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In this article we will give advice and tips for designers that need to be considered in this work, both the layout of a private house. The architectural plan of a residential construction is primarily the information about the size of the house, number of living rooms and storerooms, their relationship among themselves. This mean by the term "the internal layout of a private house", the characteristics of which depend on the operational and functional properties of the housing. The use of space facilities in the full amount of increases the so-called quality homes.

Premiseslayout of a private house

Of Course, future owners decide what will be the layout of a private house and its functional zoning. In General, all the rooms can be divided into several groups, and to determine two main: areas of night and daytime use. For example, a living room, dining room and kitchen is the living room, as they are tenants, mostly, are in the daytime. Therefore, such a premise is better positioned on the ground floor with South, South-West or South-East - in these areas, more natural lighting.

The premises of the night areas include bedrooms, bathrooms and closet. They are called private rooms. Such rooms are not recommended to place on the Sunny side. The exception is the bedroom: it is better to natural sun light falls in the morning. If the layout of a private house involves a number of floors, the room night zone is better positioned on the upper floors. But if the house is single storied, on the far side.the interior layout of a private house


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Evaluation of requests

Redevelopment of a private house or building a new one always begins with a review of the architect and the wishes of the customers. It will give a lot of information to work with, and also will help to determine the overall style of the future building. Then the task of the architect - composite and functionally linking all the premises to organize space wisely, determine the amount of lighting and so on. Many undertake to do this yourself, but it is a big mistake. The architect will tell you how you can change window or wall openings, without disturbing the design and the overall composition of the structure where it is possible to increase the burden on the walls, and where to abandon them altogether.

The Movement inside the house.

The layout of the rooms and General layout of a private house to determine, as there will be movement within the housing. An important role will be located where the entrance to the house. By default, private room located away from the entry and places of heavy traffic. Very often the hallway is visually integrated with the living space or hall.

For modern homes characteristic a large sight lines and open spaces, and uncluttered designs. If desired, the space can be visually limit with mobile structures or furniture. It will also allow you to regularly update your interior.

As you can see, the layout of a private house - a very serious matter and requires knowledge not only of art fundamentals of design and knowledge of engineering and architecture.

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