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The Most popular finishing material for wall decoration is the Wallpaper. Among them, many designers and builders emphasize vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis. This popularity is due to their numerous positive characteristics.


Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis consists of two components: paper and PVC. Paper is a versatile material that has a sufficient density for the formation of the stand base. Thus it is remarkably breathable and does not accumulate moisture.

Wallpaper room design

Polyvinyl chloride increases several times the value of each characteristic of cellulose. Due to the chemical component of the Wallpaper is more resistant to mechanical stress and sunlight. This type of finishing material is heavy Wallpaper that require special equipment pasting.


The Properties and characteristics of materials are determined by the feature of the production. Technology is unique and guarantees the quality of the product. The principle of the manufacture of vinyl Wallpaper consists of the following features:

  1. Prepared cellulose is placed on a special machine where vinyl will be applied.
  2. Using a special printer on the surface of the paper to apply the vinyl. The procedure is repeated several times to form several layers.
  3. On Top of the base vinyl figure, sometimes applied to decorative paint with the effect of mirroring, gloss.
  4. At the end of the canvas is covered with a thin layer of Wallpaper paste varnish. The tool protects the vinyl from fading and deformation.
  5. When the varnish dries, the Wallpaper is sent to the surface treatment with special means.

Tools for paper coating and processing have specific characteristics that make the surface of the material can be cleaned with a damp sponge. Wallpaper with high strength can even be washed.


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The Variety of the presented material

Variety of textures

Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis can be divided into several types, each of them has particular advantages and disadvantages.

The Most popular types:

  • Foamed vinyl. Is characterized by low resistance to mechanical stress, but breathes well. These Wallpapers are easy to glue.
  • Silkscreen printing. Vinyl are applied with a special machine that imprints a pattern on the substrate at high temperature. Imitate expensive textile Wallpaper, but compared them more affordable.
  • Smooth vinyl. Due to the stability and method of application of the base component a prepared canvas can simulate any building material. Used in areas with special functional focus.
  • Solid vinyl. Used in the decoration when you need to imitate leather, plaster, suede, textile. Highly resistant to any effects.

Each type differs in price and functionality. Selecting one of them is determined by the conditions of further operation of the room.

The Advantages of vinyl Wallpaper

The Advantages of vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis:

  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • A Variety of terrain and colors.
  • They are able to simulate any artificial and natural material.
  • Improve the noise.
  • Hide defects and irregularities of the walls.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can be used in almost any room.
  • High resistance to moisture, ability to withstand large mechanical forces.
  • Fabric has a high density and elasticity.
  • Almost do not fade and lose their appeal over time.

The advantages of this finishing material for the walls make it very popular among the designers.

Vinyl Wallpaper design space

The Obvious shortcomings of the finishing material

The material has its flaws, which is easy kompensiruet attractive.

Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis the disadvantages are the following:

  • Environmentally friendly vinyl Wallpaper for pulp painting is considered to be quite low compared to peers.
  • Low breathability of the walls and the material.
  • The Problematic installation of this type of Wallpaper.
  • For gluing it is advisable to seek the help of professionals.
  • Some time maintained an unpleasant odor.

When choosing a coating for walls is to take into account adverse factors. Especially if the repair is made in the nursery, the bedroom, the lounge or sleep.

The Ratio of cost and quality

Many options

In accordance with the quality and type of material is determined by the average cost. Due to the manufacturing technique, the price may be qualitatively different from that of other finishing materials of this type.

The Average price of vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis:

  • Simple Wallpaper of this type are in the range of 150 to 900 rubles per roll.
  • Foamed vinyl will be more expensive – price variesfrom 300 to 500 rubles per unit.
  • Silk-screen printing costs from 700 to 1500 rubles per roll.
  • Smooth and solid vinyl can cost in the range of from 1500 to 3500 rubles per unit.

The Price of envy in many respects from the manufacturer. Branded finishing materials can be inferior quality, but more expensive nerazrushaushsego counterpart.

Tools and materials

Before so as to glue vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis, you should prepare the necessary tools and materials:

  • A Few paintbrushes of different widths.
  • Broad bucket for cultivation of the Wallpaper adhesive.
  • Stick or shovel to stir the glue.
  • For measuring the required fabric pencil, measuring tape and a utility knife.
  • Glue for vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis must be quick-drying.

To prepare canvases before wrapping need to pick a surface. It should be smooth, clean, without patterns.

The Preparatory phase

First is to prepare the surface of the wall. It should not be the remnants of old Wallpaper, deep potholes. Preferably the wall under the Wallpaper is primed, and then treating them with anti-fungal solution.

Right, you need to prepare yourself Wallpaper before gluing:

  1. Cut the roll into strips of appropriate length.
  2. Lay all the strips on top of each other face down.
  3. When cutting is necessary to consider the coincidence of images on the strips and leave 10 inches of the stock length.
  4. Apply glue to the strip and leave at the time of the canvas to swell.

The Time of swelling and the method of cultivation adhesive is specified individually for each type of vinyl Wallpaper.

Rules of gluing

Before so as to glue vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis, you need to read the rules work. Characteristics of this material require a special approach to the process of gluing. It is worth considering that the lubrication cloths paper fibers swell. After drying, on the contrary, shrink. Therefore, beginners often have problems with joints after pasting the walls.

installation Method

In the room where the repair is made, there should be no drafts. Temperature regime must be observed for the time until the adhesive is dry.

How to glue vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis:

  1. Apply glue to the strip and wait until the canvas swell.
  2. The Pasting is done from the far corner of the room.
  3. Attach the strip to the wall and leveled with a smooth roller.
  4. Using a plastic trowel to get the air out from under the Wallpaper. Thus it is necessary to trowel to move from the center of the strip to the edges.
  5. Speaking on the front side of the strips, the glue should immediately wipe.
  6. The Next stripe need to apply butt to the first. Gluing the overlap is eliminated. Further the process is repeated as with the first strip.

The gaps between the strips, after drying, are formed, if you overdo it with the time allotted for the swelling of the leaf. Other features regarding installation are usually specified in the instructions attached to the coil. Basically additional terms of the pasting point in relation to particular kinds of material.

The dismantling of the finishing material

In the process of preparing walls for repair often have problems with removing the old vinyl Wallpaper on cellulose basis. To simplify this procedure, you should remember a few simple rules.

First, you need to define the main characteristic of this type of material. They are usually divided into two types: resistant to mechanical damage or moisture. Secondly, choose a method of removal, given the weaknesses of the product.

How to remove vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis without difficulty:

  • First you need to damage the top layer of the Wallpaper using a roller with spikes. The laminate will not allow to touch the surface of the wall. Be replaced by a special roller, you can brush with metal bristles. Using the spray bottle to moisten the working area with water. In liquid it's better to add a little shampoo or liquid soap to quickly dissolve the Wallpaper glue. When the paper gets wet, you can remove chunks of material from the bottom up.
  • First carry out the perforation of the top layer of the old coating and then apply steam. For steaming you can use a hair dryer, steamer, iron with a wet cloth. Wallpaper glue expands during heating process and easily detaches from the wall surface. In this situation, the direction of removing the Wallpaper from the bottom up.
  • You Can use the first method with some addition. The liquid is a soap solution, add a little ordinary Wallpaper paste. The surface is moistened with a cloth and leave for three hours. After embossing the canvas is removed in whole strips from the bottom up.
  • Drywall With vinyl Wallpaper removed in the same way as a normal wall. First the punching, then the wetting, and later the cleansing. The only caveat is the minimum wetting to avoid damage to the drywall.
Easy Wallpaper removal

In the process of dismantling did not have any problems is when pasting to comply with all rules of work: the use of special glue, pre-coated surface of the walls.


Vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis reviews have varied. Someface problems in the process of pasting the walls. Other received a poor result from a discrepancy of seams between the strips after drying. Those who loves all natural and environmentally safe, have a negative attitude to this type of finishing material.

If you follow the rules regarding care, installation and dismantling, the vinyl Wallpaper will not cause you problems. Many are satisfied with the design, prominence, their appearance. Due to this diversity you can decorate almost any room.

Practical people rely on long term use, because the material is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage, exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Recommendations designers

Depending on the functional characteristics of the room designers offer their own ways of decorating the walls with vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis. Recently used a method of zoning space when almost every wall is finished with different material.

The same applies to gluing the vinyl Wallpaper on a paper basis. Using this type of material decorated with niches in the walls that form the tapestry, hang area with high humidity.

Design decision

In the rooms where the person spends most of the time or resting, designers recommend to use a minimum amount of finishing material with the presence of vinyl spray. Vinyl prevents normal air circulation – it may have a negative impact on the health of the residents of the apartment.

In the kitchen, the bathroom and the hallway to exclusively use vinyl Wallpaper. Of them create panels, columns, arches, certain areas and work. A variety of textures, textures and rich palette of colors allows to use Wallpaper in the design of any interior.

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