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Branch of lilac pleases us with their blooms only once a year. But not only is she able to bring in a garden of delicate paint. There are other flowers with purple flowers that will liven up your plot throughout the summer and even autumn. The variety of shapes and sizes will allow you to create interesting compositions for every taste. Beautiful lilac flowers-names, photos and care recommendations you'll find below in the article.

Unusual handsome

Many children don't like onions, but rest assured, this kind of it will be to their taste. We are talking about Allium. He's got giant balls of flowers with purple flowers-crumbs on the stem height of 80-150 cmflowers with purple flowers

And with all this the Allium (giant onion) – this plant is easy to care for, and even long-term. It is unpretentious to the soil, but does not tolerate standing water, and in General copes well with drought. He needs sunlight in large quantities, but it is advisable to put this flower in closed, not windy areas.

The Only condition that puts the Allium – autumn planting. The bulb must be dug into the soil to a depth equal to its diameter four and leave between them a free space that is at least 20 cm If the soil is poor, it is necessary to fertilize.

Different varieties of Allium bloom at different times, but after flowering the foliage dies, so you should make sure that other plants are covered, and the bed was not empty.

Beautiful, fragrant and useful

Scrolling flowers with purple flowers, don't forget lavender. With it your site will appear not only a piece of the French Provence, but also a great source of raw materials for homemade pads and bags, which contribute to stress and falling asleep. If you put them in the closet, you not only acquire a subtle flavor, but you also get rid of the moth that does not like this plant.


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Lavender grows as a shrub with long legs, which are little flowers.branch of lilac

Reproduces by seed, which is very time-consuming, or layering. It can also happen in the sale in the form of adult plants in pots.

It Should be remembered that this heat-loving plant, so if you have a cool climate, it is best to keep it in pots and bring indoors during sharp drops in temperature.

The Main condition for the successful growth of lavender – it is Sunny and ventilated the area with light sandy soils that are well away moisture. However, watering it likes, as long as the water did not stay. Otherwise the plant may become a victim of fungal diseases.


This plant has color options weight: white, crimson, blue, and pink-purple flowers will show itself in all its glory in the late spring and summer. It grows well, has a pleasant aroma, suitable for the slice and attracts butterflies.purple flower names

Growing Phlox can be difficult only in hot regions with high humidity – then it is prone to attacks of powdery mildew.

In all other cases it is quite undemanding perennial plant.

Phlox likes Sunny areas, but can put up with light shading. The plant is easier to propagate by cuttings or layering, rather than to grow from seed. Requirements to the soil from different varieties can vary somewhat, but it definitely needs to be loose and leaking water well.

Phlox should be watered at least once a week, feed with compost in the spring, cover it with mulch, cut off the dead blossoms. For the winter should be cut to a height of 20 cm and cover.

Once in 2-3 years, the Phlox need to be divided.

Luxury Aquilegia

If you plant this plant in your area, then be prepared to delight the guests and the envy of neighbors and questions: “How is lilac a flower?” Because pass Aquilegia and not to see it impossible. The name comes from the Latin aquila-the eagle, because of the similarity slightly protruding petals with open wings of a bird.

pink purple flowersTo Propagate columbines can seeds: they are sown in mid-spring. But in this case, the plant will bloom only next year. If you are not satisfied, you can buy Aquilegia cuttings or already grown plants.

Interesting feature

Strangely enough, but on this exquisite looking flower belongs to samosejka, which is quite convenient, since the lifespan is short – 3-4 years, and the time when the old flowers begin to die, you will have finished a new change.

Aquilegia Blooms in late spring for about 4 weeks. To create more buds, the old is cut. With such care sometimes there is repeat flowering.what is the name lilac flower

Aquilegia likes the sunlight, but in the more hot regions in summer it can suffer from its excess, so it's best to plant it in light shade from trees. The soil is richly fertilized with compost when planting and then do not forget every month to feed the flower with water soluble fertilizer for plants.

Unpretentious and beautiful

If you are looking for effective and easy care flowers with purple flowers, irises. Their palette is very wide, it is not only a fiery red. And shades of lilac set. They bloom in early summer, there are varieties of re-blooming later. In some species a delicate, subtle flavor, and some are in the process of selection had almost lost him, but were larger and had an interesting with purple flowers

Irises need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day - the more the better. Their rhizomes should not be covered with earth, otherwise they can start to rot and is fatal to plants. For this reason, the soil should be light, with admixture of sand, and it is impossible to apply mulching to prevent moisture.

Irises – plants are self-sufficient, best feeling in plantings along with other dogs. However, don't forget to leave enough space between them, because they quickly grow, and you should be able to freely share the bushes as needed (every 3-4 years).

Irises Reproduce by rhizomes. Although they produce seeds, the cultivation of these plants is not recommended as it rarely allows to preserve the varietal characteristics. Planting planting material or dividing the Bush doing in August.

In winter the foliage should be with purple flowers

As you can see, not only branch of lilac boasts a delicate color and aroma, it has many other worthy competitors. Although it is better to say – companions, after all, do not limit yourself in beauty.


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