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Garden – this is the place where you can relax in the company of family and friends. However, any tree or shrub needs constant care. To make the garden look attractive, you need to constantly prune young shoots to create neat crowns. This will require various tools including a garden lopper

Types of tools

To choose the right garden lopper, you should familiarize yourself with the basic types of tools, as well as with the technical specifications. At the moment the products are:

  1. Rod or high-rise. Externally, the tool is a lopper garden on a long handle. With this design, it's easy to cut branches located high up in the tree crown. You do not need to make special efforts. In addition, because of the long handle greatly reduces the load on the lopper. Of course, the tool also has some drawbacks. With such devices it is quite difficult to cut the hedge.
  2. Also, many manufacturers produce loppers with short arms. These pruners are designed mainly for trimming branches from shrubs and low trees.

lopper garden

Varieties of pruning shears

At the moment you can buy garden loppers:

  1. Petrol. These models run on fuel. The main advantage of such structures-a high level of power and autonomy.
  2. Electric. Such instruments need constant power supply. Because of this, to work with them a little more difficult than with other models. After all, during a power outage to handle the garden is simply impossible.
  3. Hand lopper garden. This is the most simple and inexpensive model. The tool does not have high power. But it is also Autonomous, and there is no need to odlewanie fuel or electricity.

garden lopper long-handled


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What to look for when choosing

To lopper garden last a long time, it is necessary to carefully choose. Do not buy first caught the eye of the tool. Here are a few basic rules:

  1. Gathering the lopper to the store, you should grab a few twigs. The chosen model before buying you should check. As a rule, low-quality products are broken immediately or begin to not work after a few slices.
  2. Carefully inspect the arm. They must be made of durable material.
  3. Do Not buy tools with plastic or with aluminum parts. Such devices are very easily damaged.
  4. In Addition, the tool must be easy. Do not buy a heavy device, as in the process of its use will be very tired hands.

garden lopper telescopic

Major manufacturers and popular models

In recent years, the range garden tools significant increased. Therefore, to make a choice is not so simple. Here are a few popular models:

  1. Wolf-Garten RS 650's 7278000 - telescopic garden lopper with anvil. This tool is often used for cutting wood sufficiently solid rock. Due to the cross bars that can be adjusted, ensures increased flexibility. This model is also equipped with a locking mechanism. This device is characterized by durability and high strength. The handle of the lopper when necessary can be increased up to 93 centimeters.
  2. “Tsentroinstrument 1141” – garden lopper, which is practical and fairly reliable tool. It can be used to cut not only the trees, but the wire thickness of 25 millimeters. Fixture is equipped with an ergonomic handle. Due to this, the shears securely in the hand and does not slip when working. In addition, the tool has a wear-resistant coating which can withstand prolonged usage.
  3. Raco 4210-53/221 – this garden lopper has a wavy steel blade. It can be used for the cultivation of hedges and shrubs. The tool features aluminum handles with padded inserts that prevent slipping. The blade of the lopper is corrosion-resistant thanks to special treatment. In addition, the tool is lightweight and comfortable for women.

When selecting these tools be careful. Because it affects the beauty of your garden.

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