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The Installation of ventilation systems is performed after the evaluation of the operational parameters of the room. The most stringent requirements for this infrastructure are presented in the cases of technical areas including boiler. In addition, the need for stable and moderate updates of the air environment also extends to bathrooms and kitchens. In this respect, particular importance is the gas ventilation in a private house, which may cover several areas. Depending on the conditions of use of the gas equipment is chosen and the corresponding design of the air outlet.

venting gas


Manufacturers of gas equipment typically recommend less equipment to install in the same room with such units. However, the need to ensure an adequate level of updating of the air environment is forcing many homeowners to use the intake valves. Strictly speaking, a ventilation gas forced type, but in terms of the intensity of the discharge streams it is less effective than the traditional representatives of the systems in this class. We are talking about models of valves with adjustable bandwidth.

The User can specify the parameters for the operation of such devices with the emphasis on the operation of the cooker or boiler. With regard to the installation of valves, they are usually placed at two-meter height relative to the floor. Also, the ventilation gas in the form of valves should not be placed in Windows, as the interference with the openings in most cases adversely affects the insulating properties of the premises.


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ventilation for a gas boiler


Not long ago, natural ventilation was the only method of ventilation in technical rooms. Again, in accordance with the regulations, to use the equipment for forced discharge of the air streams is not recommended. In modern buildings, which are of high sealing level, natural ventilation can not cope. This does not mean that it is necessary to use additional supply and delivery of tools, but the ventilation for the gas boiler, for example, have to be improved by air duct shafts. Allowed and the combination of channels, from technical rooms with hallways leading from bathrooms and kitchens. Importantly, to ensure the enough intensity of natural air exchange.

gas ventilation in a private house

Combined ventilation

The best solution for homes with sealed openings may become supply-and-exhaust ventilation unit. It is quite a complicated technical tool, but it is indispensable, if the function of natural ventilation can't circulate in the right amount. Thus, the unit of this type consists of exhaust and supply fans, heaters, filters and plate type heat exchanger. The advantage of this system is the function of temperature regulation of incoming air. Indeed, the combined gas ventilation provides a flow of the main air masses. The user can rely on the broad monitoring capabilities of the equipment, as modern air handling units are equipped with electronic control systems.

Ventilation in the boiler room

ventilation gas boiler

A Room intended to equip a gas boiler, should be supplied and of exhaust and intake systems. Another thing is that they can be presented or the above-mentioned single unit, or separate communications. Again, equipment for forced ventilation should be avoided – in pure form it is not allowed to install in such premises. In the design process should carry out the calculation for both systems. Thus, ventilation of a gas boiler should ensure a three-fold complete air exchange per hour. In turn, the supply channels along with the volume of extraction must separately consider the intake air consumed in the combustion gas. It is important to remember about one particular supply boiler ventilation equipment. As the gas aggregates there is always the danger of explosions and fires, the local communication must have special protection in the form of isolation.

Features ventilation in the kitchen

Individual requirements also apply to the ventilation systems in the kitchen. Primarily for areas where there is a gas stove, it is possible to provide the inlet valve with the ability to adjust the volume of passing flow. If the kitchen has a gas boiler, we can restrict to the same valve, but with no control of bandwidth. The same recommendation applies to premises at which there is a coal furnace. It should be noted that the ventilation of the kitchen with a gas stove is largely determined by the area of the premises, as well as connections to other rooms. For example, when the condition of effective interaction of natural kitchen ventilation with other channels need to supply the valves can and do fall away.

kitchen ventilation with a gas hob


The basic Principles of gas ventilation is largely similar to other areas. But there are some features. First and foremost, they are expressed in increasing intensity upgrade of the air and the volume of inflow. In addition, each case is individual calculation of bandwidth from the point of view of replenishment of the ratio of the fence. Another feature which characterized the ventilation gas is the restrictions on the use of forced air systems provide. On the one hand, such a requirement is logical and dictated by safety standards, but on the other, it forces homeowners to look for more complex solutions to the problem of ventilation. In most cases, save the situation of intermediate options involving the use of intake valves.


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