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Set the cells in the barn and in the garden or yard – it all depends on climatic conditions. Perhaps the combined content of animals – indoors in winter and in summer – on the street. Placing cells  in the room or yard, you must consider the fact that rabbits do not tolerate a draft, as well as higher and lower humidity.

You decided on the plot to breed rabbits, but I don't know where to get a cage? Ready cells, you can buy in the store, but much nicer to make cages for rabbits with his hands. Cells come in many types, if you wish, you can even find ready-made drawings.

You Need to think about how to make a cage for the rabbits to organically fit into the design of the site. Maybe even have to make a cage for my drawings, most importantly, to conform to regulatory standards for rabbits, or the productivity of rabbits will decrease.

In fact, the manufacture of cages for rabbits — it is fun and interesting. They can be built of various materials: wood, brick, Adobe. Suitable even store containers, plywood, metal cutting and other materials. Very convenient for keeping the rabbits are cells, located on the gantry at a height of one meter, or on wooden poles driven into the ground. These cells spacious, they are well visible and easy to clean. Feed the animals is also very convenient because they include everything you need: feeding, drinking, warm house. Before you make a rabbit Hutch, you need to choose the proper spot for her. To build cages for rabbits with his own hands - so to make cells that are ideally suited to each specific case.


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The best place for cages for rabbits with his hands on a plot with trees as in the summer the trees will provide shade and shelter from the hot sun, and in winter, protect from wind.

Cells come in single and double. One adult animal is laid at a rate of 0.5 square meter, at the youngsters – 0,12 per square meter, and on the young bunnies – 0,17.
The length of the double as single cells ranging from 220 to 240 cm, width-65 cm. The height of the rear wall-35 cm, front – 50 cm. Shed roof ends with a visor protruding forward 20 inches, and from the sides – 10 inches. Laterally located cluster offices with solid floor and in the aft compartment floor made from mesh 16х48 or 18x18 inches, or from two-centimeter wooden slats full and a half centimeters. The hole in the nesting Department made at a height of 15 inches from the floor so that the rabbits couldn't get into the aft compartment.

A Door in the aft compartment made of mesh, and female – solid. The mesh doors hang waterers and feeders removable. Roughage are usually handed out in the manger, made from two mesh covered with wooden framework. The upper ends of the frames spread apart to the side feed compartments, and the bottom — combined.

Cages for rabbits with his own hands built to keep the young, is a wooden frame, upholstered with wood back and sides. The front guard and floor made of metal mesh. The size of cages for calves depends on the number of animals that will be there. Typically, the cells make 2-4 meters in length and one meter in width. Front wall height is 0.5 meter, rear – 0.4 meters. The front wall has two doors, they hang waterers and feeders, as well as a nursery for grass or hay. The roof is made of planks, there ought to be a visor with a size of 30 centimeters. In the cells needs to be rabbits of the same age, weight and sex, as well temperament.

For the maintenance of males are doing the circles from the grid with a diameter of 75 centimeters and 40 centimeters in height. Such cells can be kept and females. Floor made from either mesh or wooden slats.

The Success of backyard rabbit production, not least depends on what care was produced the production of cages for rabbits. Creation of all conditions for normal life of animals — a direct path to success.

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