Sewer audit: types, purpose and installation procedure


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When designing sewer systems it is necessary to consider all factors of its operation and maintenance. First of all – professional selection of materials and technological scheme of installation of pipelines. The most important part of the future system is the sewer audit, which is designed for effective removal of blockages.


During the operation of the sewer can cause blockage. Their reasons varied: ranging from the wrong slope of the pipe and finishing incorrectly selected diameter of the trunk. To remove it is necessary to first identify a place of formation and the largest concentration of debris. To accomplish this without special equipment it is possible, if parts of the sewer system installed revision.

sewer revision

It is an element of the highway, on the outer surface of which is located a viewing hole. An important parameter is the tightness of the cover – it should not cause indoor odor or the release of sewage at full load of the pipeline. In addition, you must abide by the rules of the pairing of the audit elements with other parts of the sewers.


From the installation site directly affect the continued operation of the entire system. To make a detailed project in which you specify the material of manufacture of the pipes, their diameter, the procedure for connecting horizontal and vertical lines. Along with these parameters indicate those areas where the necessary revision. Cleaning sewage is a complex process requiring conditions of its implementation. Therefore, the installation place is selected on the basis of the following conditions:


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  1. In areas with the highest likelihood of blockages.
  2. With free access to the hatch. Perform the wiping procedure should not prevent foreign objects or limited space.

Depending on the installation location there may be 2 kinds of sewage audit – for the inner and outer piping.

sewer pipe revision

Plumbing system

Most Often, blockages occur in pipes installed in the premises. This is because the nature of their arrangement: multiple angular bends and changes of diameter of the trunk in one area lead to the accumulation of garbage and artificial reduction of the pipe sections. Installed sewer audit will help to solve these problems.

There are certain rules of installation, following which you can ensure the normal functioning and maintenance of the internal sewer network:

  • For all vertical risers must be installed with revision of sewer 110 mm. If the building has several floors, it include the installation on each. Height is not regulated, but for ease of operation it should not be less than 150 cm from floor level.
  • Horizontal lines, the installation of the audit parts is necessary if distance from water intake points is more than 0.5 m.
  • A required installation on angular (swivel) parts of the pipeline.

Guided by these rules, you can ensure the safety of the Sewerage system.

revision cleaning sewage

External sewage system

For external piping necessary to apply the complex method of arrangement of the audit elements. According to the rules of installation, the line shall be located below the level of soil freezing. To ensure access to the audit mounted a special observation deck.

Their design protects tubing from the influence of weather conditions and debris. The number of such elements of the system is determined by its length. For areas with flat terrain the distance between the wells ranges from 8 to 10 m. If the landscape has hills, their number increases. Important is the choice of the appropriate model sewer audit – it must be designed for external loads of soil, not to be subjected to destruction due to exposure to low temperatures.

revision of sewer 110


In contrast to other elements of the pipeline, sewer revision may experience different mechanical loads. For pressure sewer systems is the internal pressure of the wastewater stream. If the system has a gravity flow design, this factor has virtually no effect on the inner surface.

However, it is worth considering other types of mechanical action. When the blockages hatch in the audit necessary for the penetration of a sewer cable. The principle of its impact on the tube is in translational motion, in which the blockage is destroyed. However, the housing of the cable inevitably puts pressure on the end portion of the hole of the audit. This is the most fragile design phase, under strong pressure, you may receive a chip or crack. In the future, when filling the pipe through these defects will receive an unpleasant odor or leak fluid.

Therefore, this part of the design needs to be thick-walled. This applies in particular to systems, domestic sewage, production material which is often PVC. Despite the fact that it can withstand the calculated pressures, it is a relatively brittle material. When exposed to kink it loses integrity, resulting in chipped. The optimum thickness of the pipe and inspection openings shall be not less than 2.2 mm.

revision for sewer pipes


The Package system must be performed according to a previously arranged project. But due to the fact that the audit for sewer pipes has a specific purpose, it must meet high requirements.

When choosing a particular model should consider the following factors:

  • Material production. It needs to be the same as in other elements of the highway. This is important when installing – will be difficult to obtain the tight connection of the audit cast-iron and plastic pipes.
  • Diameter. Throughput of this pipeline should not be less or more than others. Therefore, the inner section of the element has the same dimensions as the rest of the sewer pipe. The audit has no influence on the speed of passage of waste.
  • Cover Design. This item can be removable or fixed. Often used screw installation method of the protective cover. Fixed models are mounted to the hull with hinges. This design is much easier, since there is no likelihood of losing the cap.
  • Place of installation-indoor or outdoor drain.

Based on these criteria, you can choose the best design revision of the device that will meet all the requirements of the sewer system.


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