home of such result should not wait. Sometimes a flower is described as a standard tree. But all classes remains overall the fact that it is evergreen.

At home, the hibiscus is described in different ways due to the large number of varieties, differing in shape, color, size of leaves and inflorescences. Natural growing conditions – the Northern Indochina, southern China.

Home hibiscus-shrub with dark green leaves are oval with serrated edges. Begins to bloom in early spring and ends late fall. Flowers solitary, most varieties have a red tinge on the Bush scattered around the plant.

Flowers of white, red, pink shades narrow, but when it disclosed – reminiscent of a wide bowl with a diameter of from eight to fourteen inches. The flowers come in Terry or plain. Chinese flowers Of this species have a different description, it depends on the type of plant.

Hibiscus flower of death why

Flower of death:

In China, the so-called hibiscus-flower of death. Why it has this name? In China, people believe that hibiscus has a negative energy, absorbs the force takes health.

It is believed that hibiscus brings death and misery, to inform people about impending trouble. So, if the plant drops leaves, in the family, someone is bound to get sick. Thanks to the mystical properties of the magical rituals used hibiscus-flower of death. Why? Because the flower has a red color, resembling blood. That is why it is called Burnet.

Importance of the Chinese peonies

For the Chinese people peonies signify wealth, nobility and prosperity. The romanticism of a flower symbolizes a happy marriage, prosperity, harmony. The walls of many houses are decorated with paintings depicting peonies. The Chinese believe that it will attract good luck. The flower symbolizes good wishes depending on colors:

  • Pink is for romance.
  • White flowers - purity and tenderness.
  • Yellow peonies - happiness, joy and wealth.
  • Red and Burgundy color - love.
  • Purple flowers - dignity, grandeur and sophistication.

Description peony tree

This plant belongs to the family of Peony. Sometimes herbaceous and shrubby. The Bush is large, with beautiful decorative leaves green or purple. Color of leaves change during the growing season. This flower grows slowly. Chinese tree peonies bloom from late spring until summer. Peonies come in many varieties, some of which bloom in July or August. The flowers are ball-shaped or Cup-shaped forms are disclosed on the tops of twigs. They are double, semi-double and nemahrovye.

Chinese peonies

The Chinese Tree flowers – it is the hybrids, half-shrub peony. They have long, feathery leaves and large bright flowers of white, pink, red and purple shades.

Tree Peonies prefer a lot of light, but do not like direct sunlight and do not tolerate windy locations. In the sun they fade, it decreases their flowering period.

Peony – one of the most ornamental plants with gorgeous flowers and trifoliate leaves. Grows in single and group plantings in gardens, squares, parks.

Description chrysanthemum

This flower belongs to the Asteraceae family, is widespread in Europe, Asia and Africa. Chrysanthemums are grown as herbaceous plants and shrubs. Small shrub, up to five feet in height. Depending on the type of plants the leaves are simple, entire or dissected, with serrated edges.

Chrysanthemum in China

The Flowers are small or large, are collected in a basket in the middle of which is located the tubular flowers are yellow, and the edges – ligulate flowers of different colors. Therefore, chrysanthemums are available in white, red, yellow, purple. Different varieties differ significantly from each other in size and shape of flowers, colour of leaves, but they share one property – the heady aroma.

The Importance of chrysanthemums in Chinese culture

Chrysanthemum in China – attractive flower, but in this country it does not give for anniversaries, birthdays and so on. Chrysanthemum has its own holiday, which is celebrated on the ninth number in the lunar calendar.

Chrysanthemum in China – is a magical herb mentioned in the beliefs of ancient peoples. The people in the East different shades of chrysanthemums and the rituals of presenting them has a particular value. A special ritual is the Feast of chrysanthemums. People admire the shades of the blossoms, deeply thinking about the meaning of life. The chrysanthemum flower symbolizes abundance, joy and longevity. In Chinese culture the flowers represent the four seasons, chrysanthemum – autumn.

Description Chinese plum

The Tree is low. Branchy crown has a spherical shape. The leaves are large, oblong. Shoots brilliant red, green, or brown. Fruits are characterized by juiciness and bright color: blue, red, yellow. They are good fresh, them prepare jams, preserves, beer.

Flowering plum

Blooms before the leaves. One kidney give three flowers, which gives the tree a dramatic look. Flowering plum resembles a white veil. Fruiting in the second year after planting. Chinese flowers, including plum, resistant to diseases.

The value of the plum in Chinese culture

This plant symbolizes strength, prosperity, and faith in yourself. Delicate fragrant plum blossoms represent the value of life, the power of the spirit. The Book of Changes plum represents the four virtues: great potential, prosperity, harmony and justice. Plum blossom consists of five petals. The Chinese consider it as the five blessings: health, longevity, well-being, prosperity, and dignity.


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