Birthplace of jade - the African continent. The rules of care and cultivation


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the birthplace of jade

Crassula (crassula or) is not just a very popular houseplant, few are unfamiliar with low-maintenance shrubbery with a third name – money tree. The characteristic appearance of the representatives of the family Crassulaceae is incorporated in the name. Latin crassus translates as “fat”. Juicy, meaty, stems and leaves – the main differences of this family with over 300 species and belong to the most hardy plants the most arid parts of the world – the succulents. Birthplace of jade – South Africa. Excellent decorative effect, coupled with amazing simplicity and ease of care have made them fairly common houseplants.

Familiar money tree

Unpretentious and popular jade, a photo of which is presented in the article, has long been used in decorating home and office interiors, creating a depending on the surrounding atmosphere as calming warm and active business environment. Being a kind of symbol of prosperity and wealth in modern life, “money tree” is often found in homes and institutions, is excellent feeling in any room and quietly endure all the vicissitudes of the room content. Birthplace of jade - hot South African Savannah gave her an enviable endurance, nevertheless for growing crassula luxury you need to create the conditions in which it will appear in all its glory.


The Most widespread as houseplants got jade tree. In form it resembles a small tree with a beautiful and somewhat heavy crown, resting on a thick fleshy stem. crassula photoRounded plump leaves reach a length of 7 cm and width 3 cm, have a rich grayish-green color. Long enough finding the plants in the sun changes the color of the leaves: they redden around the edges. There are many kinds of jade with a variety of exotic leaf shapes, painted in the most incredible colors. For example, mnogogolovy jade, a photo which gives an idea of the variety of shapes and colors of leaves of the species Crassulaceae.jade tree


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Good grooming can provide and flowering crassula, although at home this is very rare. Small flowers are creamy white in color (sometimes light pink) collected in a panicle.

Planting and care

tree jade

Despite the simplicity of the plant, to find soil for its cultivation need quality. It needs to be neutral, lightweight, breathable and fertile. The best option is a soil mixture consisting of 1 part compost, 3 parts garden soil and 1 part sand. Excessive soil acidity is removed by the addition of wood ash. Good soil for cacti that are sold in stores for gardeners. Good drainage is essential.

In the process of growing a jade tree needs transplanting. The first three years of actively growing annual plant requires transplanting in a container of larger diameter. Crassula adults are transplanted every 3 years. The money tree does not like anxiety, long after the transplant is recovering. Crassula are easily propagated by cuttings or by dividing the Bush. Cut the cuttings can be placed in a bowl of water to form roots, or planted immediately in prepared soil, covering the stem on top of a glass jar and thereby creating a greenhouse effect. Containers with cuttings should not be kept in bright sunlight.


You can Fertilize jade needed twice a month all summer. In the winter you can't do it – period of rest and feeding of plants is not needed. As fertilizer use a special mixture to feed the cacti. It is important not to overdo it and do not overfeed a plant. The leaves of the jade in this case failing: losing surface gloss, wrinkled, unable to fall.

Irrigation and temperature preferences

Crassula quite loyal to short-term drying of the soil, it transports them safely, but is afraid of excessive moisture: the so-called “Bay” is disastrous for it. Therefore it is necessary to establish the optimal irrigation mode: on hot days, watering twice a week, at a moderate ambient temperature of – once. In winter, the plant watered as the drying earthen coma, about twice a month. Birthplace of jade instilled in her the ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature, so the hot summer and fresh air – the best conditions. leaves of jadeIf possible, summer flower can be placed on a balcony or street. In winter (dormant period) the most suitable temperature for crassula +15 °C, but if this is not possible, adjust the temperature regime of correct watering.

How to form a crown of jade?

plant crassula

The Tree jade tree in the classic sense is a tree. Close planting several saplings turn into a miniature shrub thickets, which also makes a kind of appeal. But to get a tree, the stalk should be planted only one. In addition, it is necessary to form the crown and in a timely manner to pinch off the branches. The term “pinch” means the following: not to allow the branches to stretch and the right length to nip off the excess in order to place a crown vending form. Technology these procedures are simple: you need to wait on the branch will grow 3-4 pairs of leaves, and between leaves the last pair will have a new kidney. It should be visiplot without damaging the foliage. A few days later in place of the removed kidney will have 2-3 new buds, i.e., the plant begins to ramify. This is the meaning of crown formation.

Money tree – rewarding material to create the most interesting decorative forms. Recently gaining popularity is the art of growing jade in the technique of bonsai, when, with some effort, you can create a real masterpiece, unique and original. Perhaps because of the high adaptability to different growing conditions (after all, the birthplace of jade-hot African Savannah) crassula tolerates the formation of the crown.


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