How outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit": step by step instructions


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A Refrigerator is an important appliance in every home. Sometimes you need to outweigh the door on it, to provide a convenient opening. Often this is due to the characteristics of the interior. How outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit"? The procedure involves performing multiple operations, but first you have to prepare everything you need for work.

Reasons for reinstalling doors

how outweigh the refrigerator door Indesit

Before you learn how outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit", you need to know why they do it. Work will be required in the following cases:

  • Inconvenient to use the door;
  • There is any instrument that does not meet the requirements of operation;
  • A personal desire to make your kitchen something new that will make the interior of originality.


Before work, you should read the manual that is included with the equipment. There usually is a description of the steps how outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit". When buying a door located on the right side, and therefore presents tips for hanging to the left.

how outweigh the refrigerator door Indesit

Inspect the device, find the cap, turning loop. Housing should be a special attachment. To start work it is necessary only after will understand the principle of operation.

What is required?

Outweigh the door of the refrigerator "Indesit" will succeed by:

  • Slotted and Phillips screwdriver;
  • Carob nut keys.

Remove door

Must be removed from the camera products, deactivate the appliance and let it thaw. It is required for the straightening of rubber seal to he found of normal shape, you need to control the door in its new position. In "Indesit" fastening is provided a rotary loop with some variations of the location of the hardware.


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How outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit" in order not to damage the equipment? To eliminate the used screwdriver. Remove decorative caps is done with a knife or using a flat screwdriver. Head bolts should have holes for the Phillips head screwdriver. In their absence, you should choose a wrench with the required parameters.

outweigh the refrigerator door Indesit instruction

First you need to take the false panels to access the wiring harnesses, which serve as the connection of display doors with automation. It is necessary to loosen the harness, so as not to damage the wires with the removal of the door. It is important to perform the separation of the panel display.

Then removed the handle and relax the lower fastening of the door, and then – the top. You need to remove the lower canopy and release the lower hinge. To remove the top canopy, it is necessary to raise her up. The product should be put in a safe place, then you should select the section of the fastening loops on the other side. Openings closed with decorative plugs or plates. Often require special parts, it all depends on what kind of refrigerator Indesit. Paranavitana doors need to perform on the basis of the user.

Installation of the door on the opposite side

You Need to install the hinges before outweigh the door of the refrigerator "Indesit". The manual includes the necessary rules to perform quality work. First removed the plugs, and the holes are fixed awnings. Do not immediately tighten the bolts tight, it may be necessary to adjust the position of the structure.

outweigh the refrigerator door Indesit

If there is a closure sensor, during operation, it is also necessary to outweigh, and this should take care of installing fasteners. When it is located in the center, the permutation is not required. The sensor can not be, because in some devices it is located inside the unit, under the skin. This applies to switch a light bulb: it often fastens on the inside, because of what the permutation is not required.

The batches must be alignment pins, so to install them in the new location will be very simple. But there are other examples – the pins located on the door that defines the sequence of actions. The canopies can be adjusted in height. You first need to install the lower hole, and then the top. They are fixed by bolts.

To Adjust the door needs by checking good adhesion of the sealer. How outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit" that everything was done firmly? For this level, but it is possible to compare visually. It is necessary to measure all parameters and adjust shortcomings. When the door paranavitana, the refrigerator must be tipped slightly back. After opening the door adjustment will be carried faster.

Changing the position of the handle

When the pen is part of the body, its reinstallation is not required. But how outweigh the refrigerator door "Indesit" if the handle has 2 parts? To do this, you will need to percepiti harness going to the display. At the top should be a hole that will be considered a stub. Disconnect the connector with the wires to extend the harness, fasten it.

how outweigh the refrigerator door, the Indesit tips

Removes the handle of a screwdriver, but for a new installation holes need plugged. You only need to remove the handle, end caps and attach them to the new location. The old sections should be hidden with plugs.

Advice to beginners

indesit refrigerator the doors paranavitana

The instructions for performing the work will help to understand how to outweigh the door on the fridge "Indesit". Tips will help you to do this work efficiently:

  • A refrigerator "Indesit" double chamber, and so you need reinstall both leaves, otherwise the equipment operation will be more difficult;
  • Better first to proceed to the refrigeration Department, and then to the freezer;
  • Technique no bottom holes, which will need to buy a left lower hinge, you can do the holes yourself;
  • When you display the installation of the door becomes more complicated: would require removal of the cable under the top loop;
  • The procedure will not solve the problem of the loose fitting door, as this indicates spoilage of the seal;
  • Self-adjust the seals of the door will require a deviation of the refrigerator adjusting feet;
  • After the renovation works should not include the equipment for about 8 hours, and then it is ready for operation;
  • If the appliance is under warranty, it is not necessary to independently intervene: such work can cause difficult damage;
  • In case of doubt in correctness of the work it is better to seek professional help.

If dried out old rubber, replace it by a new one and the problem is resolved. And then the advantage of the door is not required. It is sufficient to observe all the rules of instructions and hardware will work very long.


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