Benzonase "Lynx BTR-52": reviews, specifications and features


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Of Course, the hay in our time can be purchased already dried and collected into bales. But people holding any farm animals: rabbits, goats, cows etc, often still have to harvest it yourself. Such owners of personal plots, of course, you should definitely buy a powerful benzols. It is useful such a tool will be in regular summer resident. After all, to deal with the weeds in the yard or on the edges of the garden braid can be very difficult.

Models TRymarov the market today, there are many. For example, many owners of country plots and household plots are becoming benzonase "Lynx BTR-52". Reviews from users, this tool has earned a very good.

benzols lynx APC 52 reviews

Who makes

Supplies the market with these braids international Corporation Nikkey. This produces the manufacturer as garden equipment, and snow removal and construction. Benzonase “Lynx” from this company going in Belarus. The Central office of the Corporation is located in Scotland, in Edinburgh.

All supplied by the company Nikkey on the market products, according to consumers, is of sufficient quality. In any case, competing with the Chinese models, judging by the reviews, benzonase "Lynx BTR-52" may be very easy.

What is a model

Of Course, great reviews from owners of personal plots besakoa “Lynx BTR-52" deserved, primarily due to its excellent technical characteristics:

  • High power - 2300 W/ 3.1 HP.;

  • To a large enough volume of the fuel tank 1 L.

Weight benzonase “Lynx”, especially in comparison with electric models, is quite respectable — about 9 lbs. But is too a serious drawback of the owners of orchards and vegetable gardens is not considered. First, weigh “Lynx BTR-52" not more than many other available in the modern market model. And secondly, this benzonase is completed, as noted by the owners such equipment, quite convenient backpack hanger. To perform the work in garden or field, using this model easy even a woman.


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Reviews about the lawnmower and trimmer “Lynx APC-052” in terms of functionality

The advantages benzonase “Lynx BTR-52” many consumers include the fact that it is a universal tool. To perform the work with using fishing line and a knife. The abbreviation BTR in the model name stands for bingotime.

benzols lynx APC 52 reviews by results

In the work of the scythe, the owners of suburban areas feel very comfortable. No difficulty when mowing with a “Trot BTR-52” from its owners typically does not occur neither when using fishing line or use a knife. Due to the convenience of this benzonase primarily by its high power. Conventional electric trimmer in comparison with this model seems no more than child's play.

Consumer Opinion: a good scythe at work?

Scaffold included with this scythe comes very thick. And so model while using latest well takes even fairly thick grass. To work, Judging by the reviews, benzoxazol "Lynx BTR-52" Fishing line pretty convenient. But most often, the owners of country stations prefer to install it all knife. In the not-too quality benzothieno with soft grass this tool cannot cope and is suitable only for rough or bushes. In principle, therefore, the owners of such equipment and quite often use the line.

The Model is “Lynx BTR-52” of this lack is deprived. Her knife picks soft grass as well as rough. Therefore, it is too often to change the knife on the line the owners of this tool is not necessary. And this, in turn, of course, saves time.

Weeds braids this brand with mounted knives cut very easily. The same applies to shrubs. The consumers, of course, also refer to the great advantages of the model.

reviews of Rys APC 52

What else, according to consumers, braid has advantages

In Addition to high power and Universality, the advantages of this model “Lynx BTR-52” The owners of suburban areas consider:

  1. The simplicity of the design. Collect the scythe after the purchase of special work will not make.

  2. The Availability of convenient lever-type Bicycle. Along with the backpack suspension makes it work with this model as convenient as possible. In addition, arm PetrolBraids “Lynx BTR-52" OpinionS which is a good feature even so, equipped with a special gasket holes.

reviews about the mower and trimmer lynx APC 052

Also, I benzotrimmera the owners of HOMESTEAD farms think that it is very easy to start.

“Lynx BTR-52": negative reviews

Advantages of this model, therefore, there are many. But, like any other benzonase, she, of course, has certain disadvantages. For example, some users find that this model consumes too much fuel. Also trimmer petrol “Lynx” requires the use of high-quality and quite expensive oil.

Another minor disadvantage of this model “Lynx armored personnel carriers-62” consumers consider a big expense line. Spool this model, according to some owners of country houses, unfortunately, are generally structurally quite weak. Sometimes the line at this benzonase simply gets stuck inside.

brushcutters lynx APC 52 price reviews

What you need to know

The Big advantage of this tool in comparison with many other modern models, according to consumers, is that his knife is not afraid of “meeting” with the tree. This fact was noted many owners benzols "Lynx BTR-52". Feedback (on test results in practice in particular) about them from owners of country stations in this respect there is only good. As noted by the consumers, to behave “Lynx” in this case starts almost like a chainsaw. That is simply cut into the wood. Includes knife this tool into the wood very easily.

Such a feature of this trimmer consumers, of course, consider it a plus. However, performing the work of this tool, you need to keep in mind one important detail. A knife at a petrol trimmer “Lynx BTR-52” as the chainsaw runs in one direction. That is, when the mowing he does only one stroke. Braid returns back to idle. When working on the field this feature any inconvenience to the owner of the trimmer does not deliver. However, if KOs gets on the back of the tree, it will bounce. So to mow difficult areas, for example stumps, using this tool is still careful.

And, of course, like any other benzols, “Lynx BTR-52” should not be used in areas with scattered valves, pipes, etc. On metal cutting knives of this model, of course, not calculated. If he touches a rebar or pipe, it may break. And then the owner of the spit will have to buy a new one. To find accessories for model "a Bobcat 52" will be easy. But still the breakage of the knife will cause unwanted costs.

trimmer petrol lynx APC 52

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