Obschedomovye counters of the accounting of public resources


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Obschedomovye counters of water, heat and electricity are instruments that take into account the utility of resources available to the whole house in General.

obschedomovye counters

At the same time, according to the housing legislation of the Russian Federation, the device belong equally to all residents in the apartment house type people. Their cost, and the cost of the work required for their installation and maintenance should be distributed among all.

The Entire volume of water, heat and electricity, which come to the house paid his tenants according to the readings, which represent common building meters. In the case of electricity this number is then divided into individual consumption and communal metering consumption, which necessarily have to pay all the inhabitants of the house. It includes the energy used for lighting staircases, lifts, basements, attics, as well as required for the intercom and outdoor lighting systems. Metering devices are those devices that allow you to accurately determine the amount of electrical energy supplied to the house, and correctly calculate the magnitude of the needs of all apartment buildings upon consumption.

communal and household water metersHouse water meters record the consumption of water is not separate to the apartments, but everywhere in the house. They don't show you exactly where using less or more water. However, these devices take into account all the leaks are in the house, including in the systems of water pipes in the basement. Practice shows that the installation of all-house meters of water allows to cut expenses on utility bills by approximately one third. This is due to the control over the flow of water and other indicators of supply.

installation common partsCounter flow heat installed in the house, help customers effectively control the heat and not to overpay for this one of the most expensive resources. To install such devices, the tenants can seek assistance of any specialized company, and can wait the necessary work would be carried out by employees of the heat supply organization. Installation of such equipment and its maintenance is definitely an expensive event, but in the end, it contributes to cost optimization and savings in material resources.

We should also stress that, starting from 2012 in Russia came into force a law according to which obschedomovye counters must be purchased for all apartment buildings. To date, the failure of this decree do not entail any penalties, but from 2014 will begin a gradual tariff increase for all those who have not bought this equipment. This is another good reason to buy and install a house-wide meters metering water, heat and electricity.

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