Murol - water drainage system made of PVC. Features, benefits and installation


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Almost all modern buildings are equipped with a drainage system that directs rainwater from the roof in a certain place. Earlier for these purposes used a tin pipe and rails, but since 2006 in the domestic market there are products of canadian manufacturer called Murol. Drain system the manufacturer quickly gained popularity among consumers due to its low cost, excellent performance and quiet operation. Let's look at what the features of these gutters and how they are easy to install.


Gutters Murol presented in the form of different elements, made of lightweight and heavy duty plastic, which eliminates the additional load on the ledge.murol gutters Each part of the drainage system designed so skillfully that even the most complex roof geometry of the product installed very easily.

Murol (water drainage system) Includes the following elements:

1. Trough with a diameter of 13 cm and Their length can be 3 to 4 meters.

2. Universal plastic and metal connectors.

3. The Central (transitional) and the end (universal) funnel.

4. Special plugs, which sealed the end of the gutters.

5. Various angle adapters.

6. Pipe for draining water from the roof. They are made of 3 and 4 meter length. Also included are fasteners, providing a reliable fixation of the pipe at the wall.

7. Couplings for pipe connections.

8. The pipe at an angle of 67 degrees (branches).

9. A set of fasteners made of galvanized steel.

roof drainage

The Manufacturer produces gutters for roof in white, brown, black and red colours of the assembled system is in perfect harmony with roofing.

Advantages and disadvantages canadian products

Murol (drainage system) is characterized by the following positive qualities:

Durability. The service life of all elements of the drainage system is over 50 years old. It is very important that during this time the plastic keeps its original appearance.

Resistance to atmospheric phenomena. Roof drainage (in this series) is able to withstand temperature fluctuations from +50 to -50 degrees.

Ease of installation. The low weight and the availability of suitable latches contribute to quick and easy installation of guttering.

Quiet. Plastic elements contribute to the reduction of the noise level during rain.gutter system murol price

The disadvantages include loss of color (as a result of years of exposure to ultraviolet rays) and a large number of fakes on the market. The first property is inherent in all PVC products, but with the second drawback can be overcome by buying only certified products.


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Technology installation

The Installation of plastic drainage system can be made with your own hands, you just need to understand how to correctly set the drainage system Murol. Installation is carried out in several stages:

1. For a start set of mounting elements designed for fixation grooves (hooks). If in the process, brackets are plastic, the distance between them should not exceed 45 cm Metal hooks can be mounted in increments of 60 cm In places where the funnel will be installed, you should install two fasteners, so that they were located on both sides of the pipe.

2. The hooks should be installed with a slope towards the funnel. Every meter of the roof slope is increased by 3 mm.

3. After installation of the funnel, proceed to the Assembly trenches. Connect them together using latches and special connectors.

4. Further installation of corner components of the drainage system (in places where changing the direction of the grooves). On the free edge of installed plugs.

5. On the wall are marked the points at which are attached the pipe clamp.

6. To each funnel inserted into the downspouts. In increments of 2 meters are mounted clamps. Pipe connections have to be snapped and fixed with clamps.gutter system installation murol

Completing the installation installing a storm water or drainage.

As you can see, Murol is installed (drainage system) is extremely simple.

The cost of the drainage Murol

I'm Sure many have wondered about how much it costs for gutters Murol. The price of a complete kit depends on such factors as roof area, height of construction, the required number of additional elements and the reliability of the manufacturer. On average, each meter system will cost 600 rubles.

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