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A Lot of people in construction and repair works using welding semi-automatic “Aurora Overman 180”. Reviews about this unit are mostly positive. And the power mode of the device allows it to be used for as long as possible, both for professional and domestic problems.

Using the tool

Inverter AuroraPro Overman 180 is used in shielding gas MIG-MAG semi-automatic welding. The scope of use of the device are:

  • Production;
  • Construction - professional and Amateur;
  • Car service and garage.

Welding machine Aurora Overman reviews 180Regardless of exactly where you will use this machine, it would be great to help you in your business. And the range of available welding operations performed with it, is very broad.

Management and benefits

Inverter Welding machine «Aurora Overman 180” is controlled by using special parameters, located on the front panel. Thanks to them you can configure it in a proper way.

A Key advantage of the device – that it can be used to cook in networks where there are large drawdown of the supply voltage. Aurora Pro Overman 180 is able to successfully complete tasks, even if the voltage drops to a value of 140 volts.

What you can do with the unit?

On the Internet people are very good at assessing welding semi-automatic “Aurora Overman 180”. Reviews say that it can be used to perform many tasks. For example:

  • Welding sheet metal.
  • Designs made of metal with long joints;
  • The body works;
  • Welding carbon and stainless steel, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

Aurorapro overman 180Work is carried out by means of wire size 0.6 to 1 mm, a suitable environment for this – inert or active shielding gas.


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Tool Aurora Pro Overman 180 has a smooth adjustment of the inductance, the current and the welding voltage. This allows easy configuration to work. You can adjust parameters such as the depth of penetration, the shape of the cushion and the rigidity of the arc. All this affects the quality of work such a device as semiautomatic welding.

Wire Feed is also adjustable from slow to fast. A high stability of arc burning and reduce the formation of spatter can increase the level security tool. It also improves weld quality and reduces the consumption of wire-filler material.

Used In this modern inverter technology MOSFET. It works because transistors the TOSHIBA brand, it allows to raise efficiency of the device by more than 80 percent.


In what conditions and how you can use welding semi-automatic “Aurora Overman 180"? Customer reviews indicate that in a normal environment they can operate in temperatures ranging from 10 degrees below zero and 40 Celsius. Relative humidity should be maximum 80 percent. And in argon atmosphere allowed the use of the +1-2% oxygen.

Aurora Pro Overman 180Also if you are working with AuroraPro Overman 180 you must observe the following rules:

  • The device must be earthed via a conductor connected to a special terminal on the rear panel;
  • Before turning on do not forget to check the line frequency voltage and current settings of your unit;
  • You need to periodically clean it from dirt and dust that accumulate on the internal part. Do it with the help of compressed air jets which categorically cannot be routed to the electrical components of the device that they are not broken;
  • After work in case if the device for some time in low temperatures (5 degrees or below), you can't include it for at least 2 hours after carrying in a warmer place. This causes the formation of condensate;
  • Semi-automatic use only protective gloves, shoes, clothing and mask.


The Device “Aurora Pro Overman 180" has dimensions equal to 197 482 to 466 mm. Its power is 5.2 kW. Indicator welding current – 40 to 175 A. Has an air cooling method. Possible types of welding are as follows:

  • MIG;
  • MAG;
  • No gas.

Aurora pro overman 180The Figure no-load voltage – 42 V. the Device has a constant output current. Operating voltage welding machine ranges from 16 to 22.50, and its capacity – 4,70 kW. At maximum current the length of its enable is 60 percent.

Other data

Welding «Aurora Pro Overman 180" has an internal location of the coil. Minimum metal thickness is 0.60 mm, and the wire is fed at a speed of from 2 to 15 meters per minute.

The efficiency of the unit – 80 per cent, the degree of protection-IP21, also it has a insulation class like F.

Small weight and compact size allow easily carry the device from place to place and even work in smaller spaces. Recommended voltage-220 V, connect it to the mains.

Welding machine can work with thick and thin metals. And due to the optimum diameter of the wire without gas you can do seams great from each other in depth and width.

Content and value

The Device consists of such components as:

  • One burner three meters;
  • A three-meter cable 25 mm;
  • One clip to ground 300A.

Welding machine Aurora Overman price 180Without these devices impossible to operate such equipment as welding semi-automatic “Aurora Overman 180”. The price in specialized stores is about 25 thousand rubles. Compared to similar tools it lower.


On the welding machine of this brand the control panel has levers to adjust parameters such as:

  • Welding current;
  • Inductance;
  • Voltage;
  • Switch the wire feed speed;
  • The operating status of the instrument.

A universal connector helps in case you need to change the burner.

How is the wire in the device

When you are welding, it is important criterion of successful work – the availability of reliable and quality mechanisms that feed the wire. Their key advantage is that they facilitate your actions. Because the wire is supplied directly to the destination welding.

Previously this used a pushing or pulling device, but now use multifunctional device, equipped with electronic control system. Control parameters greatly simplifies the welding.

There are three kinds of such devices, which differ depending on the method of pulling wire:

  • Appliances pushing action of the most common. To avoid burdening the burner and facilitate the process of welding. They must be installed near the machine and through a special conduit to pull the wire so it will reach the tip.
  • Pulling actions – this mechanism is going inside the device in the housing of the burner and delivers the material itself. Thanks to him you can work, if necessary with sleeves extra length. But this device weight burner that slows its action.
  • Combined-combines properties of the previous two mechanisms. Very rare.

The mechanisms use scheme consisting of 2 and 4 rollers, it all depends on the wire diameter. For maximum apply double. It includes prijemny and guide rollers.

Welding inverter semiautomatic Aurora Overman 180If you use very thick wire, then required two more mechanisms. Due to this filing in the required zone, will be more stable, even if the mechanism is not located near the burner.

The Wire moves due to the pressing between the rollers. Its diameter should be less than in the channel. If it is greater, then the mechanism will not provide stable movement.

What customers say

And what opinion prevailed among buyers about welding semi-automatic “Aurora Overman 180"? Reviews online about him are mostly positive. On their basis it is possible to allocate the following advantages of the tool:

  • Build quality;
  • The presence of sensitive settings;
  • Excellent mechanics;
  • Wide range of applications.

Disadvantages commentators will excrete the high cost of the apparatus. But, in their opinion, for this quality it is justified.

Automatic welding wire feedMany people say that compared to other, more budget models of machines, the tool works faster, it is possible to weld even a rotten design of metal and other materials. Most of the buying...

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