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Most people are accustomed to, that the height of the desktop in the kitchen is always the same. Previously not included the height of a man, and under different physical parameters of the hosts had to settle for a standard level of the tabletop. Now architects and stylists in the planning of the working area are taken into account the ergonomics of the space and the height of a man, who will be hosting the kitchen.

height of table

Main areas of the kitchen

Ergonomics is not only helps you plan properly areas in the room, but also prevents problems with comfort and health. After all, if a person whose height is above 180cm will work for a low top, then he eventually will have problems with his back. Lower, people will experience discomfort during cooking.

However, the height of the desktop depends not only on the physical data of the person, but also on the functions which are assigned to it. When planning your kitchen there are the following technological areas:

  • Room for processing products;
  • Washing space;
  • Area of setting;
  • Cooktop;
  • Dining area.

height work surface

Each top for convenience should be of a suitable size. But such an experiment is unlikely that anyone will dare, and absolutely inconvenient to plan a multi-stage set. The height of the desktop determines the level of the other zones, because this place is used most often by the hostess. To most convenient to spend time cooking, when you order kitchen cabinets you should consider several factors.

Height headset

Given that most of the work in the kitchen are performed standing, it is useful to consider the growth of the person who most often conjures over cooking. The standard solution when the cooking all the family members, it is better to choose the optimal option acceptable to all. The most comfortable height from 85 to 91 see the Ratio is taken from the calculation that the edge of the tabletop rested on a spot a little below the belt.


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If kitchen is selected for a specific person, the height of working table surface should take into account its arguments:

  • So, with a small increase, not more than 160 cm, counter is set at 82 cm from the floor. At higher location of the body receives high loads, and the convenience and comfort are significantly reduced.
  • With the height from 160 to 180 cm is necessary to raise the top at around 91 cm.
  • For tall people who are taller than 180 cm, a set is made at a height of 94 cm

what is the height of the desktop

The calculations is purely theoretical. Perhaps someone recommended height of the desktop will not work. So you need to experiment with it in a furniture showroom before you make an order.

Ratio of kitchen units

The selection of kitchen furniture in the first place is the question: how high should be the desktop? Undoubtedly, take into account the height and location of the countertop. But for uniform look and ease while cooking, should take into account the correlation and other measurements. So, the lower cabinets will be comfortable if you reach the bottom level of the waist of the person, then the top also shouldn't insult. At arm's length, without effort, the owner must reach them by hand. But too low a position will bring inconvenience, and possible accidental injuries and head injuries when bending.

Physiological appropriateness

It is proved that the optimal size and proper location of kitchen areas is much lower physical energy while cooking. In the experiments, the developers of the furniture standards has found that in a vertical position during cooking is twice less muscular effort than the same work, but in an awkward, bent position.

what height should be the desktop

When the table is caused not only discomfort, but much easier on the hands. Cooking becomes uncomfortable and feeling too much pressure. So the standard height of the desktop is not for everyone. The measurements for the person whose height is at the level of 165 cm. Only in this case, you can purchase ready-made kitchen without changing its technical performance.

The Height depends on the performed works

If we consider the ideal height of the work surface, the figures should vary, depending on the work performed. It is proved that the various cooking operations it is convenient to perform at different heights. Even though it is solved for multilevel set, it is useful to know what the height of the work surface and other technological areas.

The Main area for cutting and processing of products is used most often. According to statistics, this is a significant amount of work in the kitchen. For comfortable cooking, you must have enough ample space to carve meats, fish, knead the dough to stick or cutlets.

height worktops desktop

On the surface is with the application some effort.Therefore, the height of countertops, the most convenient for hand movements, will be located at a level slightly above the waist.

The Wash area

To determine the optimal height under the sink use a specially designed formula. You need to measure the height from the floor to bent at the elbow. From the obtained values subtracted from the size of a fist and displayed the desired size. With this approach, while washing the back of a man has a comfortable physiological position, and not strained. Arms are bent at the right angle and the palm is clearly located at the level of the washing space.

If the shell is set taking into account the above formula, the owner will exert less effort and therefore is not so fast tired. Of course, not all kitchen space allows you to install multi-level set. If space is limited, it is often the functions of the working surface takes on a wide part of the sink. In this case, they are placed on the same level, by selecting a medium height.


Increasingly, Housewives prefer the standard plates the installation of the hob. In this case, you need to wisely choose its location and appropriate height of.

what is the height of the work surface

That was easy to communicate with pots and pans, and burners are located not above 82 cm from the floor. In this case, even if the height of a man above the average, should not be too high to place hot utensils. When positioning the cooking surface it is important to consider other factors. When installing the hood the necessary space to its edge should be about 70 cm That require the safe use of the unit and technological standards. Also note that the height of the countertop desktop to edge mounted cabinets can not be lower than 45 cm Otherwise it will be not only inconvenient, but can cause damage to the headset.

Using technological tricks

Unfortunately, not all have spacious kitchens where you can consider all recommendations for a harmonious arrangement. In this case it is better to use little tricks that will allow you to transform a space. When not enough space is possible to design a retractable countertops. In order not to suffer the question, what is the height of the desktop is more convenient when using the unit different people with different settings, you can apply a thick cutting Board.

the standard height of the desktop

Many prefer the majority of the work to produce the comfort of your chair. Therefore, a Breakfast bar and high chairs can change the height in various works. If necessary, you can use the dining table to perform some operations that require more space.


The Standard kitchen set, taking into account all technological nuances and the fashions, depending on the desires and the capabilities of the buyer. But work on individually-chosen surface, including human growth greatly facilitates the difficult daily work and reduces the load on back muscles, arms and legs.

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