The restoration of the chairs with his hands. Renovations and decorating old chairs with their hands


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It's a shame to throw away a thing that is included in furniture. Not to break the equipment will help the restoration of the chairs with his hands. Also do not worry, if fails something that plays the role of an exclusive, dear heart, commemorative of the subject. Here, the restoration of the chairs with their hands can work miracles.

restoration chairs with their hands

Paint the chairs

What is your favorite chair? This is a wonderful return to my childhood… Or memory of a loved one… if not, the chair can be a family heirloom, passed on from generation to generation. Or something else, but a native, with which did not want to leave.

But, unfortunately, the thing cannot be eternal. On furniture gets scratched, the paint cracks and peels. Appearance, alas, becomes unpresentable. However, the restoration of old chairs with their hands will help to keep the item for some time.

restoration of old chairs with their hands

Often before varnishing the chair is required to completely clean from the old paint or varnish. This process requires patience and perseverance. But payment for work is to conform to the invested efforts.

Decorating chairs

Sometimes it makes sense to radically change the color scheme of the furniture. Very creative look chairs painted in white or gold color. Often the wizard choose for the wooden parts of the chair other colors: blue, pink or bright red. But then, pure white or with a Golden ornament needs to be upholstered. The elegance of this design to carry people during the reign of Catherine the Second, reviving the luxury of the Palace.


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White furniture can be decorated with gilded ornaments, just drawn or made in the form of bas-relief. Blanks for this kind of jewelry can be purchased in stores or you can cast yourself from plaster and paste. Restoration and decoration of chairs with their hands in the antique style add to the design charm and uniqueness. Sometimes the edges of the upholstery is decorated with beautiful braid, tassels.

restoration and decoration of chairs with their hands

Change the image of the room and encased in a cubic style chairs. And someone will have to taste a flower or vegetable coloring. In any case, the surface coating will protect the item from corrosion, increase the service life. Therefore, the obvious and practical benefits that it will bring such a restoration of the chairs with his hands.

restoration of wooden chairs with their hands

Comprehensive instructions for the replacement of defective parts

In addition to the appearance of products, holders, beautiful vintage chairs concerned about their functionality. Therefore, restoration of wooden chairs with their hands involves the replacement of some parts in the product. For example, a broken rail from the back of the chair it is difficult to produce absolutely identical to the rest. Therefore, it is recommended to make necessary number of strips different configuration, but the appropriate size (height and width). You can even try to buy them at the store, although it will be very difficult.

  1. The First step is to remove the upper back, which are inserted into all the other straps.
  2. Then removed all the strips (in that case, if you have the change).
  3. After thoroughly cleaned all the grooves and glue, then pour them with a new pin structure.
  4. New slats are inserted into the bottom grooves.
  5. Grease with glue the top of the reek.
  6. Pour cohering composition grooves in the upper part of the back. Don't overuse the glue here, because this detail will be fixed down the grooves, and the excess will drip onto the rack.
  7. Inserted into the top of the rails in the grooves of the back.
  8. The Whole construction is contracted durable twine, clamps milking it dry completely. Should always remove protruding excess glue with a cloth.Viennese chairs restoration with his own hands

Repair Vienna chairs

Very often, Reiki is a simple fall out of their nests. This defect usually suffer Viennese chairs. Restoration with his own hands in this case, the above described algorithm. Only here do not need to remove all the slats from the bottom of grooves. It is sufficient to clean the remnants of dried glue vacated hollow to fill it with the pin structure and strengthen it dropped the item.

Repair of upholstered chair

The Furniture in our lifestyle plays an important role. For example, soft chairs in the interior look elegant and stylish. And sit on them much more comfortable than usual.

The Most common repair is the restoration of the chairs with their hands when it comes to lost the visual appeal of the upholstery. It is also often appear not output anything spots or even holes, ugly scuff, fade, the once bright colors. And sometimes you just want to change the entire design space, to remake it in a different color scheme.

Restoration of soft chair with your hands will take a very long time. To make it even inexperienced master, teenager or woman. It is important to choose durable enough for upholstery fabric and professional upholstery foam.

Calculation of tissue in the replacement upholstery

Often inthe interior used furniture set. In this case usually replace the upholstery on all the chairs. So it is important to calculate the amount of fabric required for the restoration.

First you need to measure the width and length of the seat. Don't forget to add about a quarter-inch on all sides for hemming the fabric. Most often, this detail is a square of size 50 by 50 centimeters, that is 50 square centimeters.

Then, if the chair has a padded back, the same needs to be done with this part of the subject. Calculating the size of trim needed for the restoration of the single chair, it is possible to calculate the number of required material for all chairs. Just multiplying the result by the number of items (usually 6 pieces), the restorer will get the number of square centimeters. They need to divide the width of the upholstery fabric that you have chosen in the store. In response to this task will feature a number of desired “linear” inches.

restoration of the soft chair with his hands

You can Buy better just a little bit more material to spare, because otherwise, maybe the wizard will have to sew the fabric, as in one strip when cutting will be a piece, but in the other – a piece too.

To avoid this, the master will need the ability to spread out so the pattern on the fabric to make less unused fabric. To do this will be easy, if you to prepare in advance of the Newspapers have number of details.

Replacement upholstery

If restoration of old chairs with their hands is just that the master is required to change the fabric on the soft parts of the object, then it will take very little time.

Simply remove all parts requiring repair, that is, the seat and backrest. Then they removed the old padding, overlaid with new, is ACC, the edges of the furniture nailed with small nails with broad heads. In the absence of such should be cut out of cardboard or imitation leather small pieces. Before driving you need to wear them on the nails so that they tightly held the cloth, not slipped through in the matter of the punched holes.

First fix the front part of the seat. Distribute nails often enough, through of 0.7 cm from each other. If necessary, make small folds that are fixed are fixed.

Then punch the second symmetrical side, pull fabric. Then working with the sides, leaving the corners free. Before driving should be carefully stretched, spreading the fabric so that no wrinkles on the front part of the upholstery.

The Last step in this repair is to fix the corners of the upholstery staples. When the thickness of the plywood or fiberboard used for the frame of upholstered part of the chair is equal to 3-4 mm, you will need chetyrehkilometrovoy staples. Definitely need to take this fact into account! Of course, if the frame is made of a material 10 mm thick and the staples are taken desyatikilometrovy.

Replacing the printed material in the repair of upholstered chair

The calculation of the amount of foam produced in the same way as the upholstery fabric. Only now is plyusovat allowances for ACC. Instead of foam, you can use the batting.

Sometimes there is a sense in incomplete replacement of the packing. Then simply impose a “patch” in the place of pushing, on top of all to cover with a thin layer of batting or foam rubber.

If you are a full replacement of padding, the seat should remove all items: screws, staples, nails. It may be easier to cut a new seat out of plywood or fiberboard, it is to strengthen the gasket, top cover new upholstery.

Sizing of joints of details of the chair

Shattered furniture can be repaired in two ways. One is the contraction joints with screws or bolts. Screw should be not in the old grooves, and next, if possible. Sometimes the wizard needs to use angle steel or “patch” carved out of soft metal.

restoration chairs with their hands integrated manual

The Second way is to sizing. Then produce analysis chair parts, clean the connections from the old glue. Carefully fluff the joints, connect the parts and tighten the clamps.

how to repair a chair

Repair of broken legs

The most Difficult to account, if “trauma” the chair is “fracture” detail. A conventional chair can not replace the item, vytachiv another. But it's almost impossible to make a twisted or curved stem, which differ, for example, Viennese chairs.

The Restoration with his own hands in this case is only possible with glue. And contraction of the parts should be done not only in the field of gluing, but also at the ends of the legs to the size of her remained the same.

how to restore the leg of a chair

After drying processing of the joint with sandpaper. For a more secure “fracture” need be machined on the inner side of the groove, which is then replaced by a wooden plate, drowning it completely.

You Can also use the metal part, put it on the screws. Collect and then carefully smeared with putty or with a mixture of wood glue with sawdust, lines, barked and processed by a paint coating.

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