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One of the most inexpensive but at the same time, high quality and reliable building materials is a metal profile. Under this material can be sheets of corrugated sheets or strips of metal that are usually used to create frames of various designs.

Thanks to the excellent operating characteristics of the sheets, the sheet sizes which allow you to easily and quickly mount the required design, often chosen as a building material for various enclosures or finishing of buildings. Metal profile is almost not affected by the environment, has excellent strength and rigidity, and has a long service life.profile dimensions

Profile Sheets

Cloth made from metal sheets that are widely used for decoration as wall and roof or construction of a fence made of profiled sheet. While the choice of material often raises the question of what kind of fabric it is necessary in a particular case. The fact that the sheets, the size of which is more than a diverse, distinguished in bearing, wall, and universal. And each of them has its own thickness and height of the corrugations, the most suitable for a certain type of construction works and providing the required rigidity.

Using the corrugated sheet

For the correct selection of material is necessary to understand what is the difference between the types of corrugated sheets and in some cases it is preferable to apply a particular profile.sizes of metal profile for fence

The size of the sheet of corrugated Board have two parameters width: General and operational. These values are intrinsic for the installation of corrugated sheets, as during the installation of each sheet salesthese on the previous canvas at least one stiffener. Therefore, when calculating the required number of sheets for surface finishing or construction fencing, this caveat must be taken into account. Depending on the kind of sheet sizes of sheets to the fence can vary by 50-60 mm.


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The length of the sheet depends on the wishes of the client, as a rule, the corrugated sheet is cut on the production of canvases with a length of 1.5; 1.8 or 2.0 m. However, it is possible to manufacture the corrugated sheet to order: the desired height of the future fence will determine what size profile will be chopped.

Species profile

Corrugated sheet is divided into three main types depending on their size, thickness and height of the corrugation. Depends on these parameters, the stiffness of the material, whereby the sheets are used for a variety of construction and finishing works:

  • The Most common is the wall profile (the dimensions of the corrugations of the order of 8-44 mm in height) used for the decoration of houses, the arrangement of a light roof, as well as the construction of fences of corrugated Board.
  • Universal profile with the height of the corrugations 35-44 mm is used for floors, fencing and cladding of various buildings for household purposes.
  • Carrying sheets, the size of corrugations which start from just 60 mm is most often used in the construction industry, for the overhaul of the roof, and also as a permanent formwork in the construction of large-scale production facilities.

sheets sheet size

Features wall corrugated sheet

This profile is marked with the letter “C” and has a small height of the ribs (flutes). This size depends on the strength, performance and material cost. The smaller the edge, the lower all of these parameters. She corrugation has a trapezoidal shape, which ensures the stability of the railway. The sizes of the sheets for a fence:

  • Sheet with the height of the ribs 8 mm is the most economical variant, the thickness varies from 0.5 to 0.8 mm. according to the manufacturer, the width is 1.2 m, while the working-1,15 m.
  • Corrugated sheets under the brand name “10” and “C20", that is, with the height of the ribs 10 and 20 mm, respectively. This size of the sheet metal profile for fence is most often used due to its excellent ratio of cost and performance. Usually applied to fences of different heights and exterior finishes of buildings. The total width of the sheet-1.15 m, working – 1.1 m

Versatile and profiled sheet

“NA 35” belongs to the universal profile and is used for fences, that have a higher wind load, roof and partitions. Due to the high ripple in 35 mm and sheet thickness of 0.4-1 mm has good strength and resistance. The width of the leaves (declared and actually used) is 1.06 m and 1.0 m, respectively.what size sheets

Carrying a corrugated sheet in a private building, used mainly to create permanent roofing. Small popularity of this profile is due primarily to the relatively high cost of the material. The standard sheet width is 1.06 m, thickness 0.6-1.0 mm.

As you know, roughly, the working width of sheets of corrugated sheets is of the order of 1-1,1 m. At the same time must pay attention to the thickness of the material.

For private construction, it is recommended to buy a metal profile, the size of corrugations which are 10-20 mm from a sheet thickness of 0, 5-0,8 mm. thinner even with a large height of the corrugations will not have sufficient rigidity, too thick are quite expensive.

Metal profile for drywall constructions

The Profile can be produced not only in leaves but also in the profile view to create structures with low weight and at the same time possessing sufficient strength and reliability. Most often this material is used to create the frames for the paneling with drywall. With this profile you can quickly erect the barrier or curtain wall within the room.profile for gypsum Board size

This metal profile for gypsum Board, the size and shape of which vary depending on the intended use, divided into the rack (PS/CW), guide (PN/UW and PNP/UD), ceiling (PS/CD) and guaranty. Each profile is used according to its purpose, with all dimensions of the slats, which are used for its production, are connected. As front frame during installation of the guide or inserted in ceiling profile, the default dimensions of both types are subject to this feature.

Standard sizes for metalloprofili of materials

In the construction of various structures, such as walls, niches or curtain walls, first calculated the approximate strength of the structure. Depending on the required stiffness and ability to perceive a given load and determine which to apply the metal profile for drywall. Dimensions Rods Are classified by the width of the back of the profile. As a rule, the choice of starting with a guide profile, which can have a width of 50, 75, 100 mm, and a standard depth 40 mm, length varies from 3 m to 4 m.the size of the sheet metal profile for fence

Depending on the selected sending profile select the mullion. Despite the fact that the manufacturers claim that the width of the profile 50, 65, 75 and 1000 mm, the actual size of the sheets of 1-2 mm less. This is necessary in order to smoothly insert the rack into the roof profile. The depth of the rack rails is always 50 mm, a length of 3-4 m.

In addition to these basic materials, there is still a corner profile designed to protect edges of drywall and the corners of the design, and guaranty – to align the walls, floor and ceiling.


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