What is the box, where it is applicable?


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Organization of electrical wiring – a troublesome and demanding. Electricity is not a joke, and such works trust the professionals. But when there was a special box for cable, the issue is simplified. Now there is no need to use special metal clips, and stowed the wire is not visible.

Box, the device

What is the box? This universal holder wires, hiding them inside. Visually, it is a straight line, with possible branches at 90 degrees. Boxes are made from polymers or metal. The basic requirements that apply to these elements:

  • Resistance to fire;
  • Aesthetic appeal;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Low cost.

Any item boxes, let the channel or area or allotment is made of two parts: the base and cover. The base is fastened with screws through the mounting holes to the bearing surface. It placed the wire. The cover is fixed on top by means of a special latch, covering the wiring. Channels produce mostly two meters long and rectangular in different sizes.

what box

Convenience and scope

What is the box? It provides:

  • Fast and inexpensive installation;
  • Safe installation of electricity in areas with flammable materials;
  • Easy access to current carrying and signal lines;
  • The ability to install ready finish without violations of the decorative layer;
  • Ease of reorganization of networks.

The Need to use ducts often caused by the installation of additional equipment in the premises or renew the whole building. Such equipment will include safety systems, CCTV, and burglar alarm as well as acoustics.


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duct cable

Features plastic channels

What is the box polymer? It is made of non-combustible polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The most common – grey and white shades, but there are colored, painted a wood structure. The channels are of the following types:

  • Wall for posting on walls and ceiling;
  • Floor;
  • Boxes-the floor. The baseboard provides a channel covering the decorative panel.

Plastic channels designed for internal use. For easy cable routing in some types of boxes provided by the separation section. Every single section can be laid wire a particular purpose. When laying wiring follow these rules:

  • Use a minimum of electrical connections within the channel;
  • Do not allow twisting of wires and stacking rings;
  • Leave an extra space for additional services;
  • Do not take more than 50% of the cross section to not overheat the cables;
  • Arrange the wiring in those places where there is a fast access channel;
  • Fixed in addition, the wiring in the plastic, especially on long straight sections, turning points and branching.

metal box

Current-carrying Metal boxes

What is the box metal? This is the kind of channel that uses both indoors and outdoors. Elements resistant to positive and negative temperatures and UV rays. Can serve both as a screen for the signal wires. The material of frame is steel or aluminum. Design is the base and the cover. Box metal meets fire safety standards. They can easily be grounded, which creates protection from breakouts.

In the market there are boxes in perforated and solid construction, they are corner joints and bends. Also has a wire metal trays, which have the lightest design. Wire in a metal box put:

  • In one row;
  • Multi-layered way;
  • Wiring harness;
  • Packages.

When organizing transactions in a metal box on the street in winter it is necessary to remember that the cables before laying should be warmed if the temperature is below 15 ºC. When the street is -40º, installation cannot proceed.

box under the subwoofer

Box speaker systems

Boxes of this type have nothing to do with the cabling. Simply put, the box under the subwoofer – a case where the installed woofer. The size and shape of the box is calculated according to the formula in accordance with the parameters of acoustics. A properly made subwoofer can give a rich deep bass. There are three kinds of boxes:

  • A Sealed design. Easy to manufacture and reliable body. Membrane dynamics in it is supported by the volume of the internal air. Due to this, the acoustics are less prone to wear and tear.
  • Bass Reflex system. Box is equipped with special ventilation channel through which get stronger bass at low power dynamic. Precisely manufactured housing gives a nice clean sound, but with all the positive things these boxes have a larger volume for a specific speaker compared to sealed.
  • Bandpass. Combining the above two systems. Device construction allows to obtain excellent bass. But the acoustic results inferior to other types of buildings.

Material for the manufacture of boxes traditionally serves as plywood or particleboard.


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