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This device will be a great help if you need anything to make their hands. Photo of the milling table can be found in the article. There are several ways to produce this equipment independently, but to consider them all does not make sense, since the function does not change.


You should Start with the fact that the presence of such things as a milling table, significantly increases productivity. In addition, such a device would greatly increase the efficiency of a router, if any. It is also worth noting that sold ready-made model, but their acquisition is quite profitable from a financial point of view. The time required for the Assembly of the milling table with his hands, a small, but financial costs are insignificant.

The Use of such a device for wood treatment may help the house master to produce the workpieces with the same quality, as is done in special workshops, professional equipment. It is also worth noting that the presence of the device will help to handle not only wood. It will be possible to handle even such material as chipboard, plastic, MDF and others. Manufacturer of milling table with their hands will not only help you to save a lot of funds, but will also make it possible to perform such operations as making grooves and splines, etc.

Homemade equipment

Where to begin

If there is a desire to build such a table from a normal workbench, but it is still recommended to use a separate special design. There's a reasoned explanation. During operation of the milling cutter creates a strong vibration, and therefore the base on which is fixed the device should have high stability and reliability, to ensure safe execution of the workflow.

In order to fix the working device to the top of the milling table, it is necessary to use such a thing as mounting plate. It should be of high strength and reliability. However, if such plates are not, allowed to use specific clamping plates, which will hold the cutter. As for the manufacturing of plates, the source material can be sheet metal, solid plywood or a Board.

It is Important to note that most of the models cutters have a sole, which has threaded holes, they are designed to interconnect the cutter, the table top and the plate. However, if it so happens that this opening is not found, then it is quite possible to cut yourself, and if you use a special tool to cut inside the thread.


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Milling table and machine


The design of the milling table is constructed in such a way that clamping of the fixture or mounting plate, must be on the same level with the countertop. For successful Assembly of the subject must be drilled in the plate a few holes. Some of them are used to pin the element on the top, while others are used to connect the detail with the sole of the router. For fixing typically use screws and bolts. The main requirement for these elements is the presence of a countersunk head.

There are several additional items that will improve the overall functionality of the device. First, the table for milling machine can be equipped with a button switching on and off of the device and make it in the form of a mushroom, which will increase safety. Second, to simplify the work for such a homemade device on the table surface to secure the metal ruler of suitable length.

Also recommended, before proceeding to the practical part, to determine the location of the machine and its purpose. It can be aggregate mill, which will serve as an extension of the existing machine, with its side-cutting part. Maybe a small desktop machine which is a complete stationary equipment.

Milling table with their hands

Simple model

To actually construct a universal milling table can be quite fast. In order to successfully implement his plan, suitable even for the conventional Desk and also some materials, including a sheet of chipboard. It will be the main guiding elements of the future design. As a guide can be used by ordinary Board with a small thickness. It will be attached to the top with a few bolts. Use this Board will be as a rip fence for a table. If necessary, on the opposite side you can attach the same Board which will serve as a limit stop.

In order to mount the cutter in the top of particle Board, it is necessary to make the appropriate hole. For fixing the cutter to the table will apply two clamps. Once all data elements are placed in their places and properly fixed, it can be considered that the production of the simplest modelhomemade milling table over. To exploit a model of the table easier, you can optionally provide it with certain devices, for example a simple hold-down clamps for milling machine.

It Is, of course, be noted that there are certain questions as to the strength of this design, but the cost of the Assembly equipment will be very low and simple functionality, enough for good treatment.

Improvised explosive device


The Base and counter are the two primary elements which are necessary when assembling a reliable system. The basic requirements for the bed is exactly high stability and reliability, because the bulk of the load falls on this item. If we talk about design features, they are quite simple - a frame that has a stand and it is fixed on the tabletop. As the source material for Assembly, use wood, chipboard, MDF. It is possible to apply metal profiles, if you cook them together. In order to move to the practical part, it is recommended to make a drawing with dimensions of the milling table. With regard to the dimensions of the machine, they will depend on what billet you intend to edit in the future, but because each master is an individual drawing.

The lower part of the frame, which will be the front, deepened 100-200 mm. This is to ensure that the operator was convenient to stand. The average size for a frame similar to the following: 900х500х1500 mm (height, depth, width). The most important characteristic in this case is height. According to the ergonomic requirements this option should be 850-900 mm. in This case, if you work for this machine is planned standing up. However, it is recommended to make the support adjustable in height. This will help to compensate for possible unevenness of the floor and adjust the height of the machine if necessary. You can also make a rotary table for milling equipment. To make it simple enough and just need to add the wheels, which are fixed on the legs.

Table milling machine

As an inexpensive and reliable source material, you can use the countertop from the kitchen table. Most often used for its production the sheet of chipboard with thickness of 26 or 36 mm. in addition, it is usually further covered with durable plastic. This coating will provide great slide for the workpiece, and a good thick chipboard will drown out the vibration from the work. When you build your own hands milling table minimum table thickness should be 16 mm.


Due to the fact that the countertop unit should have a high thickness, the mounting plate must be thin. This ratio will help to use effectively the departure of the cutting tool. However, we must remember that even with a minimum thickness durability and strength needs to be at a high level.

For this reason, this element must be performed either from metal or from a material which is not inferior in strength to the metal PCB. As to the thickness of the PCB, it should be from 4 to 8 mm. From the selected raw material must be cut out rectangular detail in the centre which should be the hole. The dimensions of the hole equal to the diameter of the sole at the mill.

a table for milling machine

The Holes that will be used to secure the plate to the table, should be located on all four corners. As mentioned earlier, plate, sole cutter and the table are connected by holes that are present in each detail.

Build table

How to make a milling table? Work on this phase begins with the fact that it is necessary to fix the countertop to the ready bed. Plate is applied to the table top exactly to the place where it should be according to the drawings. After that, the item fortified the outline with a pencil. This is done in order to be able to choose the location of the depressions in the contour of the plate. To create the desired recess, typically use a manual mill with a diameter of 6-10 mm. nozzle, the control should be performed so that, when the plate will fall into it, she was on the same level with the worktop.

So as to make the recess for the milling table on the tree, use the round cutter and angles will not work, then the plate will need to round all angles. Only after this the item will be securely fastened to the countertop, you can proceed to create the hole for the foot of the cutter. You can do it with straight cutters, whose thickness must be greater than that of the plate.

The Final stage of Assembly of the milling table with their hands, a photo of which you have already seen, is a combination of all the design elements together. First, you need to start the router from below the countertop, and then attach it to the plate. The next step is to mount the plate to the top of the countertop. To do this, use screws with countersunk head, and he is immersed in pre-prepared holes. After all this is done, you can move to the stage of mounting the countertopfixed on her with a cutter, and the plate to the base.

Milling equipment with an additional device

The Upper clamp for the device

This addition is not necessary, however, to make the operation of the entire milling table for more comfortable and safe, and also to the possibility of processing large-sized workpieces, is to attend to the installation of the top clamp. Be made the device will be based on the movie, and it will also call for the drawing to avoid mistakes during Assembly.

The Most common top clamp clip is used, which takes the ball bearing of the right size. This device is installed on a special mount that will allow you to fix the bearing at any distance from the table top. With such a restraint device with a roller it will be possible safe and reliable processing of the workpiece with almost any parameters.

Optional equipment

Naturally, an essential element will be the actuator for operation of the device. High performance and functionality of the IED is achieved only in the case if it has electric drive with good capacity. If you plan to use the machine to process wood with a shallow sample and the electric engine with a power of 500 watts. However, there is a small flaw, which is that such equipment can quite often be switched off.

For this reason, a good electric motor to operate a homemade device believed to be a powerful tool. In order to be used self-built equipment with the same success as professional power it is recommended to choose in the range from 1 to 2 kW. Besides, this will be enough to apply the cutter of any type on the machine.

It is important to note that not only power plays a key role, such as revving, is also important. With the quantitative growth of this parameter will increase the quality of the cut. Also here it is worth remembering that electric motors can be powered from mains 220 V or from a voltage of 380 V. If you connect first there is no problem with power from 380 To have to use a special wiring diagram. Only the connection with "star" or "triangle" will enable this engine to run at 100% power and run smoothly. To connect it to a normal network, but in this case, lost about 30 to 50 % of the total capacity of electrical equipment.

Security Measures

Naturally, to work with such equipment it is necessary to attend to the safety. To ensure that it is at the stage of Assembly of the device. The first thing you need to do is supply IED such a thing as a protective screen. How to construct these screens, seen in the photo professional tools. Mandatory additional element should be a button fungus. It is usually responsible for emergency shutdown of equipment on the network. This fungus is located usually in the most easily accessible, but the start button, in contrast, is usually installed where there is a chance of its accidental operation is virtually nonexistent.

In addition, it is recommended to attend to the presence of a fairly good lighting in the place, where it will undergo immediate work. If you quite often have to change the departure of the cutter, it is better to make an automatic or a manual lift that will lower and raise the cutter. This Elevator makes use of a homemade machine not only more effective but also more secure.

As for General conclusions, it is safe to say that building a homemade table for milling machine is not such a difficult task. All you have to do is purchase all the right materials, to carry all the necessary tools to be able to use them, and to follow the prepared drawings.

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