How to paint a fence? What paint to choose?


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The Inhabitants of city apartments do not understand the aspirations of the owners of private houses and cottages. Even their problems are often different. With the onset of spring, the inhabitants of apartment buildings are starting to look for vouchers to the sea, while the eyes of those who live on their land, a view shabby after the winter period site. The prospect of renovation, which opens after the snow melts, to put it mildly was not happy, but what to do, you need to get your estate in order.

And the first thing it is advisable to paint the fence. He is the face of your home that is constantly turned to his guests and passers-by. Today we will talk about what technologies exist today, what materials to choose to please you for years to come.paint the fence

Wooden fence

Often choose this option. It is most easy to process, affordable, but not too durable. Paint the fence, made of wood, on the one hand there is no difficulty. On the other, a porous surface with a natural structure, makes any surface a matte and uneven. To achieve the perfect look, you need to follow some rules, which we now will talk. Paint the fence is possible and simple enamel in one or two layers, but after a month she starts to move away from the base, and appearance will deteriorate again.

Choosing the materials

Again we started with a wooden fence, consider first the example and then we will move on to other options. So, we need to paint the fence so that he long lost the original. This will need to go to the store and ask the consultant which material best meets our requirements. We need to paint:


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  • Was weatherproof.
  • Not susceptible to mechanical influences.
  • Evenly distributed on the surface, that is economical.
  • Was harmless.

how to paint a fence

The Underground

The Wooden parts of the fence will sink into the soil, which contributes to their rapid destruction. Therefore, before installing you should paint the fence paint on a bitumen basis. Just the part that will go under the ground. This will give the wood water repellent properties and extend the life. By the way, experts advise not to dwell on it. Best of all, if the main part will be painted before installation. This will allow her to perform on a better level.

Variety of options

Arriving at the store, you can deal with the fact that the counter is not too well-versed with the materials specialist. So you have to be prepared. Let's enumerate the most popular types of paint:

  • Enamel – indeed, a wooden structure can easily cover it in several layers. The cost is low, is sold everywhere. In addition, the enamel forms a protective film which protects from negative influences of various kinds. But there are downsides. Answering the question, what kind of paint to paint the fence, you need to remember and that we want to keep the result for a long time. Enamel is extremely sensitive to UV and temperature extremes. It will take quite some time, and the fence will lose its appearance and covered with cracks. They will begin to get water and soon the fence will have to change.
  • Modern, multi-component dye – if you do not have a large experience in the repair, feel free to consider these options. In addition to beautiful appearance, multi-component paints are resistant to weather and wear resistance. Whether these formulations are the disadvantages? Of course. They are very toxic and expensive.
  • Acrylic dyes, water-based – this is the best option all of which exist on the market today. So if you are seriously thinking how to paint the fence, pay attention to this option. Acrylic dyes can easily compete with the most expensive, multi-component compositions. The advantage is weathering resistance, long life and resistance to moisture. It long retains its original color, so even later you will not need to remove the entire layer of old paint. Enough on top to cover the fresh layer.

how to paint a concrete fence

Preparation for painting

When deciding, how to paint a wooden fence for a long time, it is good to remember the need for surface preparation. Experts recommend to first calculate the area of the fence and to purchase the required amount of paint in the midst of works had to run to the store in search of the same color.

And now we start preparing the fence for painting. With the help of emery sandpaper you want to create a perfectly smooth surface. This will allow you to save materials and ensure uniform color distribution. The sanding process goes in several steps:

  • First you need to clean the surface from the protruding portions, dirt and stains.
  • The Cracks and potholes can be ignored, but it is not the best way affect the appearance of the finished fence. They must be treated with primer, and then putty. It remains to wait until the composition is completely dry.
  • Repeatsanding and apply another layer of putty.

So how to paint a picket fence can wholly or partly, then you need to assess the volume of work. If you are going to correct one small area, it is easier to use a brush. To reduce the time-consuming suitable cushion, and if you want to apply as smooth a coat of paint, then take the atomizer.

The plan

Now let's turn our attention to how correctly to paint the fence, to make the job as efficient as possible. As we already said, you need to set every timber on the stand and carefully treated it with antiseptic. It is important not to miss the end parts so as to protect the wood from rotting and other problems.

Best to stick to exercise techniques brushes from top to bottom to prevent its contact with earth and grass. Initially two coats should be applied primer alkyd-acrylic composition, and then also put the paint. This ensures the most durable coating. Primer deeply nourishes the tree structure, and the paint works well with it. As a result, competently put the coverage may last up to 15 years without losing the original luster.what kind of paint to paint the fence

Attractive gloss

No matter How good the paint is, they will never give such a gloss as varnish. So if you want the facade looked like a toy, you will need to do more varnishing. The range of materials over a variety. Alkyd polyurethane dispersion, which only in the shops there. But the undoubted leaders are acrylic water-based varnishes. It is best to leave the application of the coating to the autumn, when the sun is not so bright, but cold is still far. Must apply varnish a thin layer with a brush with natural bristles. The day part will dry, after which you can begin applying the second layer.

If the concrete fence

It would Seem that this design can stand for centuries, why should it be painted. For starters, concrete is ugly, grey and rough structure. At the same time to decorate it very easy enough to cover with paint. The second point, concrete has a porous structure. Through the pores it gets wet. The surface tends to soak up mud and dust. Therefore, staining is not only important from an aesthetic point of view. It will protect against moisture and create a protective film.what colors to paint the fence

Choosing paint

And now let's more in detail talk about how to paint a concrete fence. And we start again with the selection of the composition. Pay attention to the special, exterior colors. They are quite resistant, very repel moisture and is resistant to fading in the sun. Thus, for concrete of the following types:

  • Acrylic paint – a great option at an affordable price and durability. It gives it a leader among the finishing materials for concrete.
  • Water-epoxy. It combines the properties of paint and primer. The main drawback-a high price and high consumption.
  • Polymer paint – is not used very often, it can help to work on the street even in winter.

And again about the primer

It is necessary, if you are looking for a way to paint the fence beautifully. Photo allows you to appreciate the flawless, glossy Shine, which gives this technique. Primer fills the pores and evens the surface, which reduces the consumption of the material several times. In addition, the paint and primer well interact with each other, this avoids peeling last for many years. In addition, such a move will protect the fence from mold and bacteria. how to paint a fence beautiful photo

Painting Technique

Usually need to wait at least a year since the installation of the fence, so he had to shrink. But the treatment with antiseptics can begin a month after your design has taken its place. For applying primer and paint you can take a brush with artificial bristles. It is used in areas that require very careful application.

For a large area of fur will need a roller and tray of paint. Even easier is to use a spray gun, it will spray the part evenly. In addition, take your measuring tape and level, let them be always at hand. Masking tape will protect the surface on which the paint should not go. The ladder will be a good helper, if the fence is high. For the first layer, need from 12 to 24 hours. Only then can you apply a second coat.

Metal fence

The First task in this case – protection from corrosion and rust. Special attention should be paid to those places which include fragments of rust and chips. Then scuff with sandpaper and you are ready for the preliminary coating of the fence. The first will be applied grease layer. The second layer is applied primer, followed by two painting. Before you apply the next one, need to make sure the previous one is completely to paint a wooden fence for a long time


The Technique we reviewed, it remains to decide what colors to paint the fence. It must be in harmony with the facade of the building, as well asthe overall theme of outbuildings. Looks very well green and blue fence, these colors are unique for almost every home. But if you prefer black or yellow, try to try this option to your individual project.

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