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The Quality of alcoholic beverages existing on the market today, often leaves much to be desired. This concerns both imported products and domestic. So many people today prefer to buy moonshine and prepare alcoholic beverages at home. Models of such equipment are many. Thus, according to the opinion of many lovers of homemade moonshine and wine, is one of the best is “Kickback Mashkovsky” to 12 litres, manufactured in Chelyabinsk.

General description

The name of this moonshine was named the Creator — the Director of the PTA city of Chelyabinsk. Engaged in the construction of this equipment is the head of the company for a long time and carefully. Its main goal was the manufacture of the apparatus is simple in design and easy to use, which you can use to produce the highest quality alcohol products. The authorship of personal development Mashkovsky confirmed by patent.

kickback Mashkovsky 12 l reviews

Machine "Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l) reviews deserve good, not only in domestic but also among foreign consumers. The reason for that is its original design and the ability to produce with his help, the highest quality homemade alcohol.

Comes Chelyabinsk plant in Europe special modification of the machine "Kickback Mashkovsky Exports" (12 l). Feedback foreign users positive still due to the low cost and ease of maintenance.

Design Features

Going moonshine Mashkovsky of the same components as any other equipment of this type. The only difference is that they have:

  • Wide neck tank. This allows owners of the device to care for him without any problems. Hand with a rag in the neck of 7 cm in diameter passes with ease. So washing machine and handle it with a special cleaning fluids after use is very easy.


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  • Two suchoparek. This is the sign, in the opinion of the owners of the device, at most and makes it stand out in a number of other equipment of this type. Are the steam drum in the apparatus vertically one above the other. The side attached to them refrigerator. On the top mounted thermometer.

  • Ergonomic handle made from wood. As noted by many owners of the machines "Kickback" this seemingly small addition makes the unit really easy. During distillation, alcohol distiller handles do not get hot. Therefore, if necessary the tank can be moved to any desired location, without fear of getting burned.

Moonshine “Kickback Mashkovsky Exports" (12 l) has almost the same configuration. The only refrigerator in such equipment fits into a more organic design that enhances usability. Also the export version equipped with a thermometer, mechanical and more modern electronic.

moonshine kickback Mashkovsky 12 l reviews

Of Course, if you want the export model can be purchased and domestic lovers of brewing. The more that pay in this case will have not too much.

Machine "Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l): customer feedback

In addition to the above, the owners of vehicles of this brand is attributed to their advantages of good maintainability. Design model "Kickback" 12 l is so simple that allows you to easily troubleshoot your own hands. For example, will not be easy to independently replace channels for the passage of distillate, and a regular thermometer or worn in the process of operation rubber gaskets. As noted by the owners of such devices, the only device within their design, which is problematic to fix it yourself, is the refrigerator.

Consumers about the shortcomings of the equipment

Of Course, has certain disadvantages machine "Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l). Feedback in General, of course, excellent. But some consumers say the fact that when operating this equipment too much noise. The next disadvantage of devices of this brand are considered to be frequent breakage of the thermometer and the difficulty in closing the tank (due to tight hands). In addition, some fans of homemade alcohol complain that in the distillation of moonshine cube sometimes vibrates.

kickback Mashkovsky 12 l instruction


Customers speak Well about this including because of the convenience of its Assembly. So, connect all components before the distillation can be just a few minutes. Going to moonshine “Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l) as follows:

  1. The Refrigerator is screwed to distillation capacity.

  2. One of the hoses connects to the faucet with cold water. It uses a special adapter.

  3. The Second hose is lowered into the sink.

Assembled thus the device is installed on the stove.


Used equipment of this brand as well as any other intended for distillation of moonshine.

  1. The New device definitely is washed. Then in it for 10 minutes distilled normal water.

  2. Further, the apparatus is filled with Braga. In the model of “Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l) cube you can safely fill almost "eyeballs".

  3. Cooker is switched on at full capacity.

  4. After the Braga starts boiling, the heat under the cube you can subtract.

  5. Under the outlet installed capacity for the reception of moonshine.

kickback Mashkovsky export 12 l reviews


Easy to use — perhaps the main reason why is so popular moonshine “Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l). The instruction on its application is really very simple. However, some nuances of the use of this equipment by its owners to know the costs.

For example, on the lower suchoparek of the device there is a special hose designed for removal of heavy fractions. To use this function is necessary, for example, in the distillation of moonshine from tangerines, peel which a lot.

Before loading the machine, some owners remove the top suchoparek. According to them, pour Braga so a little easier.

One hour moonshine “Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l), which reviews are positive and even for this reason, gives as much as 2 liters of vodka. Thus in case of need, the drink can be easily tamed. And right in the refining process. For this you just need to open the tank of the machine and to sleep there all the necessary ingredients: herbs, spices, etc.

Distill obtained using the equipment of this brand moonshine again not necessarily. After the first distillation from the machine goes completely cleaned from various harmful impurities drink. Receiver for moonshine if you use this machine you can also use any. The beverage flows from the outlet hole is very smooth, without any spikes.

 kickback Mashkovsky 12 l

Dimensions machine "Kickback" is pretty large. Therefore, after the distillation of intoxicating drink it is to take apart. Of course, before you lay this equipment on a place of storage, it should be thoroughly washed.

Additional equipment

What else do consumers say about this equipment? As the reviews praised it and for third-party devices in order to improve the quality of the finished drink. For example, if you want to the equipment of this brand, you can connect a rectifying junction with the filler. In this case, it will be possible to brew very high strength (almost pure alcohol). Really love such hot drinks not all. The fact that moonshine kicked distillation method, is absolutely devoid of any smell. However, it is always possible to add any natural flavors.

moonshine kickback Mashkovsky 12 l

In Addition, good moonshine “Kickback Mashkovsky" (12 l) reviews deserve and for the fact that it is easy to change mechanical to electronic thermometer.

Good moonshine recipe for the machine "Kickback”

How to use this popular equipment, we found out. Using the camera “Kickback Mashkovsky” can drive absolutely any moonshine. As noted by the owners of such equipment, in any case, the drink is very clean — not overpowering, but just relaxing. The next morning after drinking (of course within reasonable limits) kicked on this machine moonshine no headache and no nausea. There is only a slight hangover.

Recipes for home brew, including the machine "Kickback" there are many. For example, with this equipment you can make moonshine at the dried fruits. For this be needed...

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