How to plant strawberries in the spring? The scheme of planting strawberries. Where to plant strawberries


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Strawberry-berry is a favorite of adults and children, and she was pleased with its taste and aroma as long as possible, you should know how to plant strawberries in the spring, what kind of a place for her to choose what to fertilize and how much to irrigate.

How to plant strawberries in the spring

The Choice of site and soil for growing strawberries

For abundant growth and fruiting strawberries are best planted in the Chernozem areas, on dark gray forest soil, sandy and loamy soil on low slopes of the South-West side. Slower growth of strawberry and a lower yield was observed when planting berries on sod-podzolic soil, clay and light-gray soils in the lowlands. The acidity of the land suitable for planting should be at the level of 5-6,5 pH, the groundwater level must be at least 60 cm, and the soil temperature at a depth of 15-20 cm in winter should not fall below -8°C.

How to plant strawberries in the spring and the precursors create the most favorable conditions in soil for growth? Well, if strawberries in the area was growing cereals, less preferred precursors of the family Solanaceae. You should also know that the strawberry bushes cannot be planted in the same place where she grew up before that. To plant strawberries in the same spot only after 2-3 years, so the soil has time to be rich in mineral elements required for proper growth, flowering and ripening of berries.

How to plant strawberries in the spring and fall

Seedling strawberry bushes it is preferable to plant in early spring or early autumn. Autumn planting is carried out between 10 August and 25 September. Before boarding be sure you need to moisten the ground. Protracted and later planting a plant will lead to a significant reduction in the yield of berry bushes. There is a perception that strawberries can be planted in summer, from July to August, the two-row method of planting. However this is the exception rather than the rule, because in the southern part of Russia and Ukraine in the period summer-fall observed low rainfall, and temperature of soil and air increases so that no action of moisture and shading will not give the desired result. In this case, there is a great risk of wilting and death of plants.


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Where to plant strawberries

The Necessary steps before planting strawberries

A few days before planting seedlings should be placed in a cool place. To prevent drying and allow easier survival rate of plants just before planting his roots obmenivaetsya in clay mash. To plant the seedlings need moist soil, it is important during the work container with the young seedlings to protect from direct sunlight. The root system of planted shrubbery should be 7-10 cm in length, if it is greater, then it can be cut to the required size. If after landing there is the probability of occurrence of cold weather, then the seedlings need to cover the film.

How to plant strawberries in the spring? You need to follow some features:

  • To Weed the strawberry should be carefully enough, as different weeds may hinder its growth and flowering.
  • Before planting, it is advisable to disinfect the soil of the relevant compounds.
  • The Patch, which before it was cultivated plants of the family Solanaceae, are not suitable for the growth of strawberries.
  • Mustache strawberries should be planted in moist soil, previously having kept them in water containers.
  • On peat and sandy soil is best rooted rosette plants.
  • When planning planting strawberries in early spring to prepare the soil, be at the end of the summer.

The Rules for how to plant strawberries, the photo below clearly shows.

How to plant strawberries: photo

Soil Care after planting

To prevent rapid dehydration of the soil and crust in place of watering the plants should fill the earth or humus. If the soil after planting seems compacted, it needs to be loosen, this is done so that the roots and the plants receive enough moisture, nutrients and oxygen. During prolonged dry weather, water the plants need quite often, even several times a day.

Select seedlings

A good Root collar of seedlings should be in diameter not more than 6 mm, and the processes of the roots is to be no more than 7 mm. Seedling bushes must have 3-5 leaflets, rich and elastic roots white. The selected seedlings should be placed in the soil if this is impossible, then its worth remains moist and loose soil and place in a dark place, a cool cellar or basement. As such, the strawberry bushes can be stored for several days.

What to plant near strawberries

Soil Preparation for planting

The Strawberry Bush and berries - perfect treat for strawberry nematode, wireworm, Colorado potato beetle and many other pests, so before planting it is best to test the soil in their presence. If found a large number of larvae, then the area must be planted lupine alkaloid, also in order to clean and prevent the earth can handle ammonia water.


The Quantity and quality of strawberry fruits depends largely on the numberthe incoming moisture. So, during hot weather and prolonged dry period, the plant should be watered 1-2 times a day. Watering should be done in moderation, in small amounts, otherwise large quantities of water will lead to rotting of the berries, the emergence of diseases and pests.

  • Before flowering seedlings must be watered with the sprinkling.
  • During the flowering period the plant is watered at the root, it should be possible to eliminate the moisture on the leaves, flowers and berries.
  • Optimum temperature of water for irrigation +16OC.
  • In the rainy season the ridges need to cover with plastic wrap.

Film constructions for growing strawberries

For early spring planting plants is an important question: how to plant strawberries under the film? Such a shelter gives the plants an easier development and earlier maturation. This method is very effective when growing the early varieties of strawberries. Film tunnels - this is the most easily constructed shelter. For this you need to install a wire arc at a distance from each other by 1 m. the Building should have a height of about two feet. Secure the film over arcs, so it does not SAG, apply jute twine. For ease of earthworks in the plastic tunnel to one side you need to fix, on the other hand to attach the rail. Film end of the greenhouse, gather and tie in a knot, attach to pegs, which are then kopite in the ground.

How to plant strawberries under the foil

Care for strawberries in plastic cover

To control the temperature inside you should place the thermometer. If the indicators rise above +25OC, then the greenhouse need to open up and ventilate. In good Sunny weather during the flowering shrub, the film can be rented for 1 day. At the time of harvest, the film is completely removed.

In the summer, berry watered 1 time a week, certainly in early morning before the heat, and certainly with warm water. Periodically we need to weed beds, to monitor the health of the plants, time to exterminate the pests.

In autumn season strawberries should cover fallen leaves, twigs, straw. If such material is to shelter on the plot is missing, the bushes can be Spud, not prisypaya growth point. At the same time, we need to make fertilizer from a mixture of peat with compost.

How to grow strawberries from seed?

The strawberry seeds can give good results, but only with the individual cultivars. Hybrid varieties are definitely not suitable for this.

You will need a container with a depth of 10 cm, it should be 5 cm to fill the special soil for seedlings and carefully watered. Place the seeds at an equal distance from each other and cover the clear glass, to pour the soil on top of seeds is not required. The box with soil and seeds should be placed in a warm place, with the appearance of the first shoots rearrange it in the most lit place and remove the glass. After the first leaves have to hold the pick in individual pots and add a special fertilizer for strawberries every two weeks. When the seedlings grow to the optimal size, it can be planted in open country a ground. Be careful and carefully choose where to plant strawberries. When landing you need to stick to some rules:

  • Plant the plant should be shallow.
  • The Terminal Bud to fall asleep is impossible.
  • Too shallowly planted strawberries can expose their roots and be ill.

strawberry seeds

Strawberry Seeds: how to collect them?

For a successful growing strawberries from seed should be used only the large berries, which are collected in the period July-August. A thin surface layer of the berries you need to carefully remove, with a razor blade, RUB it into the fabric. The resulting material is dried in the sun, to analyze the seeds and put in a paper bag. Before planting you need to store them at room temperature.

For the cultivation of strawberry seedlings from seed is preferable to choose the following classes: “Sakhalin”, “gourmet”, “Bogota”, “motofavorits” and others. In order to enjoy the berries longer, you can work together to grow seedlings early and later strawberries.

What to plant next to strawberries?

To create the most favorable conditions for the growth of strawberries next to it you can put some useful crops, such as parsley, spinach or Bush beans. To deter slugs is highly effective planting parsley in between the rows of strawberries. Berry can also exist together with beets, turnips, radishes, onions, lettuce, cabbage or garlic. Sage and borage are less useful for strawberries. Covering the soil with pine and fir needles will be highly beneficial for the taste of the fruit.

Strawberry string method

The Scheme of planting strawberries is pretty easy. Perfect for the landing will be wet and cloudy weather. Methods of distribution of seedlings in soil can be different: two-row, two-row beds or single. The best is planting two-row. At what distance to plant the strawberries – the most common question novice growers. It should be distributed at a distance of 15-20 cm, while the distance between rows should be between 60 to 70 cm between lines and 30 cm In the single-line method, observed the same proportions, with oneonly difference is that line there's only one. The beds should be placed from North to South.

the Scheme of planting strawberries

In recent years, experienced gardeners and gardeners to protect their plants, increasingly began to apply the materials were lutrasil or roofing. In the process, the material of bore holes at a distance from each other of 25-30 cm and planted strawberry bushes. The hole can be done round-pointed shovel, and seedlings should be located not too deep in the soil and too superficial, otherwise you will not survive.

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