Air purifier smoke. How to choose air purifier for apartment


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Climatic equipment for cleaning the air helps to cope with pollution of all kinds. Most modern cleaners of this type work with tobacco smoke, and dust, and eliminate bacteria and make the environment useful ionizing components. This in itself air purifier for apartment has a small footprint and consumes minimal amount of electricity.

air purifier smoke

General information about the device

The Standard construction of such models is a combination filtration unit and fan. In the process, the latter carries out a puff of air masses subject to processing in the membranes of the filters and go back into the room, without harmful particles. But if an ordinary air purifier smoke delays mainly tiny components of dirt and dust with the ashes, more technological version in addition can release negative ions, which positively affect human health.

There are modifications that are integrated into the systems of air conditioning. They work on the principle of supply and equipment, not just cleaning the home air, but taking the flows from the street, after subjecting them to filtration. There are multifunction air purifiers smoke for the house, which in addition to washing perform hydration. To this end, the housing provides a small container with evaporating water-formed and steam helps moisturize dry air.

air purifier for apartments

Types of filters

Regardless of what functionality is provided cleaner, the efficiency of its cleaning abilities will determined by the quality of the filtration component. The simplest mesh of the membrane, for example, is able to grasp large objects. Among them may be hair or large dust particles. Electrostatic filters in the form of plates operate on the principle of attraction to the negatively charged elements. That is, such systems have been successfully working with tiny positively charged elements. Standard household purifiers smoke are usually supplied with carbon membranes that adsorb harmful gases and odors. Similar functions are performed and the HEPA filter, also check a variety of dust allergens. If in addition we need to ensure protection against viruses with bacteria, you should look for photocatalytic filters, whose operation is based on ultraviolet radiation.


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Main options

air purifiers smoke for home

The Capacity of the device is one of the main characteristics that define its performance. In standard models for the home it is an average of 10-14 watts. If you select the purifier for office smoke, you should provide the model for 25-30 watts. The difference will be in speed of the ventilation effect and the ability to cater for premises of different sizes. For example, home modification 14 W is usually calculated to area up to 25 m2. In turn, cleaner air capacity of 30 watts capable of efficiently and quickly perform its task in the halls and classrooms with an area of 60-70 m2.

With regard to the intensity of the treatment, this value also depends on the power and specify in the documentation. The same home models are usually one hour flow of 120 m3 of air, and office modification – more than 150 m3. Therefore, mainly air purifier smoke should be selected based on the characteristics of the room in which it will be used. Further attention is drawn to the presence of auxiliary options.

Additional functionality

household air cleaners against tobacco smoke

The plan optional security should take into account the control tools, the number of operating modes, the special formats air washer, etc. with regard to management and control, it would be useful to involve the presence of the instrument LED display, indicators and operating parameters, timer and controller speed modes. By the way, among the modes most noteworthy program is the automatic self-cleaning and the possibility of a controlled night operation. In addition, the air cleaner against tobacco smoke in modern designs also provides a pre-filter, the oxidation of contaminants and the possibility of combined multiple membranes for the delay of particles of different type.

Manufacturers of air purifiers

The Development and production of air cleaners do almost all of the companies represented in the segment of climatic equipment. To the largest and most reliable manufacturers of such devices include Ballu, Mitsubishi, Daikin and Panasonic. Highly specialized development represent the brands of boiler, iFresh and Midea. As for domestic manufacturers, the most attractive in quality and technological equipment of the model, the company offers “anchor”. Price air purifier for apartment from the manufacturer level Ballu is on the order of 10-12 thousand rubles. If we are talking about a multifunction device with the availability of modern optionsspecialized Timberk brand, the price tag can reach 25 thousand Budget low-cost model of decent quality should look for in the family “anchor”.


air purifier for office from tobacco smoke

Cleaner air part of a compulsory set of climate equipment in a modern house. This function may be provided in the air conditioning, and moisturizing, but according to user reviews the best effect demonstrate separate device. For example, an air purifier smoke from the middle segment will allow for a short period of time to refresh a space, making it more useful for owners and Pets. Depending on the modifications and functional provision of such a device will be able to make a correction and other parameters of the microclimate. And if you connect your machine to shared infrastructure climatic and heating devices that control the cleaning will be done in automatic mode without user intervention.

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