How to store gladiolus in the winter to enjoy their beautiful blooms in the summer


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The Gladiolus has always occupied a pride of place among the other flowers in gardens and suburban areas. Gorgeous blossoms, is the noble form of the stem and species diversity are the main reasons for the popularity of these beautiful plants. Gardeners who are just starting to master the art of growing these garden “aristocrats”, it is necessary to know not only how to properly care for them, but also how to store gladiolus, or rather, their bulbs in the winter, To the next year, these flowers are again pleasing to the eye.

how to store gladiolus

Preparing bulbs for winter

First of all you should understand that the bulbs gladiolus can not stand the cold, so leave them for the winter in the ground is not already at zero temperature of the soil they die. In the fall of corms and kids (klubnepochki) plants dug from the earth, but it can be done not earlier than a month and a half after cutting the flowers, because during this period they are formed. Even if your gladiolus in late summer are not going to wither, don't be afraid to cut you loose, no matter what happens so that the frost will come sooner than the time comes to dig up the bulbs. After removal from the soil tubers  performed primary data processing.

where to store gladiolus in winter

By the Way, the question of how to store gladiolus, namely pretreatment of corms plays a major role. The first stage is their washing to prevent diseases. To do this, they descend for half an hour in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The second stage involves the quality of the drying. And then the bulbs are sorted by size and varieties, although some growers practice only a selection of tubers adults from children.

Where to store gladiolus for the winter?

how to store gladiolus

To store gladioli bulbs you can use cardboard boxes with pre-done holes in them for ventilation. In this case, it is recommended to wrap each instance in a newspaper. Excellent will feel future gladioli and in a well ventilated wooden boxes. Another great option for how to store gladioli – vegetable nets, those in which sold fruit and vegetables in supermarkets. With regard to the optimal temperature regime, it is 3-8 degrees, so for wintering bulbs will fit the fridge, cellar or basement. Periodically, you need to make an audit of tubers, and in the case of the appearance of moisture-dry. Categorically not suitable for storage of bulbs plastic bags, because polyethylene can not ensure the access of air, and future gladioli just rots.

How to store gladiolus (bulbs) after a period of rest

Around the second half of January corms ends of the rest period. Their body wakes up and begins the process of germination. In this regard, future gladioli require changes in storage conditions. Noticing the first signs of the awakening of the bulbs, they need to get out of the fridge and “relocate” in a light place without direct sunlight. All of the above recommendations on how to store gladiolus affect klubnepochek (children).

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