Engines for power tillers: overview, device features and reviews


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The Owners of rural and suburban areas long abandoned manual labour and shifted all work related to the cultivation of the land on the tillers. This small self-propelled tractor able to easily cope with most agricultural operations. The main thing is to provide its powerful and reliable powerplant.

engines for walking tractors

Most owners are so wonderful assistants choose engines. For tillers they are the best, as it is safer, cheaper, quieter and easier diesel counterparts, and their repair can handle any experienced driver. With this motor your cultivator will last more than one season. It remains only to choose the best option from all offered on the market.

Native to Asia

Our countrymen, equipping your walk-behind tractor, the preference in favor of the Asian manufacturers, mainly from Japan and China. Japanese engineering is known worldwide for their reliability and durability. But for such a high quality you have to pay a lot, sometimes that is impractical.

The Chinese engines for walking tractors, according to General opinion, can not boast of quality, but their cost is much lower, and for the shipment of the goods will have to pay less than shipping from the Country of the rising sun.

Anyway, citizens prefer to choose Asian technique, focusing on your own goals and objectives. While preference is given to the following manufacturers:

  • Honda, Subaru – Japanese giants of the engineering industry, which are famous all over the world;
  • Dinking, LIFAN, Lianlong – manufacturers from China whose engines deserve the same attention.

The Engines manufacturers are considered advanced, and professionals as well as ordinary users, it is recommended to purchase them. But which engine to choose?


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Honda Engines

Japanese engines for Honda tillers conform to world standards and are among the most popular in the world.

adjusting gasoline engine motoblock

The company Annually produces about 4 million copies a volume from 1.25 to 25.00 cm3. The power of the engines is within a 6 HP, the Russians propose models of four series:

  • GX-a line of General purpose motors are designed for long and continuous operation;
  • GP – engines for solving routine household tasks;
  • GC – versatile installation, multi-purpose;
  • IGX-professional units equipped with electronics, designed for the cultivation of heavy soils.

Models are high capacity combined with most types of garden equipment. One - and two-cylinder engines for walking tractors are equipped with air cooling system have vertical or horizontal shaft arrangement, can be supplied with the reducer.

The Motors from Honda are suitable for installation not only on the tillers, but also on the cultivators, pumps, generators, lawn mowers and other equipment. Moreover, the assurances of buyers, with all types of equipment engines run properly and do not conflict.

Subaru Engines

Japanese engines Subaru made on modern technologies in compliance with global standards. For the hardworking truckers Corporation has prepared 3 series petrol power units – EY, EN and EX. All the representatives of the four-stroke. Copies of the first two lines differ only in the position of the valves. In models EY, they are located on the side and in YONG – on top.

You are looking for quality diesel engines for tillers? The price for you doesn't matter? Purchase units series EX. adjusting the valves of a gasoline engine walk-behindThey have absorbed all the new technology equipped with an air cooling system, have the tilt cylinders overhead valve and actuator, universal. To pay for them will have from 19 up to 30-35 thousand rubles. But the customer reviews confirm that their price is comparable with quality.

Royal motors – Dinking

The Engines of Dinking can compete with many Japanese and European units. The combination of reliability and typical of Chinese products low cost make the power plant demanded in the market. petrol engines for power tillers price

All units are Dinking – four-stroke single-cylinder engines with overhead valves. Layout scheme provides a compact and high power with low fuel consumption.

The air cooling System and a few envelope filters, which protect from dust and dust, make the units durable. In the lineup presented installation with a capacity from 5.5 to 11.0 HP So if you are looking for gasoline engine 9 HP tillers, then choose exactly Dinking. The only thing complain the owners of the motors from this manufacturer is the frequent replacement of the filter elements and the rapid clogging of filters.

Advanced “Chinese” – Lifan

The Vast majority of Russians agreed that the most accessible and at the same time high quality Japanese analog engine is a Lifan products.

China – Chinese dynamic company that actively implements in its products the latest achievements. gasoline engine for tillers lifan

Model range of petrol engines is represented exclusively by four-stroke single-cylinder specimens. The most common model with double flap actuator, however, there are setup with four valves. These units are generally more powerful and efficient.

The Gasoline engine to motoblock is equipped with only Lifan air cooling system. Models can have a manual starting system or start using the electric starter. The capacity of the units varies from 2 to 13 HP.

Lianlong – quality guarantee

Lianlong – a Chinese manufacturer of engines for walking tractors, which certifies its products in accordance with European quality standards. In addition, the plant is a constant by orders of the Chinese defense industry. And if you want to buy a really quality unit, you should look to the products of this company. gasoline engine with 9 l of tillers

In the development of instances attended by Japanese engineers, so quality and reliability is present everywhere. Fuel tanks with a hermetic seal does not allow to erode fuel, cast-iron cylinder liners enhance the engine, adjusting the carb screws allow you to pick the optimum capacity for work.

Due to the simple design adjustment of the gasoline engine motoblock reduced to a few simple actions. All this combined with affordable price makes the motors Lianlong popular among buyers.

At home among strangers - Briggs&Stratton

Briggs&Stratton – company from USA, which manufactures gasoline engines for years. Its products are high quality, reliable and can easily withstand competition with the Japanese specimens. Trouble-free operation, easy start system and setup – the main advantages of the model of the American manufacturer. engines for walking tractors

The Average user should be interested in the motor series I/C®. These robust units with low fuel consumption and high performance are universal-suitable for installation on walk-behind tractor, tiller, generator and other gardening equipment. At a relatively low price, this advantage makes the engines preferred for selection.

Model series Vanguard™ recommended for owners of large plots. These instances belong to the class of professional specialists who meet the high requirements of European standards, causing minimal harm to the environment. For reviews of farmers, they work quietly and with minimal vibration.

Focus on your tasks

Choosing the engine for tillers, first decide what tasks it will perform itself and which loads. By answering these questions, you will be easier to solve, the motor amperage you need.

Finally stop the instance that is more powerful than your calculations by 10-12%. This will prolong its life. Also in this case, you do not need the frequent adjustment of the valves of the tillers. Petrol engine, matched to suit your goals and objectives will serve long and reliably.


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